• Your Mother's Copy of the Kama Sutra 09/13/2013  1:35am

    Any word on numbers and how it's going would be appreciated. Thanks!



    amara979 09/13/2013  7:11am


    Ellie 09/13/2013  7:13am

    I was here at 6:15 and by 7:30 there were only 20 (maybe) in line....any word on what the list is now? It was not busy at all...when I left at least.

    Magtat1 09/13/2013  7:53am

    As of 8:00, 22 on non eq list.

    Lou08 09/13/2013  7:58am

    About 40 people waiting to sign up when that starts in a couple of minutes. :-)

    Thia 09/13/2013  8:16am

    Thanks for the info. Please keep it coming :)

    whitmanlives 09/13/2013  9:08am

    Eq appointments pretty full til afternoon. 6 alternates and 17 emc. 40 ish ppl on te non eq list.

    Ellie 09/13/2013  9:22am

    Non-Eq is released until 2pm.

    Jozada 09/13/2013  10:06am

    Have the called off the EMC list yet by any chance?

    alcat327 09/13/2013  10:20am

    Are there equity slots left? Thanks!

    Ltepps 09/13/2013  10:40am

    No emc called yet...released til after lunch

    raven213 09/13/2013  11:51am

    How's the EMC list looking? Have they seen from it yet?

    alcat327 09/13/2013  11:51am

    Thank you raven21309!!

    alcat327 09/13/2013  11:52am

    Thanks everyone for keeping this up to date! Knowing where alts/emcs stand is a lot of help.

    whitmanlives 09/13/2013  11:56am

    So disappointed that the monitor called lunch and didn't try to squeeze some more alternates in! He called break too early! (15 minutes early and he only put 3 actors on line and two alternates) There was seven minutes to spare! At best at least two or three more alternates could've been seen. Even the casting director asked if there was anyone else to be seen before break as they were walking out. Why does this happen?!

    Rosie Cosch 09/13/2013  1:06pm

    And they called up to alternate #11

    Rosie Cosch 09/13/2013  1:10pm

    Just called alternate number 16

    Rosie Cosch 09/13/2013  1:49pm

    What's it looking like for non eq?

    Ps - thanks for the info and updates!

    Magtat1 09/13/2013  1:50pm

    At Equity it's tough to see the status of each list, but if anyone can comment on about how many appt openings are left, the # alts and # emcs to be called, it would go a long way to help the non-eq gauge chances of getting seen.

    Sorta wish AEA took care of this (y'know, for its future members), but until then we'll have to rely on each other, eq and non-eq! :)

    whitmanlives 09/13/2013  1:56pm

    How are things looking after lunch? I am EMC and want to know if it is worth coming back or not. Thank you all for the info, it is incredibly helpful : )

    alcat327 09/13/2013  2:16pm

    All appointments are gone and the alternate list is up to #44. They have called up to #22. EMC list has 30 names and none have been called yet. Unlikely they will get to non-equity, possibly not even to the EMC's on the list.

    Harlequin 09/13/2013  2:18pm

    Monitor said its not looking goo for emc:( They have called alt. #28.

    Rosie Cosch 09/13/2013  2:34pm

    Thanks Harlequin! I've seen you on here before, and you're always helpful :) appreciate it!

    whitmanlives 09/13/2013  2:37pm


    Asian Prince 09/13/2013  2:44pm

    Thanks for the comment. Used to be a monitor before the shakeup so I know how helpful this website is for everyone.

    Harlequin 09/13/2013  2:48pm

    Currently in the room: Karl Baker Olson - Casting Asst. Now called up to #31 on the alternate list.

    Harlequin 09/13/2013  2:51pm

    Thanks a bunch!

    btw, non-eq (non-emc) were sent home. H/R collected.

    Asian Prince 09/13/2013  3:11pm

    When did Alaine leave?

    retrograde 09/13/2013  10:15pm

    Alaine left at 11:10... Were emcs seen at all? I know non eqs were dismissed around 2:45

    tinabelcher 09/15/2013  12:11am