• Once 09/12/2013  11:15pm

    I have never been to an audition where I've had to accompany myself - could anyone tell me what the protocol for Once is usually like at the EPAs? It just says to prepare a short song - is it a standard 16-32 bars?

    Has anyone auditioned and then been asked to accompany themselves on a different song?



    My piece is about a minute long... We've got a week, but this isn't exactly something I feel comfortable winging!

    Mercutio 09/12/2013  11:29pm

    I went to the Once EPA last year and did 32 bars of a pop song from my book and accompanied myself on the piano. That's all Carnahan asked for in the room.

    I got a callback and was given a packet to prepare including sides and a cut of "The Hill" to sing and accompany myself on.

    RoadMap 09/13/2013  10:24am

    Has anyone been in with the violin? Did you play and sing? I play both piano and violin and wonder if I can just play/sing at the piano and then just play the violin to show I'm competent. Thoughts?

    StringPlaya 09/14/2013  12:28pm

    I was asked to play violin and piano at an appointment for the Ex-Girlfriend/Girl cover, but not at the initial EPA - they only wanted piano there.

    RoadMap 09/15/2013  2:18pm

    advice needed: I had an appointment this summer for the tour. They had me prepare fiddle songs FROM the show for the audition. They didn't ask me to sing/play at the same time since that didn't occur from the specific songs they gave me from the show. QUESTION: Is it OKAY to repeat that audition? Can I use the same material from the show they gave me, and not necessarily sing whilst fiddling so I can play and show off, and then have a different fiddle song that may not be as difficult a violin part but it'll with vocals if they ask for a second piece.

    SetItAndForgetIt 09/15/2013  8:50pm

    If you want to go in and feel you don't have time to prepare a sung/played piece, I guess you could do what you were asked for last time, but I feel this is one of those situations where you should really follow the directions. Then, when you are called back, you will probably already know the material.

    That's just my opinion, though. Break legs!

    Mercutio 09/15/2013  10:43pm

    I am in the same interrogation, wanted to bring something from the show but I was not sure...

    bobo 09/16/2013  2:54am

    Debate: to play from the show or not. I went in for the tour EPA and since they were pushing cello, I played that while singing. They did hear piano as well...as I was sitting down to play she ASSUMED I had prepared The Hill. I hadn't. So...I have it prepared now. Do I play/sing that and bring my fiddle to play a little tune if asked? Or do I absolutely not play from the show?!?! Grr.

    StringPlaya 09/16/2013  9:41am

    in my experience going in for this, for the EPA they would much rather hear you do your own song (ESPECIALLY for Girls on piano- first time I went in I had both The Hill and my own song prepared, and the CD said he was relieved to hear I had something other than The Hill, as that was all people were singing. Don't know if the same is true for guys though- there are much more options from the show). They mostly want to see if you fit the sound/style/look of the show and if you are confident accompaning yourself while performing.

    14ergirl 09/16/2013  12:54pm

    Thanks for the info! What do you think about girls auditioning for Reza / Ex- Girlfriend (fiddle) though? I feel like the style of the show is so specific, and most of my fiddle tunes are very country. I just feel like the CD would rather see me do something that I do REALLY WELL (even if it's from the show and potentially overdone), rather than something I just learned or something that is a different style. And bring something of my own as a second choice instead of a first.

    SetItAndForgetIt 09/16/2013  2:02pm

    Last question...for those of you who have had a callback...did you use music for your first audition or did you have it memorized?

    StringPlaya 09/16/2013  2:36pm

    Candy, I would do what you did before. The fiddle piece is not going to be nearly as overdone as The Hill (merely by the fact that there are less of you than pianists) and you should do what you feel most confident and comfortable with that's going to show you off the best. Plus, if you did it before months ago, a) they see so many people they may not even remember that you played it the first time, and b) you probably will play it even better now that you've had months to find new nuances and grow with the piece :) Break legs!

    14ergirl 09/18/2013  2:22pm

    StringPlaya had it memorized

    14ergirl 09/18/2013  2:26pm