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  • Hello Dolly @ other 05/06/2016  6:22am

    Has anyone started a list yet? And does Telsey not let People in until 8? Is that correct?


    I just started a women's unofficial list at telsey at the further door, since we aren't allowed to post at the main lobby door! It is 6:40 am and There is only one person (me) on the list! :)

    taykay91 05/06/2016  6:40am

    Update--- the construction people said I can't tape the list on the normal door we always do it at and the lobby guy said we can't put it right at the main door. I put it to the left side of door of the main lobby. Hopefully it doesn't get torn down!

    taykay91 05/06/2016  6:50am

    Only 6 names on the non-eq

    tobydarrow 05/06/2016  7:30am

    6 names on the unofficial male 9 on the unofficial women's list. It is 7:50!

    taykay91 05/06/2016  7:50am

    Only 6 names on the non-eq

    tobydarrow 05/06/2016  8:34am

    I was number 18 on the women's list at about 8:45

    12kk21 05/06/2016  8:54am
  • No it's dead here

    Straysheep346 05/06/2016  8:43am
  • I think I'm literally the only one here...and I got here at 8

    Ihateepas 05/06/2016  8:20am
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas @ 05/01/2016  4:15pm

    I see on the backstage audition calendar that there are auditions at the end of this week. I'm not a backstage member, so I can't view any of the info. Have looked at playbill for the info, but can't find it. Is this audition info posted anywhere for free?



    tired123 05/03/2016  12:20pm


    meAgain 05/06/2016  7:59am

    There's an open dance call this morning at 10 for both males and females, but it was an online sign up. If you are a female under 5'3" or a male under 5'5", you can go and try to be seen on the alternate list. CD specifically asked that you do not come unless you are the height requirement. Ripley Grier, 17th floor

    Jennylou 05/06/2016  8:06am

    What's the list at? I also want to clarify that the posting says to only come if you are under 5'2 not 5'3 and under :)

    Dancer95 05/06/2016  8:11am

    The CD sent out an additional e-mail that said 5'3.

    Jennylou 05/06/2016  8:14am
  • elizaschuyler

    I was there just after 8, there were 5 on the non eq list and about 6 people in line.

    Screenname9876 05/05/2016  9:00am


    What'sthestatus 05/05/2016  9:01am

    Or everyone: almost all time slots available for appointments and there were 10 on the non-member list.

    (I don't know how to tell EMCs vs non, but I got my appt and wanted to update you ;) )

    mammabjorn 05/05/2016  9:09am

    Thanks for the appointment info! Anyone know about EMCs?

    Screenname9876 05/05/2016  9:50am

    Any updates? I slept through my alarm and probably can't make it there until 11 or 11:30, wondering if it's worth it or if i should just go a different date.

    Colombina 05/05/2016  9:57am

    Still very open

    snaps17 05/05/2016  10:18am

    who's in the room?

    DressedinyourPyjamas 05/05/2016  10:19am

    How many EMCs signed up? Called? Thanks!!

    inspiredactor 05/05/2016  10:24am

    Christina Wright- casting associate is in the room. 23 non eq, 7 EMC. They are calling a lot of alternates

    snaps17 05/05/2016  10:26am

    Oh and they're calling EMC

    snaps17 05/05/2016  10:27am

    They are through the first 5 non eq

    Screenname9876 05/05/2016  11:18am

    Called through 13 on non eq list

    MTC 05/05/2016  11:43am

    He said if you're before #20 on the list you'll likely get seen before lunch

    a7jds 05/05/2016  11:57am

    how many non eq total are there? TIA!

    EPAalarmclock 05/05/2016  12:23pm

    Any updates on where they are for non equ?

    What'sthestatus 05/05/2016  12:47pm

    Just signed up and was 47

    newtothisall 05/05/2016  12:57pm

    Got thru at least 36 probably more before lunch

    a7jds 05/05/2016  1:20pm

    did they want a british dialect for this?

    B6bitch 05/05/2016  4:14pm

    They did not specify any dialect.

    MTC 05/05/2016  7:30pm

    How is it looking today for non equity?

    itscoffeetime 05/06/2016  7:19am
  • Appts still available for eq?

    Gratefulgal 05/02/2016  1:11pm

    Anybody know the name of the man who was in the room this day? He was a casting associate. Thank you! BUMP for callbacks too please

    Youngmaleactor16 05/05/2016  5:50pm

    Nicholas Petrovich was ITR on Monday

    MTC 05/05/2016  10:10pm
  • NYMF day 2 @ Actor's Equity Center 05/05/2016  7:29am

    Pretty crazy here. 70 on the list, monitor says only about 10 are EMC


    K since I posted, at least 20 more came in . 7:39

    BFAinServing 05/05/2016  7:39am

    People were here at 5:30 apparently. Like this is a Hamilton open call

    BFAinServing 05/05/2016  7:42am

    10 more. Don't wanna be in this business anymore

    BFAinServing 05/05/2016  7:42am

    What is with me today?

    BFAinServing 05/05/2016  7:43am

    Are all these equity members?

    JSL32 05/05/2016  7:48am

    No. It's a zoo in here

    BFAinServing 05/05/2016  7:57am

    120 on list going upstairs

    BFAinServing 05/05/2016  8:03am

    Guys I didn't know both pioneer and NYMF were on the same list. Please forgive the inaccurate and annoyingly snarky post

    BFAinServing 05/05/2016  8:27am

    How are appointments looking for Equity?

    Brady's Mom 05/05/2016  8:51am

    As of ten minutes ago the earliest equity appointment was 12:10 and the afternoon looked pretty full. Only about 10 on EMC but there's an alternate list going too.

    hkmac728 05/05/2016  9:08am

    Thanks for the info everyone. Please post alt list info, thank you!

    jada17 05/05/2016  9:10am

    Could someone possibly find out if they really need all 5 headshots, even if you only qualify for 1 or 2 shows.

    Monica24601 05/05/2016  9:26am

    What is the emc list like now?

    Burppp 05/05/2016  9:53am

    Can someone please post if they've seen any alternates-if so, what number they're up to? Thank you so much!!

    blondie 05/05/2016  10:27am

    bump on alt list # called...i was in late 20s when i signed up at 9:30 !

    lemonz 05/05/2016  10:34am

    Hi all, how are the alt list and afternoon slots 4 pm - end looking? Thanks!

    RTR 05/05/2016  10:51am

    They've called at least up to alt 20 when I was there an hour ago, moving fast

    Xtinasings 05/05/2016  12:09pm

    I had to leave but I was number 56 and I believe they're up to the fifties

    LilMermaid66 05/05/2016  12:54pm

    Would anyone say how many alts there are on the list? (As in, I missed my number and would love to know if worth it to race back to sign in again)


    sing_happy 05/05/2016  1:26pm

    So are they keeping all 5 headshots?

    Monica24601 05/05/2016  1:49pm

    Bump EMC/noneq

    Astoriaboy 05/05/2016  2:25pm

    Would some kind soul please update on the alt list. Thanks! ☺

    LilMermaid66 05/05/2016  2:50pm

    Calling in the 80s on the alt list--I think the sign up is up to 107

    blondie 05/05/2016  3:11pm

    Thank you so much blondie

    LilMermaid66 05/05/2016  3:22pm


    Virgo825 05/05/2016  4:48pm

    did any EMC get seen today?

    hellooooo 05/05/2016  7:55pm

    Emc were dismissed while I was there around 4:40!

    sinigangster 05/05/2016  9:48pm
  • Hamilton @ Chelsea Studios 05/05/2016  4:46pm

    Hey!! Anyone from the 5/3 NYC Hamilton Open Call auditions hear back yet ? Or hear anything yet?


    my friend got a callback in the room. Hope this helps! :)

    FemaleSquip 05/05/2016  5:21pm
  • Bump for non eq!

    MotheMezzo 05/05/2016  8:20am

    There is a line of about 20 people in the holding room. Last time I checked, the list for non eq was at 6 or 7.

    EmilyN26 05/05/2016  8:26am

    Does anyone know if they transferred the unofficial list?

    Screenname9876 05/05/2016  8:39am

    They transferred the non eq list. It's up to 14.

    EmilyN26 05/05/2016  8:55am

    What's it looking like for non-eq?

    itscoffeetime 05/05/2016  8:56am

    I don't know if they transferred the list but there are 18 on the no new list.

    MTC 05/05/2016  9:11am

    *18 on non eq list, darn auto correct

    MTC 05/05/2016  9:12am

    Any idea how full appointments are or how many EMCs there are?

    Screenname9876 05/05/2016  9:49am


    BananaCan'tDoTheSplits 05/05/2016  9:57am

    Still a decent amount of Eq Appt's available. Signed up for a slot in the 11 o'clock & I just trotted down from AEA. Get seen guys!

    Spider_thread 05/05/2016  10:12am

    12 EMC, 4-6 called

    Dites_moi4210 05/05/2016  10:12am

    how are things looking right about now?

    ILoveChineseFoodTBH 05/05/2016  10:38am

    They're running about 20 mins behind with appointments

    letsdosometheatre 05/05/2016  10:45am

    Anyone have any info of non-eq will be seen before lunch?

    newtothisall 05/05/2016  11:18am

    Still only six EMCs have been called. I believe 24 are signed up.

    inspiredactor 05/05/2016  11:28am

    I'd honestly be shocked if non eq got seen before lunch. Still quite a few alternates and 18 EMCs left

    Screenname9876 05/05/2016  11:49am

    6 out of 25 EMC seen

    MTC 05/05/2016  12:15pm

    any update on non eq? TIA!

    EPAalarmclock 05/05/2016  12:40pm

    When they are back from lunch can someone please look how full the appointments are as well as how many people are on the emc list?

    CallMeMama 05/05/2016  2:02pm

    6 of 27 EMCs seen, it looks like only a few left on alternate A list, but appointments look pretty full

    Screenname9876 05/05/2016  2:16pm

    Thank you! Any more movement on the EMC list?

    inspiredactor 05/05/2016  2:56pm

    Equity keeps walking in and adding to the alternate list. Just left ten min ago and there were still 6 Alts left, no EMC movement, and appts almost totally full.

    JessicaJones 05/05/2016  3:06pm

    Thanks Jessica Jones!

    inspiredactor 05/05/2016  3:12pm

    Are they accepting drop offs?

    newtothisall 05/05/2016  3:37pm

    EMC up to 11 called!

    Dites_moi4210 05/05/2016  4:57pm

    Did they end up getting beyond 11?

    inspiredactor 05/05/2016  5:12pm