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  • Prather Entertainment Group 2015 Season @ Pearl Studios 03/29/2015  8:18pm

    Has anyone auditioned for them before? Do they accept an unofficial list?

    Happy Auditioning!


    They always have in the past. These calls are always super crowded bu extremely well organized.

    Killertofu 03/29/2015  8:41pm


    Suiteofjacks 03/29/2015  8:51pm

    Are vocal auditions only March 31st? not tomorrow?

    megastufforeos 03/29/2015  10:57pm

    Everyone must sing first, then dancing is the first round of callbacks

    5678 03/29/2015  11:36pm

    I heard that they are only casting for Ariel in Footloose? Is this true, or is it for the full season?

    writteninthestars 03/30/2015  12:35am

    Any update? Is there a list up yet?

    e_doolittle 03/30/2015  5:38am

    There is a list for Prather, ivoryton, Joseph and Little Mermaid. Not too many names on any and kind of all over the place in terms of what number people are signed up as (ie huge gaps between taken numbers)!

    mousedance 03/30/2015  6:04am

    Any update?

    j90 03/30/2015  7:06am

    update? how is the list looking?

    e_doolittle 03/30/2015  7:46am

    This list in now in the 130s

    decisions 03/30/2015  7:51am

    What is the list up to now?

    e_doolittle 03/30/2015  8:28am


    TripleDelight 03/30/2015  9:16am

    Are they just calling the first few groups now?

    theatergal 03/30/2015  9:37am

    Would someone kindly update us if they start typing? Thanks guys! Happy auditioning.

    e_doolittle 03/30/2015  9:56am

    Keep us updated on how things are moving!

    smorris13 03/30/2015  10:03am

    Keep us updated on how things are moving!

    smorris13 03/30/2015  10:05am

    Not typing. Bring two headshots and write your starting availability at the top. They have called through 80, but if you let them know you've missed your number they will still honor your spot.

    Mejones 03/30/2015  10:24am

    Called headshots thru 80 but have seen about 40 ish people

    outofwittyscreenames 03/30/2015  10:46am

    Called through 120

    Mejones 03/30/2015  11:13am

    When is lunch?

    e_doolittle 03/30/2015  11:25am

    The monitors are wonderful!

    ilikedogs 03/30/2015  12:10pm

    I heard there is a vocal call tomorrow too? Anyone know if it's open if we can't make it today?

    Awatkins8 03/30/2015  12:31pm
  • Ragtime National Tour @ Ripley Grier 520 03/29/2015  7:26pm

    Hey gentleman, anyone ever been to a Phoenix open call? Do they accept unofficial lists, or are we all lining up until 9:30?


    I believe they DO accept unofficial lists, but my butt will be in line, anyway.

    PS: Some of y'all must be preparing by watching my videos from my HS production...

    bwaylvsong 03/29/2015  7:34pm

    It says 'sign up starts at9:30 which makes me think no unofficial

    lampshade 03/29/2015  8:15pm

    LOL @bwaylvsong! See y'all in the morning.

    FloFosterJenkins 03/29/2015  8:28pm

    what time is everyone thinking about getting there?

    ohjustjake 03/29/2015  8:48pm

    Pleeeeaaase not that early, guys! I'll probably get there around 9... since it's an all male call, I can't imagine that they won't see everyone.

    bwaylvsong 03/29/2015  9:14pm

    I had posted this earlier, but figured I'd ask anyone who knew, does anyone know if they'll allow ladies tomorrow if if we can't attend Tuesday? I still can but there's a reason why I'd prefer to just knock it out tomorrow.

    showbizdreamer 03/29/2015  9:16pm

    Is a list up yet?

    ohjustjake 03/30/2015  6:11am

    Hey fellas, there is an unofficial list started. It's at number 15.

    RobOnAKabob 03/30/2015  6:33am

    They're bringing us upstairs and he unofficial list is inside as well!

    RobOnAKabob 03/30/2015  6:43am

    List is up

    TrannyStampOff 03/30/2015  6:46am

    .....really? A list already? Sleep in some guys! We don't have to worry about girls today.

    im available 03/30/2015  6:59am

    are they typing today?

    JudFry95 03/30/2015  7:01am

    Hey guys, they're up to around 40.

    zman1993 03/30/2015  7:10am

    70 names at 7:15, gents

    sbginnyc 03/30/2015  7:32am

    Around 140

    Gettingittogether 03/30/2015  8:17am


    bwaylvsong 03/30/2015  8:21am

    Up to at least 175 at 8:08am...

    don'tmakemesing 03/30/2015  8:25am

    This is actually kinda disgusting...thank god girls are on a separate day.

    im available 03/30/2015  8:25am

    Where are all these guys coming from? It's an all male call for a non-eq tour of a racially specific show that requires amazing singers...

    bwaylvsong 03/30/2015  8:31am

    List is up to 215 at 8:30am

    Jhink 03/30/2015  8:53am

    I never understood people who get actively angry/annoyed that a lot of people show up to an audition and then call out a group of people for being unaware of what a show requires, even if this is blatantly not the case. You guys are contributing to that huge number as much as the guys you deem somehow unworthy of auditioning.

    Also is it a surprise that every non-eq twink tenor in NY showed up this morning? Not really.

    RandomBoy132 03/30/2015  8:56am

    Could someone please post whether or not they accept the unofficial list when the time comes? Thanks!

    Also, list in the early 200's at about 8:40.

    Switzerland 03/30/2015  9:19am

    281 at 9AM.
    Cheers fellas.

    ESC4423 03/30/2015  9:21am

    RandomBoy, I'm neither angry at nor calling out anyone; just surprised it got so crowded so early. Though when I wrote the post, I was pissed at the MTA, so that's where any perceived anger was coming from lol.

    bwaylvsong 03/30/2015  9:21am

    Are they typing?

    upper east side 03/30/2015  9:29am

    No word yet

    ohjustjake 03/30/2015  9:41am

    They're not sure whether they will type yet, but the monitor called the first 20 (most of whom are here) and put them "on deck" for the next 27 minutes.

    bwaylvsong 03/30/2015  9:50am

    281 at 9AM.
    Cheers fellas.

    ESC4423 03/30/2015  9:56am

    They ARE typing

    bwaylvsong 03/30/2015  10:00am

    Bwylvsong -- are they doing it by groups as they call in or trying to type everyone now?

    Switzerland 03/30/2015  10:02am

    Are they typing now? How's it going down?

    KindaTenor 03/30/2015  10:02am

    Typing by groups of 10

    zman1993 03/30/2015  10:02am

    Fuck. I went to work, sure I wouldn't be needed until afternoon. I assume this means they're closing things up?

    Switzerland 03/30/2015  10:08am

    Basically...I hate Spring Break. All the kids come to town to audition and make things REAL difficult for a week or two.

    Adele Dazeem 03/30/2015  10:14am

    Any chance they will see ladies that can't make it tomorrow, today?

    Mejones 03/30/2015  10:27am

    Do you think they will see us if we are on the list and cannot come until a little later? Or is there no point to come back once typing ends.

    upper east side 03/30/2015  10:36am

    Status of typing? Wondering whether or not it's worth it to go back at this point. Ugh

    baritenor92 03/30/2015  10:40am

    I'm not surprised at all. It's the first non union tour and it's a lot of people's dream show.

    postytoasty 03/30/2015  10:51am

    Are they closing the call? Or is it worth it to show up later in the day? Any info will be helpful!

    nbmetro 03/30/2015  11:04am

    Call backs ITR?!

    renzster 03/30/2015  11:08am

    Can we confirm they're typing all the way through the list before they see anyone?

    And if they she announces what happens for names not present during typing?

    Waiting in the Wings 03/30/2015  11:11am

    They just called the last group to type

    bwaylvsong 03/30/2015  11:25am

    Does that mean the list is closed? Or will they see men who still show up?

    nbmetro 03/30/2015  11:50am

    I'm pretty sure the list is closed, but I'm not there anymore, so don't take my word for it.

    bwaylvsong 03/30/2015  11:52am

    Thank you! Can anyone who is there confirm?

    nbmetro 03/30/2015  11:53am

    List is closed gents.

    KindaTenor 03/30/2015  12:07pm

    Any idea what number they are on and if they are taking lunch?
    Thanks fellas!

    ESC4423 03/30/2015  12:31pm
  • Joseph-National Tour @ 03/29/2015  6:42pm

    What time can we start signing up for the alternate list?


    Bump. As an alternate how early do they usually start squeezing them in?
    Want to jump around auditions tomorrow without missing the slot.

    outofwittyscreenames 03/29/2015  8:58pm

    Can we sign up before the call starts or does the alternate list not get started until the company gets there?

    singinggirl101 03/29/2015  9:11pm

    Was at the 42nd street call from the same casting company last week and there was an alternative list started when I got there at 9. The call was pretty dead and the monitor would fit people in as much as possible. I had a appointment and was done by 10:30 and she was calling alternates then.

    tosstoss27 03/29/2015  9:24pm

    I received an email confirming an open call slot on Tuesday the 31st- does this mean they are seeing singers at the same time as the dancers on Tuesday or I somehow signed up for the wrong thing?

    SummerLovin 03/29/2015  10:05pm

    @summerlovin I had the same thing... and I'm also a bit confused about that because the sign up said singers, but the breakdown now says dancers on tuesday...? I'm going to head over tomorrow and ask just in case, and sign up as an alternate if need be I think. I

    scouting 03/29/2015  10:23pm

    Bc of demand JDC added an extra singer call for Tuesday. She said if you're a female be prepared to stay for a dance CB if need be. They are doing a open singer call AND dancer call on Tuesday.

    ESC4423 03/29/2015  10:33pm

    Will there be any callbacks to dance for singers tomorrow, like later in the day? Just want to know whether it's necessary to bring dance stuff with me, or if dance callbacks will just be on Tuesday/another day. Thanks!

    Bohemian_Er 03/30/2015  1:06am

    Status on alternate list? Anything yet?

    singinggirl101 03/30/2015  5:54am

    bump on alternates

    writteninthestars 03/30/2015  8:08am

    Around 130

    Gettingittogether 03/30/2015  8:18am

    Is the open call on Tuesday, 3/31 at Ripley-Grier, Pearl, or other? Can't find a listing for it. Thanks :-)

    Elphabro 03/30/2015  8:29am

    I woke up sick as a dog so if someone wants my 400-500 appt time slot, email me at spunkygal007@msn.com.

    Norwegian 03/30/2015  8:51am

    Pearl! At least, that's what I wrote on my calendar after signing up for an appt! I'm not sure where the listing went to...

    performativity 03/30/2015  8:53am

    Hey @performativity, where/how did you schedule an appointment? Just want to make sure I don't show up and get turned away because I didn't sign up. Thanks again :-)

    Elphabro 03/30/2015  9:36am

    There was a link to an online sign up via Joy Dewing's website, as well as the playbill and backstage postings

    theatergal 03/30/2015  10:02am

    My spot is taken, thanks guys!

    Norwegian 03/30/2015  10:29am

    Please post if/when what number alternates are called!!

    beeboop 03/30/2015  10:31am

    Bump any alternates called?

    outofwittyscreenames 03/30/2015  10:59am

    Yes! I would say at least 12 alternates have been called.

    sweeneymaude 03/30/2015  11:09am

    Can someone update if/when they cut from 16 to 8 bars? Thank you!

    scouting 03/30/2015  12:13pm

    20 alternates called

    outofwittyscreenames 03/30/2015  12:14pm

    If we can't make it today, I heard there is a vocal call tomorrow? is that open too?

    Awatkins8 03/30/2015  12:30pm
  • Bump!

    bekk99 03/30/2015  11:29am

    Yeah. Was by appointment only. They were hoping to see a few walk ins at the end of the hour when I was there.

    jarjarbinx 03/30/2015  11:46am

    Wha? On playbill I didn't see it saying that. I was hoping to walk in for the afternoon session....hopefully they're not going to cancel it due to lack of turnout?

    writteninthestars 03/30/2015  12:30pm
  • Amelie Understudy EPA @ Pearl Studios 03/29/2015  11:39pm

    Anyone know if an unofficial list will be accepted for these EPAs? And what time we're showing up?


    Or rather, how the ecc went last week? (Non eq seen? Unofficial list accepted then? Monitor speed? The usual)

    SomethingsComing 03/30/2015  12:30am

    All the non-eqs that were on the list last week were seen and if my memory serves me, I recall seeing that the call was pretty much wide open. The EPA may be a different story tomorrow, but that's how the ECC went to my recollection.

    moonstone1520 03/30/2015  12:58am

    Has an unofficial non Eq list been started for this?

    stagelover3 03/30/2015  7:24am

    ye, there is an unofficial. only a few names on it as of 6:30

    jaylady 03/30/2015  7:40am

    How does it look now?

    proletHARRIET 03/30/2015  8:14am

    Like 36 on the list when I was there.

    bxkforu101 03/30/2015  8:15am

    What's it looking like for equity? Busy?

    enerjenic 03/30/2015  8:18am


    liveoutloud17 03/30/2015  9:25am

    Quite open for Equity, 11 EMC, non Eq around 60 I think

    bwaybound 03/30/2015  9:32am

    Any updates?

    hmarie08 03/30/2015  10:18am

    Any updates on non-eq?

    youknowwho 03/30/2015  10:35am

    Who is in the room?

    dancergirl33 03/30/2015  10:58am

    Still appts left for Equity and who's in the room please?

    BBrave 03/30/2015  11:13am

    Bump for Noneq

    CurlyLox 03/30/2015  11:15am

    Bump for who is in the room!

    smorris13 03/30/2015  11:19am

    Any AEA appts left?

    HighNotesAndShinyThings 03/30/2015  11:30am

    bump for # emcs called

    ns 03/30/2015  11:31am

    bump for # emcs called

    ns 03/30/2015  11:31am

    any info would be wonderful!

    e_doolittle 03/30/2015  11:43am

    Who is in the room, please?

    dancergirl33 03/30/2015  11:47am

    No non eqs called yet

    outofwittyscreenames 03/30/2015  11:48am

    A casting assistant, male - really nice :) Don't recall his name

    OlliesDolly 03/30/2015  12:03pm

    Only a casting assisstant?

    SomethingsComing 03/30/2015  12:04pm

    Any appointments left?

    Lazersareexpensive 03/30/2015  12:04pm
  • Bump

    [insert name here] 03/30/2015  6:17am


    ETB13 03/30/2015  6:47am


    [insert name here] 03/30/2015  7:04am

    When I signed up around 6:30, the female list was around the mid-50s. Only glanced at the men's list but it wasn't very long at all.

    amus 03/30/2015  7:14am

    50+ at 6:30?!? Do you people sleep at all???

    hmarie08 03/30/2015  7:36am

    This list was in the 120s for women when I signed a few minutes ago

    decisions 03/30/2015  7:52am

    With the amount of people that I assume will be at this call, do you think they will type?

    stinasteens 03/30/2015  8:06am

    I wouldn't be surprised if they did. At the very least it's gonna be an 8 car call. Although I was forseeing that when I first saw this posting. Up to about 160 for the ladies btw.

    showbizdreamer 03/30/2015  8:22am

    And by car, I mean bar, but im sure everyone will probably know what I meant anyway ;)

    showbizdreamer 03/30/2015  8:23am

    180s at 8:30

    hmarie08 03/30/2015  8:58am

    Can someone post if they announce that they're typing? Thanks!

    Jessika 03/30/2015  9:28am

    Are they typing?

    decisions 03/30/2015  9:48am

    Came in and said no typing as of now but possible 8 bars.

    hmarie08 03/30/2015  9:49am

    List in the 200s

    theatergal 03/30/2015  9:51am

    Yep typing is happening.

    showbizdreamer 03/30/2015  9:55am

    I lied. Typing.

    hmarie08 03/30/2015  9:56am

    I lied. Typing.

    hmarie08 03/30/2015  9:57am

    What numbers have gone in to be typed so far

    showbizgirl 03/30/2015  10:39am

    What numbers have gone in to be typed so far

    showbizgirl 03/30/2015  10:51am

    They've typed everyone here, but they're typing again at 12 if you missed the first round.

    thedip 03/30/2015  11:13am

    Now I'm confused about that, they way they made it sound, it's as if the haven't finished typing, they're just picking off where they left off, the last group they typed was group 5, but I'm sure much of us are not sure what group were were in when typing since out of nowhere they just said, "ok well just type everyone left" which was that big group in which we pretty much were herded in. In not sure if that was one big group or many little groups...I don't even know what today is, is already turning into craziness. Too many calls packed into 2 days and half of them open...i

    showbizdreamer 03/30/2015  11:48am
  • yes, it is. but they said they will be doing a waitlist, and seeing people when they can.

    tateh44 03/29/2015  4:56pm

    ^Thanks, I just noticed that discrepancy on Backstage, myself, and realized it said "appointments" if I'd just scrolled down...

    Lesson learned: Read the entire posting. Well, we'll see what the wait list looks like in the morning :-)

    performativity 03/29/2015  6:25pm

    Argh I didn't notice that either! Boooo.

    Bento Tinderbox 03/29/2015  10:51pm

    The alternate list is in the 90s already. Unsure if they're going to see everyone on the list, but it seems very few people knew that it was by appointment

    decisions 03/30/2015  7:53am

    Are you sure that is for South Pacific? I saw many lists but not ivoryton

    bxkforu101 03/30/2015  8:12am

    Would someone mind confirming whether or not the alternate list for this call is in the 90s already?

    divinemissm 03/30/2015  8:45am


    Sib14 03/30/2015  8:53am

    List is at 144

    KarenWalker 03/30/2015  8:57am

    Where's the list? Didn't see it outside the room

    theatergal 03/30/2015  9:42am

    I'm stuck at work and want to know if they're closing the list? Or at this point how probable it looks to get seen on the wait list.

    oyevey 03/30/2015  10:19am

    are they calling people from the alternate list? Is it looking hopeful? Thanks~

    sing_happy 03/30/2015  10:37am

    Bump for info on the alternate list!

    decisions 03/30/2015  10:51am

    All of the ladies have gone in for typing.

    JenXKWIZIT 03/30/2015  10:51am

    Are they closing the list after this typing or will they still type new people once they get there?

    bradyd62 03/30/2015  11:00am

    Oh poo sorry that was the wrong thread.

    JenXKWIZIT 03/30/2015  11:21am

    They're not typing!

    Selaban 03/30/2015  11:31am

    Are they accepting any more people on the alternate list?? Slash is it moving at all? Thanks!

    kl245057 03/30/2015  11:36am

    Are they accepting any more people on the alternate list?? Slash is it moving at all? Thanks!

    kl245057 03/30/2015  11:48am
  • Jersey Boys @ Pearl Studios 03/30/2015  8:08am

    Women's Non-Eq list is outside. 5 names right now

    Men's Non-Eq list is upstairs. 2 names on there


    Alternate list is up to 130

    Gettingittogether 03/30/2015  8:17am

    Are they seeing any girls this morning?

    PingyZ 03/30/2015  10:41am

    Any male non-eqs seen yet?

    KindaTenor 03/30/2015  10:44am

    Who's ITR?

    Actortime 03/30/2015  10:51am

    Non equ males are being seen, and I as a non equ female am able to go in with the males too instead of waiting til 2:00.

    ...there is no alternate list !

    Get down here!!!

    joizygirl88 03/30/2015  11:09am

    Bump for who is ITR please!

    Aneice 03/30/2015  11:23am

    Men's call will close at noon. Men who are not here by then may sing this afternoon after all the ladies present have been seen.

    dmd123 03/30/2015  11:25am

    Merri Sugarman, and two other gentlemen who I don't know. One is the musical supervisor, Michael something.

    KindaTenor 03/30/2015  11:47am

    Merri Sugarman, CD (Tara Rubin)
    Ron Melrose, Music Supervisor
    Richard Hester, Prod. Supervisor
    Rick Hip-Flores, Accompanist

    equitypoverty 03/30/2015  11:47am
  • Just realized this was tomorrow.... Whoops.

    5678AND 03/30/2015  9:05am

    Just realized this was tomorrow.... Whoops.

    5678AND 03/30/2015  10:04am
  • Queen of the Night @ other 03/30/2015  9:48am

    Anyone else going in for the "BUTLER" appointments today?

    Has anyone been in for this track before? Any insight on what to expect?