• Fiddler on the Roof- Human Race Theatre Company 09/13/2013  2:22pm

    Callbacks for this were this past Tuesday...none of my friends have heard anything. If you got an offer, would you do me a huge favor and post here? Thanks a lot everyone!

    ps- what does "bump" mean on this site?


    A "Bump" moves the particular string back to the top of the list of all posted strings.

    Harlequin 09/13/2013  2:43pm

    Thank you!

    SweetP 09/13/2013  3:00pm

    Also a question like this would be best posted in Callback Corner. Smileyface.

    answering while I'm cranky 09/13/2013  4:27pm

    Got an email for an offer and an official call tomorrow. I have another friend who's been offered as well.

    NoNonEqsToday 09/16/2013  12:47am

    last week i know of 3 people who were offered and accepted roles

    gertrudeluv 09/17/2013  1:03am