NO HOLDS BARRED: A Professional Critique of Your Marketing Materials and the Package They Are Selling

No hold Barred

By popular demand from an out-of-control post on The Bitching Post. Find out what you are actually selling to CDs, agents, and managers.

This class will help you understand not only what your current marketing materials are saying to the industry, but will give you individual advice and tips to improve them.

We will be examining everyone's materials one at a time in front of the class so that everyone benefits from each other's feedback and gets the most out of the class. We will also be going over different tips and strategies to use when seeking representation.

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  • Skeleton Crew @ Actor's Equity Center 09/01/2015  8:24am

    Updates helpful on number of ppl on Non-equity and emc lists

  • Cabaret - National Tour @ Ripley Grier 520 08/31/2015  8:00pm

    Any new agent appts since the initial appts that were held in June?


    hasn't the whole thing been cast already? I thought they said all casting would be done by the end of june...

    Nomikw 08/31/2015  10:00pm

    Still Seeking Cliff. Any updates on this role? Anyone gone in?

    Vague_Name 09/01/2015  12:52am
  • Jersey Boys ECC Dancers @ Pearl Studios 08/27/2015  1:56pm

    Just wondering if anybody knows what the dance call is like for this, particularly for men. ie. What song? And level of difficulty? Thanks!



    Studio6B 08/27/2015  4:01pm

    Based on past experience, the dance call is either the opening hip hop combo, Who Loves You, or both. Who Loves You is easily viewable on YouTube and isn't difficult at all; just about getting the style.

    Snarky 08/27/2015  5:52pm

    @snarky, thank you!

    Studio6B 09/01/2015  12:28am
  • 250???

    AParisianInAmerica 08/31/2015  7:18am

    It's early. I understand now.

    AParisianInAmerica 08/31/2015  7:19am

    List posted at 250...brain not quiet functioning yet. Sorry all, coffee needed

    actingforlife 08/31/2015  7:34am

    anyone know what number the list is up to now then.

    singer13actress 08/31/2015  7:46am

    List is at 4 people at 7:30

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 08/31/2015  7:52am

    List up to 13 at 8:30

    singer13actress 08/31/2015  8:50am

    Are they gonna close the list any time soon?

    Adele-dazeem 08/31/2015  10:18am

    How long is the list?

    Kdjrobinson 08/31/2015  10:31am

    There is only 22 people as of 10:15

    Ivey93 08/31/2015  10:39am

    Planning on going on Wednesday. On their website they ask for two songs but on Backstage and Playbill it says one song. What are they asking ITR?

    Jdwoskin 08/31/2015  12:43pm

    What is the wait time like? Are they still accepting sign ups?

    blondiesop 08/31/2015  12:55pm

    Also curious about what they're asking for ITR - is it a full song?

    mathematical 08/31/2015  2:31pm

    Bump for what you guys are performing and how quickly you got in and out!

    jazzyingenuebestfriend 08/31/2015  3:11pm

    I was in the first group this morning, but they were asking for 32, though I sang a little over that. They called in groups of 6, and after that group anyone asked to read would do sides - 5 out of 6 in my group did so.
    So with that, it was moving slowly. I was 4th and left around 10:30. But the people in the room were just lovely and generally just wanted to hear what you had to bring.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 08/31/2015  5:31pm
  • Finding Neverland @ other 08/31/2015  8:22am

    Does anyone know if a non-eq list has been/can be put up at Ailey for this? Thanks!


    Any word on if they are seeing non-eq men?

    rodgerthat 08/31/2015  10:30am

    Who is in the room today?

    goldengirls27 08/31/2015  11:40am

    Did they see non eq men? Has a list been started for women?

    koko 08/31/2015  11:48am

    Are they seeing non-eq today?

    Circle51 08/31/2015  12:18pm

    Yes they're seeing non-eq

    Astoriaboy 08/31/2015  1:33pm

    Thanks so much!

    Circle51 08/31/2015  2:00pm

    Did they close the call or is it still open?

    PineapplePrincess 08/31/2015  4:00pm

    The call is closed. In case anyone else was wondering too. :-P

    PineapplePrincess 08/31/2015  5:10pm
  • Shrek Non- Equ Tour @ other 08/31/2015  4:00pm

    Please post when appointments start going out/track!!

  • The King and I @ Pearl Studios 08/31/2015  8:37am

    Any info for NonEq men yet? Unofficial list or line starting? Thanks


    UnOff list is up. Men 8

    bariberry 08/31/2015  9:17am

    Thanks. No official list yet?

    bwydreamer 08/31/2015  9:37am

    Cesar is in the room.

    Lifeuponthewickedstage 08/31/2015  10:16am

    NonEq list is now closed

    bwydreamer 08/31/2015  10:30am

    Non eq women hasn't started yet has it?

    Barkles 08/31/2015  10:36am

    Just calling non union males right now.

    yogajunkie 08/31/2015  10:52am

    Non eq women hasn't started yet has it?

    Barkles 08/31/2015  11:06am

    Any updates on Non eq women?

    Bwayluver 08/31/2015  12:15pm

    Female is starting at 2pm :) So, not yet.

    yogajunkie 08/31/2015  12:18pm

    They are going to type cast noneq women by headshot after Union people. 62 people on non eq list.

    oreopants 08/31/2015  2:24pm

    Who is in the room and are Equity women finished? Thanks!!

    noscreenname 08/31/2015  3:15pm

    Have they typed non-eq women yet?

    28 08/31/2015  3:25pm
  • China Doll @ other 08/31/2015  9:55am

    Is anyone there yet? What's the non-eq situation? I'm running late this morning and want to decide if I should come...


    bump appts left? ITR?

    borat 08/31/2015  10:03am


    bekk99 08/31/2015  1:23pm

    Any updates on this?

    Gotmycloudyglasseson 08/31/2015  3:18pm
  • Holding room is open! I took the list upstairs :)

    chihuahua411 08/31/2015  8:29am

    Thanks! What's the list up to?

    Ab90 08/31/2015  9:07am

    What number is the list up to?

    JusNikki54 08/31/2015  9:08am

    List is something like 20ish.

    alwaysabridesmaid 08/31/2015  9:54am

    How is this looking now? Who is ITR?

    misssnappytapper 08/31/2015  11:12am

    Have they closed the list yet? Or are they still accepting sign ups?

    blondiesop 08/31/2015  12:57pm

    Bump! Still seeing singers?

    Jessika 08/31/2015  2:32pm

    Does anyone have any info about the gig re: pay, housing, quality, if it was a good experience, etc? Couldn't find anything on G&T

    Astoriaboy 08/31/2015  2:40pm