• MJudsonBerry

    From the non-eq room: there are 25 on the list. They are seeing non-eq as time permits. The slots are "pretty full" and there are a bunch of EMC's. my guess is, non-eq won't be seen until the afternoon, if at all.
    EMC or Equity - any more information?

    NYC152 09/17/2013  9:56am

    Are there any equity appointments left?

    mnbvc7 09/17/2013  10:24am


    thejollyraja 09/17/2013  10:45am

    they told non-eq to come back after 2pm probably not going to be seen until 3pm or later

    bwayorbust 09/17/2013  11:09am

    Who's ITR? Thanks everyone for the updates!

    Asian Prince 09/17/2013  12:35pm

    What are the alt, EMC, and non-equ lists looking like?

    Marcou 09/17/2013  2:24pm

    All appointments are gone. Alternate list up to #28, called up to #16. EMC list has 14 names, #1 was called earlier today. They are not moving very quickly. Not looking good for non-equity. ITR: Darragh Garvey - Casting Asst. and Rebecca Smithee - intern/reader.

    Harlequin 09/17/2013  3:45pm

    Did they end up seeing the rest of EMC and Non Eq? Thanks.

    GJS 09/17/2013  7:38pm

    I left around 4:45 PM and they had not gotten to any more EMC's yet. There were a few names on the alternate list and only 2 more groups to go. I'm sure they did not get to see any non-equity and I'm pretty sure they didn't get to see any more EMC's.

    Harlequin 09/18/2013  3:56am