• Motown the Musical (B'way) 09/11/2013  5:09pm

    Does anyone know anything about these auditions on Friday? It doesn't seem possible that they can see half the people that will show up.


    guessing multiple rooms like they did with Spring Awakening calls and Glee and such.

    ontherise 09/11/2013  5:56pm

    6AM and already about 20 ppl in line- mostly women.

    Libra_Ki 09/13/2013  5:50am

    Must be about 150-200 peeps here. Line circles around the block into 8th Ave.

    JazzyJ 09/13/2013  10:33am

    Umm...so multiply the number of peeps I said were here by 3....there's about 600 people here

    JazzyJ 09/13/2013  12:02pm