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  • Pearl Theatre Co. Season @ other 05/21/2016  9:32pm

    Does anyone know if Pearl has seen non-Equity in the past?


    not when I've gone the past two years, but maybe I just chose bad days? (I'm trying to come up with excuses to go)

    sdfghj 05/21/2016  11:04pm

    I feel like you might have luck tomorrow

    Bailee1416 05/21/2016  11:08pm

    They do- time permitting! It's a three-day audition, so it's all about which day is the non-busy day which can sometimes be difficult to predict. Keep your eyes on AU- this is the kind of audition that this site is made for because I can almost guarantee you that one of the days they will definitely be able to see non-equity and one of the days they will be all-appointments-booked-alternate-list-only-may-not-even-see-all-the-equity-actors busy (that's a crazy amount of hyphens)

    dej118 05/21/2016  11:25pm

    you know what. 2 years ago i got seen. not sure what day though. but yes, check AU

    Bailee1416 05/21/2016  11:32pm

    What time do doors open?

    Stubbly 05/22/2016  6:22am

    What's the line looking like this morning?

    pseudonym 05/22/2016  9:13am

    This looks wide open so far. Half a dozen AEA signed up, about the same EMC, at 9 AM. Didn't check non-eq list, but there were only about 15 people in line when the doors opened.

    Bardboy18 05/22/2016  9:25am

    Thanks! Do we know whose in the room?

    pseudonym 05/22/2016  10:03am

    I'm not there, but Jessi Blue Gormenzano is supposed to be in the room every day.

    alenakatz 05/22/2016  10:54am


    danamaco 05/22/2016  11:05am

    update: Jessi is in the room. Monitor just went in to admonish her, as she's been redirecting the pieces (as a result, the 10:30 group just started at 10:45. And the day only began at 10!) Still wide open for AEA, all groups are open, but the monitor is likely to hold off on standbys for a while to try to catch up.

    Bardboy18 05/22/2016  11:18am

    Any updates? How are things looking after lunch?

    Mercutio 05/22/2016  1:23pm

    Non-equity update please? Break legs!

    havelock 05/22/2016  2:35pm

    Bump on non-eq

    Don't Worry Your Ozness! 05/22/2016  2:43pm

    Just went in, non-eq, got seen in the very next group! It's dead here everyone come by!! Super nice people.

    alexdau 05/22/2016  4:01pm

    Non-eq update?? Any seen? Not sure if its too late to head there now..let us know please!...Break legs!

    havelock 05/22/2016  4:02pm

    Wide open! Non Equity can walk in and be seen.

    shaeluv88 05/22/2016  4:20pm

    Today news?

    SheWhosWinsome 05/23/2016  7:16am

    38 EMC & 20ish non-eq. They accepted the unofficial list

    tywabe 05/23/2016  9:31am

    What about AEA appointments? Busier than yesterday?

    forfoxsake 05/23/2016  10:46am

    Non-eq list in the 30s; none called yet

    bwaylvsong 05/23/2016  10:56am

    Confused about the posts: Non eq can walk in and be seen or none called yet? Thank you!!

    EPAalarmclock 05/23/2016  11:01am

    EMC called yet?

    HannahLynn 05/23/2016  11:01am

    Non eq could walk in and be seen on yesterday. Auditions and this post started on yesterday. Check time stamps of posts. I hope non equity are as lucky today and tomorrow! Break legs!

    shaeluv88 05/23/2016  11:08am

    Could someone post when they start calling EMC?

    SheWhosWinsome 05/23/2016  11:59am

    Could someone post when they start calling EMC?

    SheWhosWinsome 05/23/2016  12:01pm

    Any info on AEA appointment availability for Monday 5/23

    Rmlegal 05/23/2016  12:31pm

    AEA appointments still available all day. I just arrived and was put into the next group.

    kreau 05/23/2016  12:43pm

    Non-eq released until after lunch (2:30)
    EMC asked to stick around

    tywabe 05/23/2016  12:51pm

    Anyone know if they accept headshots, if someone doesn't get seen?

    SecretActress 05/23/2016  1:31pm

    As of 2:45, they've called only 6 EMCs

    tywabe 05/23/2016  2:44pm

    Any updates for non equity folks?

    HiC 05/23/2016  3:58pm

    Still only at 6 EMCs and most of the equity slots are filled, so it's safe to say non-eq won't be seen today.

    tywabe 05/23/2016  4:06pm

    Still only at 6 EMCs and most of the equity slots are filled, so it's safe to say non-eq won't be seen today.

    tywabe 05/23/2016  4:20pm

    For what it's worth, they ended up getting through a number of non-eqs at the end of the day. There were only like five of us there who did not get seen.

    bwaylvsong 05/23/2016  6:01pm

    How early did people arrive today?

    forfoxsake 05/23/2016  9:49pm

    What time do the doors open at Pearl to sign up tomorrow?

    yuffy1011 05/23/2016  10:46pm


    forfoxsake 05/24/2016  5:51am

    Hiya guys. Any idea when the building opens? Thanks!

    Ellie 05/24/2016  5:54am
  • NYMF- OPEN SLOT @ 05/24/2016  5:42am

    Woke up with a stomach bug, my time was 12:15 and is now open, I also see there is a 9:30 (ish?) slot open as well.

  • AAAs CANCELLED @ Actor's Equity Center 05/23/2016  9:14pm

    I'm really shocked that I'm the first person to post about this, but they canceled AAA's tonight because the agents didn't show up. So all of us that got there at seven something in the morning. And made the triumphant return after work from 7 to 10 at night all dressed up got told that the agents didn't show up. I feel like complaining to the union won't even do anything because I just wanted a freaking agent so what does one even do . Bummer


    It was disappointing indeed :(

    sing_happy 05/23/2016  11:05pm

    This is absolutely not okay...please say something to Equity

    valabouttown 05/24/2016  1:01am
  • Theatreworks @ other 05/23/2016  5:35pm

    Is there usually a theatreworks non-eq/EMC open call?


    Yeah, I think it happened already earlier this year.

    Not-a-theatre-pun 05/23/2016  5:42pm

    They will normally have an open call in the summer.

    startingthehat 05/23/2016  11:56pm
  • NYMF @ Pearl Studios 05/23/2016  11:32pm

    Had to give up my appointment time. Open slot for tomorrow's call at 5:45pm. Book it! :)

  • Gypsy--Appointments 5/24 @ 05/23/2016  8:22pm

    Hey anyone have info if these appts for tomorrow are full? And I'm assuming it's at the equity bldg?


    The audition is in Norwalk, CT at the theater.

    Michael D 05/23/2016  11:19pm
  • NYMF Open call @ 05/23/2016  9:23pm

    Does anyone know how serious they are about not showing up before 10:30? Also I can't seem to find out where they are being held. Thanks for the info guys!


    Pearl Studios
    500 8th Avenue - between 35th/36th Streets
    4th Floor - Room #406

    This call is being run by NYMF's Casting Director Michael Cassara. He's well organized and treats auditioners with respect. I doubt you can do any wrong by following the instructions he laid out. If he says don't show up before 10:30, I'd respect that.

    nevertoolate 05/23/2016  10:06pm
  • Ivoryton Playhouse @ 05/23/2016  5:19pm

    were any Aldonza appointments released for Ivoryton Playhouse?

  • Gypsy @ Actor's Equity Center 05/22/2016  2:55pm

    Does anyone know if they will be seeing non-equity tomorrow for the open call?


    It's actually not an open call tomorrow, it's an EPA. You may know the difference and were just in a hurry, but for others who use the terms Open Call and EPA interchangeably, it should be clarified that an Open Call is exactly that: open to all actors, regardless of union status. If you're non-eq but arrive earlier than AEA actors to an Open Call, you'll be seen before they are. AEA never hosts Open Calls in their building, and the union does not require such auditions on any contract. The union DOES require EPAs (Equity Principle Auditions), and sets rules on who can be seen and when. Just adding some clarification here, for newcomers who may not know the difference between the two. Here's hoping dozens of non-eqs get seen tomorrow!

    Bardboy18 05/22/2016  5:24pm

    The listing does say "open casting call", by the way. They indicated in the notes that EPA rules apply but I see where the OP was coming from. :)

    iwasadancingbandaid 05/22/2016  10:50pm

    Anyone have any info on this?

    readytobeloved 05/23/2016  8:40am

    Bump. What's the madness look like this morning?

    Venti BB 05/23/2016  9:02am

    I'm not there yet, but I'm trusting actorsequity that says it's an EPA, but I was confused by the backstage listing, as well.

    clickhereandsave 05/23/2016  9:04am

    How's the EMC and non equity list looking?

    justanotheractress 05/23/2016  9:08am

    About 20 EMC and 20 non-eq... Already calling EMC people. I think everyone should get seen!

    yaytheatre 05/23/2016  9:38am

    Bump for emc/ non eq!

    Tadimurner 05/23/2016  9:39am

    Anyone know if they will keep the list open? I can't get there until 1...

    Emmerz 05/23/2016  9:43am

    If someone could post if they end up not staying until 5:30 or close the list, it would be much appreciated! I'm stuck at work until 4 and might try to run over if they're still seeing people.

    WheninDoubtMixitOut 05/23/2016  10:21am

    I could be wrong here, but if this is a required call I think they have to stay...again I could be wrong. But whether they will close the list to non eq...anyone know?

    Emmerz 05/23/2016  10:25am

    Bump. Are appointments still available?

    talkalotpickalittlemore 05/23/2016  10:32am

    Anyone know what time they are taking lunch?

    hersheykiss 05/23/2016  10:34am

    Bump! Any noneq called yet?

    Jessika 05/23/2016  11:12am

    Non-eq list still open... Sign says for non-eq to check back at 11:30. They'll probably start seeing non eq shortly after that.

    yaytheatre 05/23/2016  11:14am

    Non equity come back after lunch (1-2)

    yaytheatre 05/23/2016  11:42am

    It's an EPA so they cannot leave early.

    littleeagle 05/23/2016  11:55am

    Appointments before lunch are filled. Called through about 9 on the EMC.

    saymeow 05/23/2016  11:56am

    Does anyone know how many total are on the EMC list? (I.e. How soon after lunch might noneq start getting seen...trying to decide if it's worth going back if I have to work later in the afternoon) Thanks!!

    Jessika 05/23/2016  12:15pm

    Any updates now that they're on lunch?

    Jessika 05/23/2016  1:07pm

    Lots of appointments still available, starting at 2:30

    boomboom 05/23/2016  1:08pm

    Bump? What's going on up there appointment/EMC wise?

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 05/23/2016  3:10pm
  • SITI Company EPA @ Ripley Grier 520 05/23/2016  1:20pm

    Just really curious to know if they ended up seeing non-eq today or not.