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  • Agent worth it during college? @ 08/10/2018  2:40am

    I have a friend who is entering his third year of college for his bfa acting degree. he wants to start working before he graduates so he wants to get an agent which would be useful for summers in nyc/la although he does not go to school in either of those cities. is this idea worth chasing? would agents be interested? he is willing to leave school for big projects


    If he can get an agent awesome. But honestly his main focus in my opinion should be school. Most agents here won’t look at you until you have some local credits or so I have been told. I currently have no ny agent and I’m long out of school- mainly focusing on getting more work on my own first. That’s just my thoughts. Best of luck to him

    Rosecat 08/10/2018  7:33am

    Also keep in mind he may not be working for a while - just part of biz. And especially if he’s out of state, gonna be hard. I tried doing a ton of mailings before moving but mostly was a waste- no replies from ny agents.

    Rosecat 08/10/2018  7:41am

    Very familiar with this situation. Here's what I think. His chances of landing an agent now are slim, because: 1. his current availability is very limited (even if he's willing to leave school for a project), 2. he's neither in NY or LA right now. Sure we know of cases where people book jobs while in school or just graduated, but I tend to believe that those are people who had their agent since before college, or who booked it on their own, without representation. Here's what he probably needs to do right now:
    1. compile an amazing book of audition materials (you didn't mention whether he's a singing actor or not. Either way, - both good audition songs and monologues are not easy to come by, and it takes time to find and work them).
    2. be in the know about any and all professional auditions that are happening both locally where he goes to school (during the school year), and in his home town (during the summer), and try to audition there as much as he can so he can book some roles and beef up his resume a bit.
    3. try to land as many roles as he can in his school productions, preferably above ensemble so they can go on his resume as well.
    4. submit and audition for every professional summer acting internship / apprenticeship program with well known theaters, especially with these that have EMC point system in place, so he can earn some before graduation, making it easier for him to get seen at EPAs once he moves to a larger market.
    5. submit and try to get seen at every combine audition for summer stock theaters, where he has a good chance to add between 3 and 6 shows at once to his resume after one summer season, and maybe also grab some EMC points, if he's lucky.

    WinWin 08/10/2018  4:24pm

    Steve Martin did an interview with Charlie Rose once where he answered this question with, "Be so good, they can't ignore you." Tell him to focus on getting better in his work and not on agents. There are so many showcases and opportunities once he gets to the city but when you're in school, be IN school. Focus on that. The career and life after school is the rest of his life so focus on getting really good and then worry about agents later.

    wiginabox 08/10/2018  4:49pm