What have you done for your career today?

  • It's an EPA, so women and men are not split up, but anyways, 6 on non-eq list. How's it looking on the Equity side?

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 07/01/2015  9:30am

    Open appts in virtually all time slots.

    BBrave 07/01/2015  9:55am

    Are they seeing non eq today? Love this show!

    Onefineday 07/01/2015  10:13am

    Yeah, any word on non-eq?

    Ohmy 07/01/2015  10:19am

    8 out of 9 non-eq already called at 10:15. Appointments open all day. Go get seen!!

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 07/01/2015  10:40am

    Great! Thanks so much.

    Ohmy 07/01/2015  10:45am

    Who is ITR?

    Luvs2Belt 07/01/2015  10:53am

    Howie Cherpakov and accompanist

    BBrave 07/01/2015  11:20am

    If anyone knows who the accompanist is, I'd love to know!

    kb 07/01/2015  12:48pm
  • Elf @ Actor's Equity Center 07/01/2015  2:10am

    Hello, I am non-eq and wondering what is the best time to show up for this audition. The men start 2pm so I was thinking about showing up around 8? I am new to the New York audition scene and appreciate any insight. Thanks.


    I am not seeing Elf listed on the AEA web site. Can someone provide a link to the call please?

    nevertoolate 07/01/2015  10:32am

    ^ I found it on Backstage. July 8.

    (Emily Litella)

    nevertoolate 07/01/2015  10:42am
  • NCL Legally Blonde @ Ripley Grier 520 06/30/2015  10:58pm

    Hope everyone had a good callback today!!

    Has anyone heard anything for final call backs?


    Nope :/

    whysocold 06/30/2015  11:11pm
  • Bright Star Holding @ 06/29/2015  8:18am

    So far four women and three men on unofficial list. One sketchy looking banjo player.


    What does it look like now. Women are at 2pm right?

    owlster 06/29/2015  9:20am

    Bump for noneq women's updates! How many on the lists? Thx

    CurlyLox 06/29/2015  10:03am

    17 men 12 women Non-equity . Just called the first 20 members

    BestofLuck 06/29/2015  10:20am

    Yeah are women at 2p? Or are they just seeing both genders mixed up? HOLLA FOR THAT IF THEY ARE.

    LadyNugget20 06/29/2015  11:08am

    They've been seeing all men, but it looks like a good chance all men will be seen and there are women waiting here in case they can start on women early.

    BestofLuck 06/29/2015  11:23am

    All these updates are awesome--keep em coming! :) super helpful for those of us ladies trying to fit this call into our work schedules this afternoon!!

    Jessika 06/29/2015  11:40am

    Can someone please post who is ITR?

    chelsea28 06/29/2015  11:49am

    Howie Cherpakov and Rob Berman in the room

    DressedinyourPyjamas 06/29/2015  12:02pm

    I have been seen and gone so it's up to someone else now. Have fun!!

    BestofLuck 06/29/2015  12:32pm

    Any idea yet on number of equity ladies?

    Jessika 06/29/2015  1:37pm

    I wasn't signed up on the official list & I'm #56 on the equity list. Unsure if they're gonna see non-eq.

    kstars2779 06/29/2015  2:06pm

    Any update on non eq?

    soshedances 06/29/2015  2:24pm

    Is the call still open?

    is 06/29/2015  2:26pm

    Is the call still open?

    is 06/29/2015  2:32pm

    Anyone mind sharing if they ended up seeing non-eq this day?

    divinemissm 06/30/2015  9:37pm

    I know they were not seeing non-eq ladies but were accepting drop-offs

    Luvs2Belt 06/30/2015  10:02pm

    Non-equity men were seen in the morning.

    BestofLuck 06/30/2015  10:30pm
  • Phantom of the Opera @ other 06/20/2015  12:08pm

    Hello! I have a callback for Christine for Phantom of the Opera on the 29th, and it is my very first Broadway audition. (I sent in an audition video initially.)

    I am wondering, do any of you know what Dodgers Atelier Studio A is like? Are the acoustics okay?

    The appointment is with Musical Supervisor- David Caddick, Production Supervisor- Seth Sklar-Heyn, and casting. Do you know what these people are like?

    Also, does anyone have a guess as to how many people have been called back for this role/how many people are usually at the first callbacks for a Broadway show?

    Thank you very much in advance! :)


    You should post this in Callback Corner. Also, Seth is a really cool dude. I wouldn't worry too much about the other stuff (acoustics, other people who have been called back) because it's all out of your control and the only thing you can do is prep your material. Break legs!

    thedip 06/20/2015  1:36pm

    ^^^^absolutely. Don't worry about everyone else. Easier said than done I know. But I can't imagine you being in the room to see the other ladies, unless I'm totally wrong. You worry about YOU and YOUR prep and what you bring to it. Everything else is out of you control, so there's no point in worrying yourself :) break legs!

    showbizdreamer 06/21/2015  9:12pm

    When did you send in your tape/how soon did you hear? I recently submitted and am waiting for a reply. Thanks!

    PLT311 06/22/2015  7:39am

    Seth is great, he's friendly and encouraging. David is a bit stoic and loves a crystal clear sound. Just go be you!

    singsing3 06/22/2015  7:58am

    Thank you very, very much, everyone! :)

    I sent in my video on April 24th. I was told that the deadline to send in a video was May 1, 2015, but that may have changed. I got notified of my callback by email on June 9th.

    thimblelina 06/23/2015  11:29am

    (I'm sorry for not posting in the right place. I'm new to this website.)

    thimblelina 06/23/2015  11:30am

    @thimblelina, congratulations on this! Might I ask how you learned about the request for video submissions? Was it through an agent or did you see it posted somewhere? Thanks!

    LaVieBohEmily 06/23/2015  11:52am

    @LaVieBohEmily There was a call awhile ago for submissions on BackStage! :)

    justaskin 06/23/2015  1:57pm

    Hi! There is going to be another audition (ensemble) in July, but I can't make it to NY during that time. Do you know if/how I can submit a video audition?

    thatgirlsings 06/27/2015  10:33am

    @thatgirlsings Usually, unless they put out a posting or a breakdown asking for video submissions, they won't accept them. But Phantom has a number of required calls throughout the year, both for the Tour and for Broadway (and it's the same casting team for both), so if you can't make it this time, there will be others!

    14ergirl 06/28/2015  10:40am

    Hey thimblelina! How did it go?? Did they just have you sing/read the material emailed or did they give you any extra material? I'm asking since I have a callback this week as well.

    Luckyclover4 06/29/2015  5:22pm

    I just sang Think of Me and did the scene. I'm not sure, but I don't think they had anyone sing Wishing. It went well! They are very nice. They didn't say anything either way about further callbacks/what happens next, so I'm very anxious about it. Congratulations on your callback! May I ask what day it is?

    thimblelina 06/30/2015  10:27am

    I'm wondering the same- I know the email said to bring your book of music JIC but I'd love to know if they've asked anyone else for other material! I'm going in tomorrow.

    SauronBareillis 06/30/2015  10:27am

    I was in today, and sang Think of Me and did the scene!

    jjsinger 06/30/2015  4:15pm
  • Disney Cruise Line @ Ripley Grier 520 06/22/2015  8:33pm

    I've never auditioned for Disney before and am curious about how they run - how early are girls thinking of getting there tomorrow?


    If you get there before 9:45 you'll definitely get seen. They don't honor unofficial lists but they shouldn't cut the list off before 10am.
    Get there by 9-9:30 and you'll still get seen before lunch...

    AnActor 06/22/2015  10:24pm

    Show up any time around 9-9:30 and sit close to th E front of the table so you can be first in line otherwise you will be in the back of the line. They also type first. Take girls of about 40 in at a time and usually keep about 6.

    whysocold 06/23/2015  7:29am

    Anyone there for the Disney audition yet?

    Smiled811 06/23/2015  7:33am

    Please don't recommend a table bum rush. It's rude for the people who get there earlier. We already have enough problems. Stay in line-we will all get to sign up in that order and then get seen.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 06/23/2015  7:53am

    What's the line looking like?

    Little-one 06/23/2015  8:19am

    Just about 30 right now

    Sharksss 06/23/2015  8:33am

    What's the line looking like?

    Little-one 06/23/2015  8:36am

    It's starting to fill up but nothing crazy. It is summer after all

    Luckyclover4 06/23/2015  9:15am

    It's about 100 right now at 9:01

    cre09b 06/23/2015  9:20am

    Did they say what time they are closing the list?

    Newbie 06/23/2015  9:39am

    Are they doing callbacks in the room?

    Indie17 06/23/2015  10:00am

    Arrived 9:45...list is closed, looks like it had been for a while.

    ilovebroadway123 06/23/2015  10:15am

    are they giving callbacks in the room?

    mathematical 06/23/2015  11:09am

    Callbacks are given ITR

    Luckyclover4 06/23/2015  11:12am

    Anyone know if they'll see women at the men's call this afternoon time permitting?

    ilovebroadway123 06/23/2015  11:57am

    Just to clarify. whysocold you are correct, if it's merely a character audition. These calls are for singers, they do not type out at these. I think MAYBE they've done this once that I'm aware of because that call so SUPER crowded, but, that's a big maybe.

    showbizdreamer 06/23/2015  12:36pm

    People with audition appointments: are they giving callbacks ITR?

    actress9315 06/23/2015  1:23pm

    Anyone know if they'll see women at the men's call this afternoon time permitting?

    ilovebroadway123 06/23/2015  4:12pm

    Does anyone know when they will be making offers??

    singer5 06/30/2015  2:49pm
  • Dress stolen @ Actor's Equity Center 06/29/2015  4:52pm

    Hey everyone so my audition dress was in the female dressing room at actor's equity. I hung it up before lunch and when I went back it was gone. I don't care that you took it, I would just really like it back. I just bought it from a vintage store in my town.

    It is an off white flowery dress. If you could just text me and you can like anonymously drop it off somewhere... I would just really like it back... My number is (860)919-3167.


    Stupid question I know but did you ask the front desk about the lost and found?

    woody 06/29/2015  8:44pm

    It's not a stupid question. Yeah I did. They checked everywhere and didn't find it... I'm hoping it just accidentally feel off the hanger into someone's bag... But so far nothing

    bmadds 06/29/2015  10:51pm
  • Bats @ Flea @ other 06/29/2015  12:25pm

    Any word from people who've been to one of the casting calls in the last week as to how early sign-up line has been forming? Thanks!



    Scoob 06/29/2015  5:48pm
  • uptownboy

    ^^^^offffff....it's looking less and less promising...

    showbizdreamer 06/29/2015  3:11pm

    sorry, not sure what you're saying. Off? Promising for what?

    uptownboy 06/29/2015  3:22pm

    Oh good grief. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...that was for another thread. Honestly, how does this happen when I made SURE I clicked the right thread...

    showbizdreamer 06/29/2015  3:35pm