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  • Celebrity Cruise Line @ Ripley Grier 520 05/26/2015  3:06pm

    Has anyone worked for celebrity cruise line before?!?! and if so could you tell me about your experience :D


    I worked for them years ago and loved it. A lot has changed since then but u have friends who currently work for them and love it

    5678Bookit! 05/27/2015  11:52pm
  • Westchester Broadway Theater @ Nola Studios 05/27/2015  9:15am

    Can someone update us on what's going on over there? Thank you!


    There are appointments left in every time slot as of 9:10am :)

    Let'sBeReal 05/27/2015  9:31am

    Any appts left?

    kbrose 05/27/2015  9:31am

    Will they see non-eq?

    bob 05/27/2015  9:40am


    Gotmycloudyglasseson 05/27/2015  10:07am


    rockyraccoon 05/27/2015  10:12am

    How is EMC looking?

    mdactor120 05/27/2015  10:17am

    Can someone be a hero and post when/if they start seeing non members. Thanks ya!

    Sinatra203 05/27/2015  10:19am

    Just signed up as number 17 on the noneq list. Monitor said should- being that low on the list- should come back after lunch, but looks like they are
    seeing noneq!

    thewitchbitch28 05/27/2015  10:23am

    Does anyone know if there are AEAtine slots still available? Can people please post on how quick they are running this audition. Trying to see if it is worth heading over after work.

    BroadwayCallMe! 05/27/2015  10:29am

    How many are on the EMC list? Any get seen yet?

    Kitty 05/27/2015  10:34am

    34 EMC and 34 non-eq. I think some emc have been seen, but I couldn't see how many

    bob 05/27/2015  11:54am

    They are on number 10 for EMC. After noon basically all Equity's done.

    DisneyTy 05/27/2015  12:17pm

    I just signed up as EMC number 39. A handful of EMC were called and then the alternates list grew. There are still a bunch of alternates, but there are appointments open in the afternoon.

    HeatherNY 05/27/2015  12:19pm

    Can someone please post how things are looking after lunch? Have equity folks filled up all of the remaining time slots?

    HeatherNY 05/27/2015  2:07pm

    Did anyone get the contact information for the company? Forgot to take a picture! Thanks!

    sosayethi 05/27/2015  2:14pm

    Can someone post who is in the room? Thanks!

    Cado 05/27/2015  2:32pm

    Plz update when/if they start calling more EMCs after lunch. Thanks!

    mdactor120 05/27/2015  2:33pm

    Bump? Can anyone please update what the alternate/EMC situation is?

    HeatherNY 05/27/2015  3:04pm

    Super empty! I walked in, became first on the alternate list and got put on line 5 minutes later. I'd imagine more eccs will be seen soon. He is getting three alternates per group in.

    BroadwayCallMe! 05/27/2015  4:16pm

    Thanks! Do you know what number EMC they've called through?

    HeatherNY 05/27/2015  4:19pm

    I was number 32 on EMC and am singing at 4:10. There aren't many EMCs left on the list and they haven't even released non eq yet, so if you're debating on coming in (AEA,EMC,at the top of the non eq list) you'll probably get seen!

    Winifred Sanderson 05/27/2015  4:23pm

    Apparently there's an open call tomorrow?

    AudraLupone 05/27/2015  7:42pm

    Yes. Open call tomorrow, 2:00pm. Same place (Nola).

    dmd123 05/27/2015  9:29pm

    Who's in the room ?!

    Actor525 05/27/2015  9:54pm
  • BATB Tours 5/26 @ Pearl Studios 05/23/2015  9:39pm

    Anyone else called in again on 12/26 for callbacks for certain roles? Any information appreciated. Have offers already gone out?


    i know someone called back for Belle to dance that day. what are you called back for?

    sloan 05/24/2015  8:07am

    coming in to dance tomorrow for belle

    renard9 05/25/2015  11:42am

    Going in for beast/gaston

    Actorkev 05/26/2015  1:41am

    Anyone there today that knows what is next? Is it just work sessions with Bob? Or did people receive additional callbacks?

    stagename 05/27/2015  12:23am

    I'm going in tomorrow to sing and read again.

    danceboi90 05/27/2015  2:45am

    danceboi90- was it for the director? Or just Bob and Tina Marie?

    stagename 05/27/2015  8:35pm
  • Lost items at Nola @ Nola Studios 05/27/2015  6:01pm

    Just a heads up, there's a bag of Laduca's bag with an Apple charger & shoes. It's turned in at lost & found.

  • A little night music @ Actor's Equity Center 05/27/2015  8:07am

    Hey guys how is this looking? Any non eq females over there yet?


    Only 3 names on the noneq list as of 7:45

    juliaer 05/27/2015  8:20am

    Can anyone tell me if they are closing this call?

    EeeZee 05/27/2015  9:58am

    Any news on the non-eq list?

    Rjhering.3 05/27/2015  10:13am

    Any updates on non eq or emc?

    ebm2014 05/27/2015  10:46am

    Anyone know if they're continuing after lunch or cutting it short?

    Barkles 05/27/2015  11:22am

    They called all the names on the non eq list and all the ladies got seen. Did anyone hear anything about callbacks itr?

    GoodGolly 05/27/2015  12:45pm

    Anyone know if they're continuing after lunch or cutting it short?

    Barkles 05/27/2015  5:52pm
  • "Hef" @ Pearl Studios 05/26/2015  10:13am

    Anyone know anything about this show? How early are peeps getting there???



    beaniebabies456 05/26/2015  11:19am


    jaylady 05/27/2015  11:43am

    anyone there?

    AudraMCD 05/27/2015  2:22pm


    moverandgroover 05/27/2015  2:31pm

    Pretty empty non eq were gonna be seen

    Noname 05/27/2015  5:02pm
  • Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey @ Actor's Equity Center 05/27/2015  1:04pm

    How's this call looking today? Any afternoon appointments still available? Alternate list? Who's ITR? Thanks.



    LadyNugget20 05/27/2015  2:27pm
  • Jersey Boys @ Pearl Studios 05/26/2015  10:07pm


    auditions for Jersey Boys are going to be held over the next few days. They ask for you to sing a rocknroll song...Do you think it is ok to bring along a guitar to accompany yourself or should I stick to the norm and just bring sheet music for the accompanist?


    If you play guitar well enough to accompany yourself, absolutely bring your guitar.

    thejollyraja 05/27/2015  8:25am

    What does it look like there?

    rinkmuttartist 05/27/2015  9:16am

    What does it look like there?

    rinkmuttartist 05/27/2015  9:27am

    Are they seeing women? At the last EPA they did.

    rinkmuttartist 05/27/2015  9:40am

    Who's in the room today

    Robot101 05/27/2015  10:16am

    Merri's in there, Rick Hip-Flores accompanying.

    thejollyraja 05/27/2015  10:48am

    How's it looking for EMCs?

    Kitty 05/27/2015  11:07am

    WIDE OPEN. Already called all the EMC and future members. Plenty of appointments available. They are seeing women. Bring your friends, bring your dad, bring your mailman!

    dej118 05/27/2015  11:45am

    This audition is completely dead. the monitor is calling the whole non eq list and no one is here. Get down here!!

    wspinnato 05/27/2015  11:45am

    It is super dead over here. Everyone is being seen, including women! AEA, EMC, non-eq. Everyone is being seen. C'mon down!

    dej118 05/27/2015  2:16pm
  • Godspell- WBT @ 05/26/2015  1:14pm

    Has anyone recieved an appointment for GODSPELL at westchester broadway? just wondering what day their appointments are...


    What email has everyone been using? I think I sent mine to the wrong one because I got a bounce back. Thanks!

    oyevey 05/26/2015  4:01pm

    Appointments have definitely gone out, I think they're this coming Thursday, the day after the EPA.

    Lazersareexpensive 05/26/2015  4:42pm

    I just got an appointment through my agent today. Its for tomorrow.

    Sinatra203 05/27/2015  12:09pm