Halloween weekend at one of our favorite bars.

Van Diemens Bar & Cafe, the venue that always takes such great care of us at all the Backstage Meet Ups, is having a huge Halloween weekend with pumpkin beers, ciders, fall sangria, and more. They are also having a costume contest with prizes for the scariest, funniest, and best costumes. If you are looking for some place to party this weekend, you should check them out.

  • Crazy for You @ Ripley Grier 520 10/30/2014  4:32pm

    Can anyone speak to the difficulty level of the Dance Combos today? Thanks!


    We did a tap combo first. And then each person did a fan kick one at a time, just to show extension. The tap was probably intermediate but fast. Simple steps, but the sequence and timing were more the focus.

    cydcharisse 10/30/2014  7:11pm

    what song was the combo to?

    Factorygirls 10/31/2014  7:15pm
  • gryffindor


    makesomeonehappy 10/31/2014  10:55am

    makesomeonehappy, did you submit via AA? Or through agent/email?

    ImMrsIglesias 10/31/2014  2:47pm
  • PSA- Elevators at Equity Building @ Actor's Equity Center 10/31/2014  1:19pm

    On Monday, they will be changing the elevator system in the Equity building. The elevators themselves will no longer have buttons in them, and you will instead press the floor you want on a touch screen just in front of the elevator bay that takes you to the higher floors.

    There are a bunch of auditions that day, including two big ones at Equity. I have no idea how fucked up the elevators will be on Monday, but I encourage you all to plan for the worst and give yourself an extra fifteen to twenty minutes to get where you need to be.

  • YouKnowYouKindaLoveAndrewLloydWebber--Don'tHate

    All non eq were taken back at 10. Don't know if list is still open, but there weren't many people there.

    bwaybound 10/31/2014  10:29am

    All meaning women?

    AudraLupone 10/31/2014  11:31am
  • Anyone? Bueller?

    sperwinator 10/30/2014  9:54am

    Not terribly busy, be we started about 10 minutes late with no reason given, then the monitor yelled at the 9:50 group for not checking in on time while he was away from the table. He's in quite the mood...

    NoDirection 10/30/2014  9:55am

    Appointments full before lunch. 2 on alternate list A

    NoDirection 10/30/2014  10:20am

    Lots of EMCs?

    Shax 10/30/2014  10:27am

    About 20 emcs

    NoDirection 10/30/2014  10:52am

    Please update on afternoon appointments and how fast the alternate list is moving. Also, who's ITR. Thanks.

    Harlequin 10/30/2014  11:16am

    Called the first two EMCs. A few appointments left in the afternoon.

    NoDirection 10/30/2014  12:09pm

    How large is the non eq list?

    Bailee1416 10/30/2014  12:38pm

    I was the last EMC seen before lunch, #10. I think there are appointments still available after 3:30? I thought that was he said. And Liz Bilbo is ITR

    shakeorshaw 10/30/2014  1:15pm

    How many EMC are there total?

    RedShoes 10/30/2014  1:37pm

    How's it looking after lunch? Still a lot left on EMC list?

    Shax 10/30/2014  2:38pm

    Updates for noneq?

    gryffindor 10/30/2014  2:38pm

    They sent non eq away. Not sure when. I just got back and the sheet was gone.

    Bailee1416 10/30/2014  3:14pm
  • bump

    kriscendo 10/30/2014  10:02am

    It's wide open.

    MrMacAfee2005 10/30/2014  12:27pm

    Who is ITR?

    J1 10/30/2014  1:16pm

    Anyone catch who was ITR? Duncan Stewart peeps? Any cb's given in the room?

    kriscendo 10/30/2014  2:44pm

    Andrea from Duncan Stewart ITR

    Zzzz 10/30/2014  2:50pm
  • Waterfall @ Pearl Studios 10/29/2014  5:22pm

    this is for tmrw's audition.

    it's an equity show but on backstage it is listed as an open call on the "location and time" portion of the page. anyone have any info?? is this gonna be an EPA?


    They are having equity calls on the west coast and appointments in NYC. Tomorrow is an actual open call (first come first serve).

    J1 10/29/2014  9:51pm

    Those regionional houses aren't required to hold AEA calls in NYC based on their agreements. I also get the feeling that casting knows who they will bring in for appointments whether you submitted or not because they called EVERYONE in last winter for the development workshop. But it's an open call for an Asian show - sleep in a little...

    ChallahIfYouHearMe 10/30/2014  12:12am

    I didn't submit and I don't have an appointment, but you're totally right. I'll probably sleep in a bit. Always a perk! ;) Thanks guys!

    kriscendo 10/30/2014  12:27am
  • Alahambra Theater @ Actor's Equity Center 10/29/2014  3:25pm

    Hey friends, does anyone know whether the Alahambra Theater holds Non-Eq auditions for their season? I can't seem to remember from last year and would rather avoid going to the AEA building if possible!


    Absolutely meant ALHAMBRA, please forgive my spelling!

    LizaWithAZ 10/29/2014  3:29pm
  • Kinky Boots @ Pearl Studios 10/28/2014  10:09am

    Anyone know if a lot of people showed up today? Running late and contemplating whether or not to go! (So if there are a lot of people, then I'm guessing there may still be time for me.)


    I just signed up for this afternoon. There were about 35 non equity ladies signed up when I left. Hoping they see non equity and don't type!

    HoneyBooBoo 10/28/2014  10:18am

    Who's in the room?

    HoneyBooBoo 10/28/2014  11:59am

    Did they see non eq? Did they type? Thanks guys!

    ah 10/28/2014  4:25pm

    They typed non equity men and women.

    Justin Huff, Casting Director
    Nathan Peck, Dance Captain

    "Sex is in the Heel" combination

    HoneyBooBoo 10/29/2014  12:04pm