• Color Purple Tour @ other 07/22/2017  10:32am

    Has anyone heard anything from this past Tuesday appt?


    Can I ask what roles they were seeing?

    cmccrewell 07/22/2017  11:14am

    Also, did you have an appointment on the 13th with them?

    cmccrewell 07/22/2017  12:38pm

    Bump on what roles they were seeking Tuesday and if you recieved an appointment to come in from an previous appointment on the thursday 13th.

    renzster 07/22/2017  2:41pm
  • Wicked @ Pearl Studios 07/21/2017  8:25pm

    What're the chances of non ew being seen at either a ECC or an EPA for wicked? Are they usually packed?


    The long running shows can go either way in my experience. Wicked is a show that hardly ever has unrequired calls because they don't need to, but their calls have been thinning out a bit, but I've never known them to be dead.
    I've only seen them have their required Union calls abot twice a year and this is around that time. The other time is usually in winter around January or February. Obviously if you're not Union, I will always say skip the winter calls, those still get packed, but the august calls they've had I've seen be busy or a little more less busy.

    Showbizdreamer 07/22/2017  10:40am
  • We didn't see a list started downstairs so we started one up in the holding room.

    202493 07/22/2017  7:56am

    I don't understand this breakdown. who is Arabella? what am I missing here? is this a new/different version?

    so confused. SOS.

    singdanceact 07/22/2017  8:05am

    Fairly certain this is not the Disney version. There have been other versions out there for years (and any Disney script/score/version will always say "Disney" at the front end of the title)

    BroadwayKiwi 07/22/2017  8:13am

    I'm pretty sure it's just a straight play version of the fairy tale.

    How many are on the list?

    starbrina 07/22/2017  8:31am

    What floor?

    singdanceact 07/22/2017  8:39am


    202493 07/22/2017  8:57am

    Bump. How many on the list please?

    starbrina 07/22/2017  9:18am

    Not a lot of people here, maybe 15. They're having people audition in pairs. Literally one guy here, so send over your guy friends lol

    FierceConversations 07/22/2017  9:39am
  • LaDuca Sale @ other 07/22/2017  12:35am

    Unofficial list started at 12:50 am. Anyone know who's going to be ITR? Break legz everyone :)

  • Cabaret @ Arden Theatre @ 07/17/2017  8:13pm

    Anyone gat an appointment for Sally or Schultz for Arden? Auditions are next Tuesday.


    Bump for appointments

    characterman58 07/19/2017  11:09am

    Yes for Sally

    smoked87 07/20/2017  3:45pm

    I got an appt for Sally and I'm looking for someone to be my Cliff to run lines with beforehand!

    FinallyGettingThis 07/21/2017  4:39pm

    Have an appointment on Tuesday!

    New_dawn_rising 07/21/2017  4:47pm
  • Eleanor Duse Dies in Pittsburgh @ Actor's Equity Center 07/21/2017  1:40pm

    Anyone know if they're seeing non-equity? What does it look like over there?

    just show up

    Seeing non equity. Everyone on the list before me has been seen.

    Possibly they could close early

    Aeb10591 07/21/2017  4:00pm

    Except they haven't seen me yet

    Aeb10591 07/21/2017  4:33pm
  • The Cher Show @ other 07/21/2017  11:07am

    Anyone know who's ITR for The Cher Show Auditions at Telsey today?


    Patrick Goodwin

    5678kickyourface 07/21/2017  11:59am

    There are multiple rooms. I had Rebecca Scholl

    0331 07/21/2017  12:29pm

    I can't find this audition anywhere. Can someone tell me where it is, and what to prepare, and the times. thank you

    Dstacks200 07/21/2017  12:31pm

    nevermind found it

    Dstacks200 07/21/2017  12:33pm

    It's pop/rock right? Or rather, what kind of cut are they asking for?

    Friendswith.thatgirl. 07/21/2017  12:33pm

    ANY Pop / rock . Don't try to imitate Cher and just be you I believe it said!

    0331 07/21/2017  12:35pm

    How many bars?

    Friendswith.thatgirl. 07/21/2017  12:51pm

    16 bars, you can sing a song made famous by Cher but they don't want imitations

    belterskelter 07/21/2017  1:10pm

    Still a capella, right?

    lululemming 07/21/2017  1:14pm

    @lululemming yes

    belterskelter 07/21/2017  3:32pm
  • Dreamgirls Deena Appointments @ 07/21/2017  2:55pm

    Has anyone received appointments for the role of Deena in Dreamgirls at Cape Fear Regional Theater yet?

  • Eleanora Duse..... @ Actor's Equity Center 07/21/2017  1:42pm

    Please update on appointments/alternate list numbers and who's ITR. Thanks.

  • Up on the 4th floor. 7 names so far.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 07/21/2017  6:37am

    How many on the aea line plz?

    carrieunderwire 07/21/2017  7:22am

    Any word on AEA? Bueller?

    ImMrsIglesias 07/21/2017  9:00am

    Can anyone post if they do want a monologue in addition to 16 bars?

    Bohemian_Er 07/21/2017  9:34am

    Yes please post about alt list and whether they DO want only 16 bars and a mono!

    GKH 07/21/2017  9:43am

    Any word on noneq being seen?

    singingx 07/21/2017  10:27am

    How's it looking up there? Thanks in advance!

    Spacejam88 07/21/2017  10:34am

    No news for noneq yet. Anyone upstairs with any info?

    courtbutt 07/21/2017  10:53am

    Alsooo, do we know what the noneq list is up to? Thanks!🦄❤️👍

    thewitchbitch28 07/21/2017  11:05am

    I walked in and took 1 of the last 2 equity appointments. No one on the alt list. Looks like they saw 7/9 EMC. She did say they were tight on time because it's such a short call so I'm not sure about them seeing non-eq

    ImMrsIglesias 07/21/2017  11:05am

    No non-eq being seen, no drop-offs.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 07/21/2017  11:24am

    Chiming in on earlier post: YES, they asked me for a monologue directly after my 16 bar cut:
    ITR: Chris Cole(AD)
    Harriet Bass(Casting)
    John Fischer(Accomp)

    MissCast 07/21/2017  11:28am

    No appts left, 1 Inc alt list.

    carrieunderwire 07/21/2017  11:38am