• Carnival Cruise Line 02/28/2013  7:02am

    Anybody at Carnival yet? If so can I get an update on the sign in situation?


    I signed in at 8:00 and was #8!

    kansasgirl5 02/28/2013  8:22am

    Where is this?

    showbizgirl 02/28/2013  8:41am

    Pearl 519, 12th floor

    kansasgirl5 02/28/2013  8:57am

    What shows are they doing and where is this audition posted (where did you find it)??

    Musicalqueen101 02/28/2013  9:02am

    It was listed on playbill.com

    kansasgirl5 02/28/2013  9:18am

    Is it necessary to have broadway credits to audition for this cruise line?

    5678! 02/28/2013  9:26am


    kansasgirl5 02/28/2013  9:50am

    How many dancers are there for the 11:00? Are they taking everyone in 1 group??

    stq4l 02/28/2013  10:40am