• OnMyWay32

    Was this audition posted anywhere else? I only just saw it posted an hour ago on Backstage. I'm wondering if it was somewhere else and all the time slots are taken??

    Gazzyg 09/09/2013  12:47pm

    Bump! Would love to hear how the noneq line is.

    bowe123 09/09/2013  1:17pm

    Bump again! Just heard about this now...does it make sense to run down after work?

    goldenrings08 09/09/2013  3:14pm

    Anyone know if the show is cast or if it's worth getting in touch with them?

    Sounds like an interesting show but they posted the notice so late. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Ellie 09/13/2013  8:38pm