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  • bump!

    bluebird137 09/17/2013  8:00am

    Lists started but there weren't that many firls

    stinasteens 09/17/2013  8:16am

    On my way, how's the list

    bearany 09/17/2013  8:44am

    There r 45 for this morning and a very short list this afternoon

    tapnboy 09/17/2013  9:00am

    Is this call still by appointment only? What are the chances that people could squeeze in in-between no shows/appointments? Also, how did yesterday's call go in terms of appointments vs. walk ins? If anyone answers all of my questions, you will be my godsend and my new best friend!!!

    LizaWithAZ 09/17/2013  9:57am

    Today is open dancer call at 10 and mover/singer call at 1

    ilive4muzik810 09/17/2013  10:00am

    Is it dance first for the mover/singer call?

    TipToes 09/17/2013  10:13am

    For the mover singer call at 1, do you have to be there at 1 for dancing first? Or are they hearing singing first?

    MTmadness 09/17/2013  10:57am

    moving/dancing first. Singers as well.

    Threemusketeers 09/17/2013  10:59am

    55 on mover/singer list

    getyourshttogethercarol 09/17/2013  11:00am

    How many now? Any idea when they will close the list?

    Elphie318 09/17/2013  12:12pm

    Any update?

    jaylady 09/17/2013  12:41pm

    So if you are a singer/mover you came at 1 them danced first. Correct?

    Arod 09/17/2013  2:27pm

    Any movers/singers have any info on the dance combo? Just wondering if I should brace myself for something insane tomorrow afternoon haha.

    Also, if you were asked to stay and sing, did you just sing from your book?

    amus 09/17/2013  3:26pm

    What time did people start lining up today for the mover/singer call?

    dreaminof2ndsopinwicked 09/17/2013  11:24pm