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  • The Lightning Thief Tour @ Chelsea Studios 10/10/2018  7:51am

    Hey everyone! I've never been to a call at Chelsea Studios before, how early are people planning on showing up tomorrow? How do auditions work there? Thank you so much!


    Bump! :)

    Ralph 10/10/2018  8:33am

    It starts at 10, i was thinking of getting there 7-8am. Im non union so i know there might be a list and ill have to wait regardless after all eqs and emcs

    DJxAngel 10/10/2018  12:50pm

    Bump for how this place works

    Lacroixlover 10/10/2018  7:08pm


    SvenSondheim 10/10/2018  11:32pm

    Anyone started this yet?

    CDM0713 10/11/2018  4:52am

    9 on unofficial non equity list. 4 in EMC line

    CDM0713 10/11/2018  6:01am

    Are you guys waiting outside the building or inside already?

    DJxAngel 10/11/2018  6:13am

    Woah! We are early birds today! Thanks for the update yall

    LindsayMendsme 10/11/2018  6:13am

    Outside. Non union list at 12. Some people stick around and are still staying line. Their line is on the side of the building with the list. The other side is the equity/emc line and there is 9

    CDM0713 10/11/2018  6:46am

    EMC Line @14

    Dean Hall 10/11/2018  7:28am

    I think EMC is at 24ish and Non -Eq is 29.

    LittleVoice 10/11/2018  7:59am

    I think EMC is at 24ish and Non -Eq is 29.

    LittleVoice 10/11/2018  7:59am

    If someone could let us know if they honor the unofficial list that would be awesome! Thank you!

    singer31 10/11/2018  8:00am

    The unofficial list has been honored and transferred! Up in the holding room now

    flyingaway 10/11/2018  8:39am

    Fantastic! Im on the 7 heading to yall right now. Can someone write my name down for me or nah? It’s Mike Park

    DJxAngel 10/11/2018  8:44am

    How is this looking so far?

    WitchBitch 10/11/2018  9:46am

    Im #42 on non-eq at 10am

    DJxAngel 10/11/2018  10:02am

    Who is in the room?

    teddyrosyfelt 10/11/2018  10:07am

    Confirming that tomorrow is another day to be seen?

    SvenSondheim 10/11/2018  10:21am

    From google:

    littleeagle 10/11/2018  10:35am

    Bump if they are seeing non eq

    Bluesky 10/11/2018  10:45am

    Bump! Have they started seeing anyone yet? How many non-eq are on the list?

    COREY_HOLLI 10/11/2018  10:45am

    Bump on emc/ aea please

    ebm2014 10/11/2018  11:08am

    About 50 non eqs on the list right now, none seen yet i think

    As for who’s in the room:
    Christine McKenna- Casting Director
    Lisa Chanel- Producer
    Andy Collopy- Accompanist

    DJxAngel 10/11/2018  11:21am

    They just broke for lunch, continues at 2... i have no idea where we left off...

    DJxAngel 10/11/2018  11:40am

    Non eq: 52 currently
    Emc: 38 currently, up to 20.

    DJxAngel 10/11/2018  11:43am

    They got through 20 EMC already?

    inthebathroom24 10/11/2018  12:00pm

    I think so... thats what the desk said...

    DJxAngel 10/11/2018  12:12pm

    Non-eq released until after lunch

    Pipe down 10/11/2018  12:25pm

    I think their lunch is 1-2. They were moving along and not a ton of equity people were there this morning, and that’s even with starting just a hair late. I believe the piano player had some train trouble, but they caught up real quick. It’s looking promising for non eq members. Best of luck y’all. Hope everyone is seen.

    CDM0713 10/11/2018  12:47pm

    Have they started lining up the first group after lunch? :)

    dobbykat 10/11/2018  1:57pm

    I believe so

    The 2:20 is checking in now

    DJxAngel 10/11/2018  2:00pm

    Can anyone post when they get through EMC and start on non equity?

    WitchBitch 10/11/2018  2:09pm

    They just started non eqs

    DJxAngel 10/11/2018  2:11pm

    Theyre upto #32 non eqs

    DJxAngel 10/11/2018  2:35pm

    What non eq number are they on?

    David321 10/11/2018  2:37pm

    Bump. How far are they on non-eqs?

    COREY_HOLLI 10/11/2018  3:44pm

    Is the list still open for non eq??

    scarlettsabrina 10/11/2018  4:40pm

    I walked in at 3:15 and was 58 on the non-eq list and was seen within one hour.

    inthebathroom24 10/11/2018  4:49pm