• Sacramento Music Circus @ Pearl Studios 02/08/2016  12:12am

    Does SMC provide housing or transportation? It's not listed on the Playbill Job posting!


    Yes. Equity theaters that audition in NYC provide housing and transportation

    dopplegang 02/08/2016  12:32am
  • officially at 6. but it has a soft opening at 5 haha... one of the doors gets opened and u can sign up

    diegorcano 02/07/2016  9:31pm

    Thank you!

    LilMermaid66 02/07/2016  9:35pm

    To my understanding they don't let anyone upstairs until 7:45-8 and recently the security guards have been making people stand in the annex until then

    bmadds 02/07/2016  11:10pm

    So will we be able to sign up in the lobby before 7:45/8 or do we need to wait until the list is upstairs?

    h57m29g 02/07/2016  11:22pm
  • AEA @ Actor's Equity Center 02/07/2016  4:28pm

    Where does the Non eq list go if the building is not open?


    There shouldn't be a list until everyone gets upstairs and signs up in the holding room on the 4th floor.

    Correct me if I'm wrong..But i don't think AEA is going to allow a list to just float around at street level. Don't people usually wait in the same line until opening?

    Adele Dazeem 02/07/2016  4:55pm

    So AEA building doesn't function like the rest of the buildings with an unofficial non eq list, correct?

    diegorcano 02/07/2016  5:16pm

    what time does the building open to go sign in?

    diegorcano 02/07/2016  7:11pm

    No unofficial list. I believe you can go in at 6am and sign the official non-eq.

    texicalyorker 02/07/2016  7:49pm

    can someone else confirm the 6am non eq sign up thing?

    diegorcano 02/07/2016  8:41pm

    At 6AM they open the 4th floor lobby. You can sign the actual official non-eq list at the desk. There is an official AEA/EMC list there as well at 6.

    asprgs456 02/07/2016  10:31pm
  • Ripley-Grier question @ Ripley Grier 520 02/07/2016  7:18pm

    Anyone know what time they let you in the building at Ripley-Grier 520? Not trying to stand outside in the cold at all.



    irishrogue 02/07/2016  9:52pm

    website says they open at 9am

    EPAsamirite 02/07/2016  10:03pm
  • Grease La Comedia @ Nola Studios 02/01/2016  8:02pm

    Hi all! Does La Comedia usually take an unofficial list?



    GodIHopeIGetIt91 02/01/2016  8:56pm

    Yes, they usually do accept the unofficial list

    bwaylvsong 02/01/2016  9:05pm

    Thank you!!

    Bwayblondie 02/01/2016  9:17pm


    singinggirl101 02/07/2016  11:22am

    why is this bumped? this was last week

    diegorcano 02/07/2016  3:32pm


    Fatniss_Neverlean 02/07/2016  4:28pm
  • Question @ Actor's Equity Center 02/07/2016  2:22pm

    Hey everyone! Quick Question… Can non-eq still try to audition for an ECC call if it takes place at Actor's Equity Center?



    MissKait08 02/07/2016  2:39pm
  • Music Academy International at The Trentino Music Festival @ other 02/07/2016  2:18pm

    If you're looking for our auditions, we are in the MSM building (corner of 122nd and Broadway) in room 702. Tell the front desk you are here for the MAI auditions with Neil Rosenstein.
    Any problems, text 972-415-9710

  • The view upstairs @ Chelsea Studios 02/07/2016  10:20am

    Hi everyone . How is this call looking?? Working til noon today, is it worth it to stop By? Thanks


    Appointments are wide open at the moment. Thought the call went later than it does last slot is at 1:40pm. EMC are being called already. The later appt are a little fuller than the morning.

    jtxc719 02/07/2016  10:41am

    Thank you so much

    BFAinServing 02/07/2016  10:43am

    hey guys -- how are the appts looking from 12:30 on? are they full at this point, or still some availability?

    GreenEyezzz 02/07/2016  12:03pm

    They are incredibly slow of you ran here you'll get seen.

    jtxc719 02/07/2016  1:55pm
  • flying out tomorrow morning!

    musicalwarrior 02/06/2016  5:28pm

    Flying tomorrow morning too! When are you heading back to the city/when are your auditions?

    Bailee1416 02/06/2016  5:42pm

    @musicalWarrior are you on the 6am out of Newark by any chance?

    Bailee1416 02/06/2016  8:01pm

    No flying out of LGA. My audition day isnt until Tuesday but my family is in Memphis so Im gonna spend a little extra time with them tomorroe night and mon then fly back wednesday afternoon

    musicalwarrior 02/06/2016  8:55pm

    flying out tomorrow afternoon! woo!!

    qwertybelty25 02/07/2016  2:29am

    Could someone post the audition number hotline?

    Mejones 02/07/2016  11:42am
  • Bump!

    mak 02/07/2016  12:31am