MTmadness 09/16/2013  8:29am

    About 50 or so in line.

    Whyvoni 09/16/2013  8:36am

    Have they said if they will see non-eq?

    MTmadness 09/16/2013  8:52am

    BUMP! EMC?

    Polly 09/16/2013  9:59am


    MTmadness 09/16/2013  10:14am

    Appointments left? Is there an alternate list?

    KingJoffrey 09/16/2013  10:29am

    Next earliest appointment is at 12:30.

    Whyvoni 09/16/2013  10:34am

    Are non eq being seen?

    MTmadness 09/16/2013  10:59am

    Just got here a little while ago. I am around 15 on the EMC list. No EMC have been seen yet. People seem to be in room for a long time. Moving slowly. Ugh.
    There is a non-union day tomorrow.

    Polly 09/16/2013  11:06am

    Any news for non-union please?

    LizasFriend 09/16/2013  1:24pm

    Afternoon appointments?

    Bigred 09/16/2013  1:35pm

    Probably not getting to non eq today. Pretty slow moving today and still lots of alternates and EMC signed up.

    DannyAlmonteis27 09/16/2013  1:40pm

    There are still appointments available after 3:30 PM. No EMC's or non-equity have been seen yet but the alternate list is almost finished, so there's at least a chance for the EMC's. They are moving very slowly so it's not looking great for non-equity. There are 24 names on the non-equity list right now.

    Harlequin 09/16/2013  1:53pm

    Slow moving and monitor not helping with that!

    forbiddenbroadway 09/16/2013  2:16pm

    Any more news please?

    LizasFriend 09/16/2013  3:19pm

    Can someone please post an update for EMC and non-equity. Thank you!!

    coloratura88 09/16/2013  3:23pm

    They haven't called non eq yet!

    Shinebright1 09/16/2013  3:30pm

    Just now calling a whole group of emc !!

    Shinebright1 09/16/2013  3:44pm

    Thanks Shinebright...how about the non-equity list?

    coloratura88 09/16/2013  4:12pm

    Did any non-equity get called?

    coloratura88 09/16/2013  5:35pm