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  • Cedar Fair Winterfest Female Singer Call @ Pearl Studios 09/12/2018  7:11am

    The guard threw out whoever posted an unofficial before 7 (we can’t do that anymore guys). New list has been started as was at 3 at 7!


    Is there a men’s list up this morning?

    pugsnotdrugs 09/12/2018  7:55am

    What’s this lookin like?

    iwantajob 09/12/2018  8:20am

    Not too many peeps...maybe like 30ish names spread out on the list?

    Rain On my Parade 09/12/2018  8:45am

    What’s going on here? Did they start taking headshots? Is this list pretty spread out still or did it fill up?

    lllvvveeekkk 09/12/2018  9:23am

    Bump bump bump!!! How many people approx?

    scpipperage 09/12/2018  10:05am

    They’re taking headshots when you get here. List is at 64 now - still open!

    donttellmommaimanactress 09/12/2018  10:05am


    scpipperage 09/12/2018  10:08am

    bump re- is there a men's list yet?

    567eigggght 09/12/2018  11:25am

    Yes! Thank you!
    On my way!

    dobbykat 09/12/2018  11:30am

    When are they taking lunch??

    Dancingqween135 09/12/2018  1:06pm

    Anyone know when/if they are closing the list/sign ups?

    fe1049cla 09/12/2018  2:01pm

    Did anybody get any indication of when they might be making decisions/notifying people? Thanks!

    scpipperage 09/13/2018  3:40pm

    They said they are trying to send offers out starting tomorrow (Friday)

    daniellemarie1218 09/13/2018  11:08pm