• Sound of Music 09/16/2013  5:51pm

    For the kids who sang for Bernie Telsey yesterday, did anyone receive another callback?


    Our dd had red ticket, sang for him, no word since then....

    princessmom 09/17/2013  1:57pm

    Also got a red ticket and sung for him, did not hear back!

    notliterally 09/17/2013  6:33pm

    About 50 kids got a red ticket out of 800. Then they got to sing for Mr Telsey, the head of the casting company. He picked out 25 kids to come to his office later in the week for another callback. (It was yesterday). No one has heared anything since. I hope this helped:)

    puppypie 09/21/2013  8:49am

    Thanks, Victoria Rose! I had heard that there are some more callbacks next week, but they may be first callbacks from agent appointments and not from yesterday's open call auditions?

    PositiveThoughts 09/21/2013  1:08pm