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  • sound of music @ Ripley Grier 929 04/23/2015  9:56pm

    What time should we arrive for the open call on Saturday?


    I'd say 7 or 8 am. These things tend to be VERY crowded.

    actorsmom 04/23/2015  10:10pm

    Only for kids?

    NYCActor 04/24/2015  3:22am

    age range?

    eileen 04/24/2015  5:15pm

    Anyone there?

    Broadwaybby 04/25/2015  7:01am

    I was there this morning. Maybe a little more than a hundred kids. Anyone hear anything about callbacks yet? Or anything about callbacks from the EPA or invited call?

    2460done 04/25/2015  12:20pm

    Also, they were putting red stickers on some forms(in the C box)after auditions, and no stickers on others, anyone know what this means?

    2460done 04/25/2015  3:43pm

    I was here checking about the sticker too. My daughter said she got a red one. She wasn't happy with how she sang (sinus/ allergy issues, but she got a red dot so just curious. If I hear anything I’ll keep you posted.

    xxjimxx 04/25/2015  6:27pm

    Also wondering about the red sticker...I would really like to know what this means! Also, is there any word of anyone receiving callbacks yet?

    sarahnicole2000 04/25/2015  7:42pm

    I also heard some kids were asked to come back this afternoon at 2, does this mean they were holding callbacks today too?

    sarahnicole2000 04/25/2015  8:06pm

    Yea I was also wondering about the red sticker and what receiving one meant. Also, once again any callback info?

    Dorothygirl231 04/25/2015  8:10pm
  • Hair appointments @ other 04/14/2015  6:02pm

    Any body hear back from Enlightened Theatrics yet for audition appointments?


    I got an email asking about clarification on whether I was in NYC or Oregon and when I wanted an appointment but nothing since. :/

    Icanseeyou 04/14/2015  9:01pm


    decisions 04/14/2015  9:06pm

    Me Three!

    Jenga 04/14/2015  9:23pm


    NYC1293 04/15/2015  10:41am

    me too! been waiting

    shannenmichael 04/15/2015  10:49am


    kl245057 04/15/2015  11:32am

    Bump! Anyone hear anything further?

    BellaDrama88 04/16/2015  3:34pm

    Hopeful bump?

    moonstone1520 04/24/2015  4:44pm

    Yeah sadly i haven't heard anything yet. bummer.

    ganymede 04/24/2015  4:56pm

    Got an email from a normal woman's name.
    "We received your submission and would love to see you for our season. Auditions will begin at 9:30am, please come at 9:00am to sign up to sing. Dance call back will be at 2:30pm."

    I had to do some work to see it was for this production. They didn't list show or theater or anything in the email. or subject. And WHY DID I EVEN SUBMIT? It's an open call.

    It sure took them a LONG time to give out appointments... I know it's a lot of work... JK no appointments! Ugh.

    MaxiFord 04/25/2015  2:57pm

    Hahah wow I just got an email also.. man, that was a lot of work just to get informed about it being an open call!

    ganymede 04/25/2015  3:01pm

    I'm super annoyed by this email. What the eff? So does that mean we'll all be getting up at 4am to sign an "unofficial" list?

    moonstone1520 04/25/2015  3:03pm

    Also, where is this audition being held? There's no info in the email about that.

    moonstone1520 04/25/2015  3:04pm

    Sorry I keep posting. The Backstage post says auditions are by appointment only...

    moonstone1520 04/25/2015  3:07pm

    Pearl 500. Anyone know if this theatre pays and gives housing?

    Noname 04/25/2015  3:08pm

    Is this a big red flag? I certainly don't think I'd like to work with them if it's this weird already.

    I can maybe understand being overwhelmed by the talent and number of submissions and deciding on an open call. MAYBE. But the quality of the email is terrible.... get it together. Not listing the theater or show in email? Do they not know we submit for 40 things a week? COME ON.

    @noname, backstage says "professional stipend". That could literally mean anything. Over it.

    MaxiFord 04/25/2015  4:02pm

    so maxi, it says professional stipend... if they're auditioning in nyc.... think they will give housing??

    Noname 04/25/2015  4:22pm

    Yeah I got that. You didn't even tell me where the audition is located. Nope, nope, nope.

    ImMrsIglesias 04/25/2015  6:41pm
  • JOY DEWEY WIZARD OF OZ TOUR @ Pearl Studios 04/24/2015  11:59pm

    I can't make my audition Tuesday the 28th. Didn't know anyone that could take my slot so I am posting it here! I hope this helps (that one person... Awkward sorry guys) and break legs!

    I was the 2-3 pm time slot. :-)


    I will take it if you haven't already given it up. =)

    Waddles07 04/25/2015  2:26am

    It's Joy Dewing. Don't be getting it twisted

    consignhc 04/25/2015  5:41pm
  • Wicked @ other 04/24/2015  10:53am

    There is one slot that just opened to sign up for Saturday


    Anyone know what the audition requirements are? Is the call for principals or ensemble? It's not posted on backstage.

    livingtruthfully 04/24/2015  11:03am

    Hello! Thank you for inquiring about the Wicked open call.

    This open singers call is for the Broadway and National Touring companies of the hit musical Wicked.

    We are seeking fantastic male and female singers with a wide vocal range. Ages 18 - 40s, all ethnicities. Equity and non-Equity performers are welcome.

    In order to sign up for an appointment, please follow the link below to reserve a time slot on SignupGenius. Select the time you want, click "Submit & Sign Up", then fill out the required information. There are no additional steps after you sign up. After signing up, your appointment will be confirmed. If you need to cancel or switch your time, you can do so by following the instructions on SignupGenius.

    The open call will be held on Saturday, April 25, 2015 from 10:00am until 5:00pm. The auditions will be taking place at Telsey + Company, 311 West 43rd Street, 10th Floor, between 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue in Manhattan.

    Please be prepared to sing an a cappella song of your choice in the contemporary musical theatre style. Please bring sheet music in case you are asked to sing with piano accompaniment. Arrive fifteen minutes before your appointment time, but no earlier. Your spot will be given away otherwise. Please bring to your audition a headshot and resume stapled together.

    Please email with any questions you may have. We ask that you please do not call the office about the open call. All questions can be answered via email.

    Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at the open call!

    Adele-dazeem 04/24/2015  11:07am

    This is all the info they give you in the email. I'm sure you can just show up. They wouldn't give the location otherwise.

    Adele-dazeem 04/24/2015  11:09am

    And I'm sure that was snapped up in 30 seconds or less.

    showbizdreamer 04/24/2015  11:53am

    Do you think it would be possible to show up super early and be seen? Or are they just sticking to appointments?

    I'm the first girl in the second row. 04/24/2015  12:08pm

    That was my audition slot! Got called in to work, don't want to give up my dream of at least auditioning on Broadway. Out of 441 people, I was the only one, apparently, who had to cancel. I am still trying! I think the slot is now filled.

    Miss X 04/24/2015  1:30pm

    A Cappella? I'm confused...

    OlliesDolly 04/24/2015  6:31pm

    Yes, at all Telsey open calls (Spider-Man, Rent, etc.) they have you sing a cappella in one room and then if they want to move you to the next level, they have you sing with music for a different casting director in another room.

    Lazersareexpensive 04/24/2015  6:52pm

    Anyone know if they have regular appointments Sunday or Monday? Will we be called back on Sunday?

    Lazersareexpensive 04/24/2015  7:42pm

    sorry if this was asked and answered anywhere, but does anyone know if they're seeing walk-ins if time permits?

    supershy 04/24/2015  8:24pm

    Hey guys! Where was this sign up first posted? I have had the audition in my planner for weeks, and never saw the notice there would be a sign up! I don't want to miss it next time so I hope you guys can help inform me for next time!
    Thanks! 04/24/2015  9:19pm

    You had to email that address they gave on the notice, which many of us veteran auditioners didn't made it sound like it was just for specific details and questions, which I didn't need anymore details nore had every call like this is gonna work differently.

    showbizdreamer 04/24/2015  9:25pm

    theyre not doing a dance call later in the day correct?

    Nyc_living 04/24/2015  10:18pm

    Is anyone going tomorrow early if you don't have an appointment?

    Ihearbwaycalling 04/24/2015  10:42pm

    Doesn't hurt to show up just incase there are no-shows.

    Adele-dazeem 04/24/2015  11:20pm

    Is anyone going to th open call tomorrow that doesn't have an appointment?

    Broadwaybaby1991 04/25/2015  12:12am

    Anyone already there? How's it looking?

    ac117 04/25/2015  6:26am

    Is anyone there yet that doesn't have an appointment? Is there a list started at all

    Broadwaybaby1991 04/25/2015  7:52am

    are they seeing people without appointments?

    Ihearbwaycalling 04/25/2015  11:05am

    They have an alternate list and have called from it. Don't know how many or how long the list is, but the call is calm and running smoothly.

    bwaybound 04/25/2015  11:16am

    How long is the alternate list?

    Ihearbwaycalling 04/25/2015  11:18am


    showbizdreamer 04/25/2015  11:27am

    Not too long. You will get seen.

    Bump for callbacks ITR?

    ac117 04/25/2015  12:13pm

    Can you post who's ITR??

    Ihearbwaycalling 04/25/2015  12:25pm

    Not too long. You will get seen.

    Bump for callbacks ITR?

    ac117 04/25/2015  12:29pm

    Are people generally singing 16 bars?

    npcseg 04/25/2015  12:31pm

    I did 32 bars. Didn't even think to ask before. Whoops. They very well may be preferring 16. They are running ahead of schedule for appointment slots and it didn't seem hectic when I went in. Hope that helps!

    TraLaLa 04/25/2015  12:54pm

    Anybody hear anything in the room?

    megastufforeos 04/25/2015  1:33pm

    Didn't hear anything about CBs ITR, but some people were definitely asked to sing a second song. Super smooth process and walk-ins should go, they'll see you quickly.

    npcseg 04/25/2015  1:40pm

    did everyone sing everything acapella?

    bookit5678 04/25/2015  1:51pm

    Oh man....if only every open call could be this painless and smooth...I could cry, it was a beautiful thing. I was an alternate and barely spent an hour in the building.
    As for callbacks, yeah they'll call you back in the room, more than one monitor confirmed this.
    That being said...I got what seemingly was a genuine 'great job'...what does it take to get a callback for this beast?? I know in my gut I'm right for this...oh well, I had fun anyway though :)

    showbizdreamer 04/25/2015  1:51pm

    And bookit- yes your initial round will be acapella and if you're actually called back to stay, then it'll be with an accompanist. From what I keep hearing and it keeps being confirmed, pretty much every open call at Telsey works that way, which is great for our future reference!

    showbizdreamer 04/25/2015  1:55pm

    Guys! Where was the information to sign up posted for this? I totally missed it! 04/25/2015  2:00pm

    Who was in studio 1 and in the callback room?

    Also did anyone get an additional callback in the room after singing with the accompianist?

    Nyc_living 04/25/2015  2:19pm

    There are 3 rooms going all at once for initial auditions. It's awesome. Also, they said anywhere from 16-32 bars, so LEZ DO DIS.

    ElemenoPea 04/25/2015  3:58pm

    So I got in there and was out in about 10 minutes.. I wish all auditions were like this!
    If I wasn't asked to stay that means I'm not through to the next round?...

    Mike2cheeky 04/25/2015  5:18pm
  • bump

    iamaleprechaun 04/25/2015  4:27pm
  • Obviously, I meant Mercury Fur.

    GuitarMike 04/24/2015  9:17am

    I think when I swung by there were about a dozen on non-eq and that they had already called a few of maybe 10 or so EMC... Please keep us updated!

    bekk99 04/24/2015  12:24pm

    If you're non eq or emc go now, i'm postive you'll be seen

    Britactor 04/24/2015  1:08pm

    Do they require a British accent for the audition today?

    greensleeves 04/24/2015  1:17pm

    I think if you're comfortable they would prefer it

    Britactor 04/24/2015  1:22pm

    Flood gates are open, walk in and get seen

    Crash 04/24/2015  2:17pm

    Anyone know who was in the room?

    ActorByAnyOtherName 04/24/2015  5:55pm

    Bump for in the room!

    rjc10 04/24/2015  11:10pm

    I found out! It was Ian Morgan, the Associate Artistic Director.

    ActorByAnyOtherName 04/25/2015  9:16am
  • Broadwaybaby1991 @ 04/25/2015  7:50am

    How's it looking? Is anybody me there yet that doesn't have an appointment? Is there a list started

  • livingtruthfully

    Updates on non-eq? Thank ya!

    Literallyintheheights 04/24/2015  8:40am

    List now has 15

    LBD 04/24/2015  8:52am

    If you signed up early this morning on the non-eq unofficial, I would come back and check that your name got transferred. I think some people resigned up in different spots when the list was transferred, unfortunately, so come back and make sure you're still on there! The monitor also said she can't read anything that's crossed out so make sure you're in a clean slot.

    superoriginalscreenname 04/24/2015  9:35am

    please post who is in the room when the call starts!

    Jdance 04/24/2015  10:02am

    Anyone know how many equity cards were given out?

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 04/24/2015  10:17am

    They've called through #40 for equity ... And they announced they will be seeing noneq. Seems pretty open, the holding room is prety empty

    sweetcsh 04/24/2015  10:47am

    Who's ITR?

    thatgirl 04/24/2015  10:57am

    Just called 1-20 of non-equity

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 04/24/2015  11:14am

    Who's in the room today from Telsey?

    dance10looksmeh 04/24/2015  11:19am

    Update? Is the call still open?

    anoneqmous 04/24/2015  11:47am

    Just called the last group of non-equity, though we haven't lined up yet, so almost.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 04/24/2015  11:52am

    anyone have a feel for how busy the men's call is looking to turn out to be? Thanks!

    sing_happy 04/24/2015  1:10pm

    Must have been just PACKED, lol.... Poked my head in at 4 and everyone was gone.

    Rose4386 04/24/2015  4:59pm

    Forgive my ignorance, but I've never been to a call for "future replacements". Do they have callbacks?

    LBD 04/24/2015  5:34pm

    They'll have callbacks if a track is/becomes available, or if they're wanting to fill files for tracks they know might have openings soon, or if they deem it otherwise beneficial on their end.

    With these required calls, though, it's best to let it be a pleasant surprise if you hear anything further :-)

    kb 04/24/2015  6:18pm

    That said...if my memory serves me correctly (which it sure might not) a friend connected with the show said they're looking for a Universal Male Swing right now.

    kb 04/24/2015  6:20pm

    Can anyone post who was ITR. I lost the paper I had it written down on.

    broadwayguy12345 04/24/2015  8:11pm

    Brian Usifer - MD, Bway/Assoc. Music Supervisor, tour
    Rachel Nadler - casting asst.
    DB Bonds - Assoc. Director

    I forgot to write down the accompanist, sorry! And that was for the ladies' call -- not sure if that changed for men.

    shift 04/24/2015  8:50pm

    Accompanist was Adam Kaufman!

    sweetcsh 04/24/2015  10:45pm
  • Hong Kong Disneyland @ Pearl Studios 04/23/2015  7:10pm

    (Preface: I don't know where these questions go sorry) This audition isn't for another week, but I was wondering if anyone knows who is usually in the room for these calls?


    This usually could go into the bitching post, but just pose it as a question and 'not a bitch' ;)
    But anyways, there's so many casting people at Disney in general that's it's almost never the same person. The only one I've seen the same people in the room on a constant basis is for the cruise line, it's either Jenn Mahoney or Ray DeChiara (my best educated guess on that spelling). But for everything else it's pretty always someone different, especially since one week it's and audition for the cruises, the next it's for Toyko, and then next it's for Hong Kong.

    showbizdreamer 04/24/2015  9:38am

    Casting Director Jennifer Lawrence, (she casts exclusively for Hong Kong) guess is that the accompanist will be Rony Fortich (HKDL Music Director)

    ... And usually Jenn will have an assistant (or past performer) in the room with her!

    Break legs!

    OlliesDolly 04/24/2015  6:29pm