successful audition

  • Any updates? Who is ITR?

    bwaylvsong 08/03/2015  10:14am

    Is this going on? Bump

    bwydreamer 08/03/2015  10:27am

    Yes it's happening! It's a pretty light crowd.

    mezzomezzo 08/03/2015  11:19am

    Any info on Non-eq? I want to come around 3!

    Keepitpositive 08/03/2015  11:20am

    ITR: Rebecca Scholl, CA

    Appointments wide open
    Have called all of the EMC list
    One NonEq left to call (18 out of 19)

    Requesting 16 bars. NOT 32

    bwydreamer 08/03/2015  11:32am

    All EMCs & non-equity members have been seen. Tons of appointment times left. They have not typed, they are seeing everyone!!!

    dej118 08/03/2015  11:54am

    Anyone get a callback in the room?

    mezzomezzo 08/03/2015  12:17pm
  • AEA agent access MUSICALS (monday) @ Actor's Equity Center 08/02/2015  10:00pm

    Has anyone ever done these before. Have they been a positive experience? A few times I've wanted to go they've ended up being canceled.

    Was wondering if there were any thoughts/opinions to be shared?


    Also just read on AEA that only 2 agents will be attending:

    Expected at this session: Equity-franchised agents from
    Atlas Talent
    The Talent Mine

    **UPDATE: Garber Talent will not be in attendance**

    I AM BATMAN 08/02/2015  10:06pm

    UPDATE: AEA just posted that The Mine will not be attending today either. So only Atlas Talent (which is predominantly commercials will be attending.

    Past Tense 08/03/2015  11:53am

    ... but if you want to PAY to audition for Dustin Flores of the Mine... well, tomorrow night...

    Past Tense 08/03/2015  11:59am
  • Thriller-Live @ Pearl Studios 08/03/2015  9:24am

    Is anyone going to this today? If so, what's the non eq. list looking like? Thanks!


    -Also, do we know for those who have the lead sheets they sent if we will be using instrumental?

    Kelkat44 08/03/2015  10:21am

    Any updates? Thanks!

    ttmmss 08/03/2015  11:43am

    What's it looking like down there? Crowded?

    Broadwaymini 08/03/2015  11:57am
  • White Christmas @ Actor's Equity Center 08/02/2015  8:56pm

    What time do you think an unofficial list will go up/will they accept one?


    The official list is always available once the building is open, which is like 6/6:30 I think? Actor's Equity will always have the official lists there. There is almost never an unofficial.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 08/02/2015  9:17pm

    "There is almost never an unofficial."

    There is almost always an unofficial list at AEA.

    It may start very early (6am is not rare at all) at the Sky Lobby security desk on a sheet of paper - and then get carried upstairs when the 16th floor opens and transferred to the AEA un-official list form for that purpose - or - it may be started in the non-equity holding room.

    In fact it is unusual for there not to be an unofficial non-equity list.

    However whether it is honored is up to the auditors. They may allow it to exist and announce they will see non-eq "time permitting" but at any time during the day may announce they will not see non-eq. It's their call.

    nevertoolate 08/02/2015  9:47pm

    My apologies. I almost never get there before 7:15/7:30 and so have never been there before the transferring occurs. My point is-the official is there early-much earlier than any other location.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 08/03/2015  12:11am

    Does anyone know if Arvada normally sees non-eq?

    Beyonce 08/03/2015  2:51am

    How's it looking this morning? How many on the non-eq list?

    Beyonce 08/03/2015  9:24am

    18 on the non eq list.

    Bwayluver 08/03/2015  10:11am

    Please post when they say whether or not they're seeing non-eq. Thanks!

    Daisym 08/03/2015  10:34am

    I could've sworn this was cast already.... Who's got the inside scoop?

    BassITone412 08/03/2015  10:42am

    They're seeing non eq!

    BrOaDwAyyGrrrL 08/03/2015  11:11am

    They're seeing non eq!

    BrOaDwAyyGrrrL 08/03/2015  11:11am
  • BestofLuck

    How is the line looking for non-equity?

    Hesings 07/31/2015  8:47am

    Elder Update Reporting---

    18 on the combined list so far. We'll divide our members and futures when monitor gets here, and I will update.

    BestofLuck 07/31/2015  9:10am

    Brian Usifer -- associate MD
    Rebecca Scholl-- casting associate
    Forte on the ivories

    BestofLuck 07/31/2015  10:23am

    They are typing future members by headshot right now.

    BestofLuck 07/31/2015  10:24am

    Non-equity that weren't here for typing can still do drop offs.

    Hesings 07/31/2015  10:47am

    Are they seeing EMC?

    bwydreamer 08/03/2015  9:03am

    Is there an audition at pearl 519, or is backstage lying to me?

    Gaston-did-roids 08/03/2015  9:15am
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    bwayboi73 07/27/2015  11:21pm

    Do you accept checks?

    TacoTenor 07/28/2015  12:11pm

    @tacotenor yep! I accept cash, checks, or through paypal.

    saraedwardsphoto 07/28/2015  8:31pm

    This is not the place for your advertisement. You should post this information on the "Resources" page. This page is for audition information only.

    Harlequin 07/29/2015  9:57am

    Aside from it being the wrong place for an advertisement - this "deal" is not exactly a "mitzvah."

    I pay under $200 for the same services and my headshots get appointments regularly.

    If you going to abuse this forum at least make it worth our attention.

    nevertoolate 07/29/2015  11:41am

    Be cool guys. No one is actually MAKING you read this haha

    bwayboi73 07/31/2015  11:56am

    Is this more than just a co-incidence? Or do we have a lurker at AU from The Onion?

    nevertoolate 08/02/2015  8:15pm
  • Maltz Jupiter EPA @ Pearl Studios 07/27/2015  3:46pm

    Hey lovelies, does anyone have any insight as to how these guys usually handle non eq peoples in terms of auditioning (do they see them, do they have a list, etc) and hiring (do they typically only hire a couple, a few, etc.) and if anyone had any words of wisdom to share.
    And then this post can be used as an update on the day of.


    Any update on this this morning??

    beeboop 08/02/2015  8:31am

    How's it looking? Any update on appointment slots or equity alt list appreciated!

    CheetahRivera 08/02/2015  9:36am


    outofwittyscreenames 08/02/2015  11:02am

    I find for the season EPA's they rarely see non eq. Most all of the appointments are already filled and those that aren't are filled by alternate eq. Occasionally they'll get in a couple EMCs. I've gone to a number of them now and just waited around all day.

    Bwayluver 08/02/2015  11:18am

    Are appts full? Alt list?

    Gemini81 08/02/2015  11:21am

    I find for the season EPA's they rarely see non eq. Most all of the appointments are already filled and those that aren't are filled by alternate eq. Occasionally they'll get in a couple EMCs. I've gone to a number of them now and just waited around all day.

    Bwayluver 08/02/2015  11:24am

    Sorry, not sure why it posted twice.

    Bwayluver 08/02/2015  11:25am

    Empty 11:50 on. Seeing EMC now and will see NonEq. So get down here to be seen by Bob Cline, CD.

    Actingismylife 08/02/2015  11:45am

    Empty 11:50 on. Seeing EMC now and will see NonEq. So get down here to be seen by Bob Cline, CD.

    Actingismylife 08/02/2015  11:48am

    are they required to stay there until 6 or can leave if it's pretty quiet? trying to get over there, but got a late start

    heygirhey90 08/02/2015  2:56pm

    just called the last three on the non eq list. All quiet on the western front.

    FasterThanSound 08/02/2015  3:22pm
  • CRT season @ Pearl Studios 07/31/2015  6:28am

    How is this looking? Is there a line/are they seeing non eq?


    2 on non eq list

    bound4bway 07/31/2015  9:42am

    Bump for Equity updates!

    sosayethi 07/31/2015  10:21am

    Bump for equity appoint

    Noname 07/31/2015  10:54am

    After lunch time slots were fairly open, as were some of the time slots after 11AM or so. This was around 10 AM though, so things might have changed now.

    whyaskforthemoon 07/31/2015  11:34am

    Anyone write down who was ITR?

    Ihearbwaycalling 07/31/2015  2:38pm

    Appointments still available

    GrindingPavement 07/31/2015  2:40pm
  • Misery @ other 07/31/2015  1:22pm

    Empty! EMC and Non Eq were being seen right away this morning.

  • Wicked ECC/EPA @ other 07/30/2015  8:57pm

    Do they usually have time to see non-eqs at ECC/EPA calls? They saw me the last time I went to an EPA but that was over a year ago and Wicked has so much popularity that I know it's hit and miss.
    Also, if I go to the ECC, should I still go to the EPA? They saw me at the EPA a year ago and I want to go back for that but I thought I might have more luck with the ECC, though I was called back for Elphaba a few times


    It's a hit or miss, and no one can really say if you will get seen or not - but it is summer time (most folks are away on contract) and they just had that open call. They also had an EPA a few months back if I remember correctly - so I'm sure your chance of getting seen is much higher.
    As for the ECC vs EPA, it doesn't matter which one you go to in regards to being considered for Elphaba. If you were called back previously, they will remember you. I would recommend going to the ECC so someone on the team can see you - but there's nothing wrong with going to the EPA instead. Up to you :)

    jaylady 07/30/2015  9:03pm

    Yeah with Telsey it's a hit or miss. A few times they've had time to see EMC and non-eq but still chose not too, which though dissapointing, it's totally within their rights.
    I lucked out my first Wicked audition 2 and half years ago, it was an EPA in March...yep, MARCH. As said above, Since it is summer and the open call just happened, it might be less crowded than usual, but with a show like Wicked you never know what the heck those auditions are gonna be like.

    showbizdreamer 07/31/2015  10:25am

    Oh and also I can confirm the EPA v. ECC. Since their only two days apart this round, which they usually are, I feel it's only necessary to be seen for one of them especially if the one you're seen at is the ECC. I can see the case of the EPA was first and then attempting the ECC to be seen by a creative, but since the ECC is first (which seems to be the case in general lately) attempt that, and if you're seen, I'd say skip the EPA. Just me though, always do what works for you! Within reason of course ;)

    showbizdreamer 07/31/2015  10:35am