Today is the day.

  • Stars and Strikes @ 02/27/2015  4:07pm

    Does anyone know how this poll thing works to sign up for a slot online? It's with joy dewing casting...will we get an email or something saying we got a slot? I know they did a similar thing for their Annie any info from that would be appreciated! Thanks!


    They send out confirmation emails a couple days later, at least for the case of Mamma Mia. They might send them out sooner though since the audition date is much closer

    BellaDrama88 02/27/2015  4:30pm

    Thank you!!

    Tacostacostacos 02/27/2015  4:44pm

    Anyone get an appointment after signing up for a slot online?
    I selected a slot but haven't received a confirmation email...

    twerkingthrulyfe 03/01/2015  11:02pm

    I haven't gotten one either, I'm assuming at some point tomorrow they will be sending them out

    BellaDrama88 03/02/2015  12:41am

    A friend of mine got one the day after signing up for an appt; so I think they just filled up super quick and if we didn't get an email then we didn't get a time slot =/ but at the mamma mia class they worked alternates in throughout the day, so hopefully they're able to do the same for this! :)

    bluebird137 03/02/2015  1:18am
  • cmd5406

    No. They don't.

    Artemis1 02/28/2015  10:29am

    for what probably is the thousandth time...the whole of Disney NEVER accepts the unofficial list. Never have. Not likely to change anytime soon.

    showbizdreamer 02/28/2015  1:11pm

    Does anybody know where this audition is tomorrow? I saw a posting on playbill but it wasn't listed.

    gr33nhound 03/01/2015  11:48pm

    500 Pearl

    yeshoney 03/02/2015  12:00am
  • PCLO @ 03/01/2015  10:14pm

    Hey Guys,
    I can't find any of the PCLO ECC audition information for this week (days/times). Help a brother out? Have a good week all!


    Dancer ECC Call -

    Singer ECC Call -

    beeboop 03/01/2015  11:30pm

    Side note - what's the chances of them seeing non-eq tomorrow?

    beeboop 03/01/2015  11:31pm

    You never know, but I would say slim to none. This is a great high paying theater so it should be pretty packed.

    littleeagle 03/01/2015  11:45pm
  • Gave me an appointment at their local call :-)

    BassITone412 02/27/2015  6:35pm

    Got an appointment about a week ago.

    Selaban 02/27/2015  7:59pm

    When I submitted for an appointment, the email was incorrect. Did that happen to anyone else or was it just me?

    singer723 03/01/2015  12:18pm

    the same thing happened to me! what's the actual email address??

    gottadancegottasing 03/01/2015  10:28pm

    Yeah, my email submission bounced back. Did anyone get a correct email address?

    Randomgirl2242 03/01/2015  11:29pm
  • Kinky boots EPA @ other 03/01/2015  10:25pm

    Hey team,
    I know no one can divine the future, but am I right assuming it's pretty pointless for non eq to show up to this EPA tomorrow? Thanks for your thoughts guys!


    I've been seen at Kinky Boots EPAs and ECCs before, BUT this specific ECC listing has stated that they will NOT be seeing non-equity tomorrow.

    HoneyBooBoo 03/01/2015  10:33pm

    Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I didn't see that when I looked at the backstage post.

    crashtheparty 03/01/2015  10:42pm

    Aw, man! I didn't see that either. Thanks for saving me a trip and an early wake up call :)

    jaylady 03/01/2015  10:53pm
  • Nope. I just got their automated reply. Anyone else?

    decisions 03/01/2015  4:51pm

    yes i got an appointment for this week!

    Jdance 03/01/2015  5:10pm

    Yes, I was sent an email with an appointment time on Thurs. The appointment is for this coming Thursday.

    equitypoverty 03/01/2015  10:25pm
  • Dreamgirls @ Actor's Equity Center 03/01/2015  8:13pm

    Should non-eq kids bother to show up for this?! I'm exaaaactly the type they're looking for/need. Also never navigated the AEA center before, so assistance appreciated.


    definitely go to the audition. sign up on the non eq list and see what they say

    DYNAMITES 03/01/2015  8:15pm

    Thanks pal. IS there any special trick into navigating the building? I've heard it can be weird

    BroadwayBlackSwan 03/01/2015  8:15pm

    Make sure you have your id, the front desk guy will tell you how to get to the sky lounge thing and then you just walk straight to the other elevators and go up. It's really pretty straight forward.

    Jenga 03/01/2015  8:27pm
  • I was told I wouldn't know anything until after their local callbacks had happened.

    Westcoastboy 03/01/2015  7:16pm
  • Alpine Theatre Project @ Pearl Studios 02/28/2015  4:59pm

    Hey all - has anyone gone in for this theatre before? Any idea whether or not they have seen non-eq in the past? They are doing 4 ECCs in one day (weds) so may not be enough timeā€¦


    They saw noneq last year

    pillowcase 02/28/2015  9:04pm

    I worried there last summer. The entire cast was AEA except for the local apprentices and one lovely girl with local housing and a very specific set of needed skills!

    J-- 02/28/2015  9:08pm

    Thanks so much for the info!! Great to know :)

    dncr89 03/01/2015  5:41pm
  • I haven't heard either! Fingers xed!

    insomniac 03/01/2015  4:01pm