• Jean Ann Ryan open call 09/17/2013  7:14am

    Anyone in line for this? What's the list look like for women?


    I thought it was a general open singer call at 1PM right? Is it split into men and women?

    consignhc 09/17/2013  8:28am

    General. Is it going all day? Or a specific like 1pm-5pm time?

    Smactor 09/17/2013  10:32am

    What is the list up to?

    Rain On my Parade 09/17/2013  11:59am

    So, there doesn't seem to be any list, official or otherwise, because the system that was in place got all messed up, according to the monitor. But they are still seeing people. So you still have time!

    Rain On my Parade 09/17/2013  2:11pm