• CAT IN THE HAT appointments? 09/13/2013  8:51am

    Anyone hear?

    Anyone heard?

    I surely haven't

    Not one little word...


    I got an e-mail saying appointments will go out by Wednesday, Sept. 18th. So there's still some time!

    ventrm06 09/15/2013  9:44am

    no info but this made me LOL

    sjb13 09/16/2013  9:56am

    just got an appointment (via email)

    SetItAndForgetIt 09/16/2013  1:45pm

    Received an appointment today via email

    Jessika 09/16/2013  3:02pm

    Got an appt today for the 23rd.

    n0pe 09/16/2013  6:10pm