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Dear friends and users of Audition Update,

It is time for me to say goodbye. Please go to this post on the Bitching Post for a very important announcement.



  • loverofthelight

    Telsey & Co.
    1501 Broadway
    Suite 510
    New York, NY 1003

    Don't Worry Your Ozness! 07/26/2016  12:21am
  • Something Rotten EPA @ Pearl Studios 07/24/2016  6:57pm

    Hey guys!

    What are non-eq's thinking the deal will be tomoreow for the Something Rotten EPA? Will an unofficial be posted/accepted? How early do we think?

    Thanks guys!

    The Only Anastasia Beaverhausen

    I'm sure that there will be an unofficial list as for if they will accept it there is no way to be sure. I have no idea how early people are planning on showing up for this but I was going to wake up and check in here for updates to get an idea when I need to get going.

    JoycelynB 07/24/2016  11:00pm

    There's no way of EVER knowing until the casting personnel arrive.

    Also a reminder that this is at 519 tomorrow. Don't be the idiot who puts the list at the wrong door and complicates it for everyone involved.

    eroseb 07/25/2016  1:02am

    What's it looking like down there? Any update is appreciated!

    dadadadadum 07/25/2016  6:25am

    As of 7am, there are 3 people on the list. The list is located by the elevators on the 12th Floor of 519.

    dc713 07/25/2016  7:40am

    List is upstairs in room C. Numbers are low.

    eroseb 07/25/2016  8:08am

    Non-Eq list has been transferred over and there are 10 people on the list.

    dc713 07/25/2016  9:03am

    Did they transfer the names of the people that weren't there when they made the transfer?

    The Only Anastasia Beaverhausen 07/25/2016  9:11am

    Yes, we transferred the entire list. If your name was written on the unofficial list, it has been transferred to the official list.

    dc713 07/25/2016  9:39am

    All non-eqs will be seen today and there are 14 on the list. 16-32 bar cut.

    dc713 07/25/2016  9:55am

    Any info on who's in the room? :)

    Ihearbwaycalling 07/25/2016  10:02am

    Hey guys! Who's in the room, and how is the alternate list and EMC list looking? Thx

    bwydreamer 07/25/2016  10:06am

    Cesar ITR and lists are short.

    eroseb 07/25/2016  10:11am


    bwydreamer 07/25/2016  10:22am

    Is it silly to go to the EPA if I went to the ECC?? Cesar was ITR at the ECC too.

    Ihearbwaycalling 07/25/2016  10:33am

    Can someone ask if they plan on keeping the non eq list open or if they're going to close it?? Please and thank you!!!

    MotheMezzo 07/25/2016  10:51am

    ^^Bumping on the above question :-)

    BroadwayKiwi 07/25/2016  11:57am

    Non-Eq list is closed.

    streetsinger 07/25/2016  12:08pm

    Noneq list is closed :(

    dadadadadum 07/25/2016  12:13pm

    Thanks guys - I believe they're doing 2 more EPA days this week...although the posts are gone from Backstage, so maybe not...

    BroadwayKiwi 07/25/2016  12:20pm

    Please post who's in the room after lunch!

    Ihearbwaycalling 07/25/2016  1:13pm

    Bump! Who's ITR after lunch? Thanks guys!

    PingyZ 07/25/2016  2:15pm

    Did anyone get Telsey's new mailing address?

    loverofthelight 07/25/2016  10:16pm
  • A Fireside Christmas @ Nola Studios 07/25/2016  8:18am

    Women's list has been started. On the table upstairs in the holding room (11th fl)


    One group for men. Equity and non equity. Nobody here. The monitor is oh so cheery and pleasant as well....said nobody

    onmygrind 07/25/2016  10:00am

    what is the women's list up to?

    ddreamer14 07/25/2016  10:14am

    One group for men. Equity and non equity. Nobody here. The monitor is oh so cheery and pleasant as well....said nobody

    onmygrind 07/25/2016  11:20am

    Women's list is up to 9 as of 11:45am

    pizzamonster 07/25/2016  11:44am

    Any more recent updates for women's call? :)

    Smastr96 07/25/2016  1:07pm

    Anyone hear anything about call backs?

    Ngtydfg11 07/25/2016  8:49pm
  • Aida Cruise Line appointments @ other 07/25/2016  3:36pm

    I got a call a few hours ago asking for my e-mail address to send me info for an appointment, but haven't gotten the e-mail yet. Has anyone else gotten a call but no e-mail? Trying to decide how long to wait before calling them back.

  • HOUSTON (B-Side Productions) @ other 07/15/2016  9:10am

    Has anyone received an audition appointment yet? Please post, thanks!


    Bump, have appointments gone out?

    HoundDog 07/15/2016  1:27pm


    RM 07/15/2016  9:50pm

    bump! also wondering.

    BusbyBerkeley 07/16/2016  9:31am

    Bump again! The auditions are supposed to be next Saturday 7/23, perhaps appointments will go out soon. Anyone hear?

    HoundDog 07/16/2016  11:59am

    anything yet?

    BusbyBerkeley 07/18/2016  10:22am

    Good question, I haven't heard anything yet.

    RM 07/18/2016  10:44am

    Bump! Have appointments gone out?

    HoundDog 07/19/2016  10:51am

    appointments have been sent out

    actor22 07/22/2016  5:30pm

    Thanks Actor22, do you know if Callbacks or Offers have gone out? If so, please post on post in Callback Corner. Thank you!

    RM 07/25/2016  3:19pm
  • Phantom of the Opera @ 07/24/2016  12:07pm

    Hey guys,

    I know the ECC was this past week and the EPA is this coming week.

    Does anyone know if they're holding agent appointments anytime soon? And if so, have appointments already gone out? Specifically for Christine? Thanks!


    Not sure about Christine, but there are appts for Raoul next week

    FunkyMonkey 07/24/2016  1:50pm

    Thanks! Bump for female/ Christine appts!

    Glamgirl 07/25/2016  3:18pm
  • OB Audition Day 3 @ Actor's Equity Center 07/21/2016  8:46am

    As of 845am, 15 emc, slots until 1050am are full, and rest of day is still pretty open.


    Thanks for the update. How's it looking for appointments now?

    maltese 07/21/2016  9:34am

    Emc is now at 20 and all slots filled til 1210pm. Afternoon is pretty open still. 2 on alternate list

    becks 07/21/2016  9:36am

    3 alternates called.

    becks 07/21/2016  9:44am

    2 EMCs called, 21 on the list total, including those 2.

    foryourglory 07/21/2016  10:12am

    All alternates except 2 seen so far. 5 emc called, I'm number 2 so I hope some others update this for you. Non eq told to come back at 330pm. 18 left on emc

    becks 07/21/2016  10:25am

    ^^^ thank you for the updates! Who's ITR if you don't mind.

    shaeluv88 07/21/2016  10:40am

    After lunch, do EMCs that have already signed up go the the 16th fl or wait with non eq on the 4th fl?

    foryourglory 07/21/2016  11:02am

    They can go straight up as long as they are already on the list. Speaking of emc, where we at

    CDM0713 07/21/2016  11:45am

    8 EMCs called

    foryourglory 07/21/2016  11:55am

    are there any afternoon appointments left?

    greenlantern 07/21/2016  12:17pm

    Where are they for emc's

    CDM0713 07/21/2016  2:27pm

    Not seeing non-eq, but accepting drop offs. (3 headshots/resumes)

    Don't Worry Your Ozness! 07/21/2016  2:54pm

    They've called 13 EMC

    foryourglory 07/21/2016  3:17pm

    How many EMC's total on the list?

    HelloDolly 07/21/2016  3:20pm


    shaeluv88 07/21/2016  5:05pm

    Bump on ITR

    Don't Worry Your Ozness! 07/21/2016  7:32pm

    Who were the casting assistants in the room in the afternoon?

    Capricorn93 07/25/2016  1:43pm
  • The Acting Company Nat'l Rep Tour @ Actor's Equity Center 07/25/2016  9:54am

    Hey guys! Anyone know how many non-eqs are signed up for today? Are they likely to be seen?


    Anyone know what the list is looking like? Wondering if EMC's have a shot at being seen today. Thanks!!

    tatatatadayjunya 07/25/2016  10:33am

    Bump for updates?

    RaconteurDuJour 07/25/2016  11:25am

    Bump? Update on EMCs?

    inspiredactor 07/25/2016  12:42pm

    Empty, everyone being seen

    Yora18 07/25/2016  12:51pm
  • Jekyll and Hyde (Sponge Theatricals) @ other 09/29/2015  11:25am

    Hi all!

    I believe there used to be a thread for this that has since disappeared so I am starting a new one. Did anyone end up hearing anything with regards to scheduling an audition (after receiving the initial email which stated that auditions would be in the last week of September)?


    the last i heard was that they're still "figuring things out" but if anyone else has actually gotten an appointment id love to know

    DyingToBeDaae 09/29/2015  1:45pm

    I still haven't heard anything either

    nycgirl55 09/29/2015  7:37pm


    Showbizdreamer 09/29/2015  10:05pm

    Although their website says October is a round in January, so September sounds weird.

    Showbizdreamer 09/29/2015  10:06pm

    Finally got an email to schedule an appointment!! Auditions are oct 10th. If you don't get an appointment you can sign in at 10 and they'll start calling names at 1 and see people starting at 2

    DyingToBeDaae 09/29/2015  11:28pm

    Where is the audition if you don't get an apt?

    Ingenuefarts 09/30/2015  12:57am

    The players theater

    DyingToBeDaae 09/30/2015  1:13am

    Got the general 'schedule an appt' email, didn't say what id be considered for, but I can't see that mattering much as this juncture...maybe?

    Showbizdreamer 10/01/2015  10:17am

    I replied with my availability for an appointment and still haven't heard back yet and I replied 20 mins after the email was sent. It's says they're doing appoints on a first come first served basis but idk. They told me what I'd be considered for in the first email I got. If you applied through back stage maybe they're just considering you for who you applied for?

    DyingToBeDaae 10/01/2015  10:33am

    Haha I guess we'll find out! I emailed them directly so I'm not sure

    Showbizdreamer 10/01/2015  10:47am

    Confirmed spot and those audition notes they gave slay me!

    Showbizdreamer 10/01/2015  2:39pm

    I replied 20 min after they sent the email also, but I still haven't received a confirmation....

    nycgirl55 10/01/2015  4:30pm

    Do we know if equity contracts are offered with this? Thank you!

    sing_happy 10/01/2015  6:12pm

    You all this I forgot to think about that part. I do know most backstage involved won't be paid...but nothing about this has been said about the cast itself. They're callin it Off Broadway but no one seems to know if the performers are paid, literally NOTHING has been said about that, nor Eq status...I'm glad to be able to audition, but I find this really strange, and wondering about some of the legitimacy behind this.

    Showbizdreamer 10/01/2015  8:17pm

    unpaid noneq production at the players theater. i still haven't gotten my appointment time yet and its getting frustrating because they told me id be getting an appointment and i emailed them back when they sent out the email to set up the appointments and now nothing

    DyingToBeDaae 10/01/2015  9:14pm

    How can it be called (and no industry person would call it such) off Broadway if it's unpaid? That's community theater, by definition. Ugh. That's just gross.

    Juror #8 10/02/2015  9:19am

    How can it be called (and no industry person would call it such) off Broadway if it's unpaid? That's community theater, by definition. Ugh. That's just gross.

    Juror #8 10/02/2015  9:31am

    And NOW I know it's^^And Ex-friggin-xactly. The only reason reason I'd be willing to put up with that is because it's JnH, it won't be some jankity comm theatre production like your normal cities in 'normal America' would do, but then don't call it Off Broadway either. There's not many shows I'm willing to be unpaid for. This is one of very few exceptions.
    And yikes Dyin, that's weird! That got back to me pretty quickly I wasn't expecting them to...

    Showbizdreamer 10/02/2015  10:41am

    thanks for clarifying!

    sing_happy 10/04/2015  9:41am

    How do you think this will be different than your normal community theater? I'd expect it would be the same. It's a non Union no paying gig. It's not going to be tbe cream of the crop.

    Singin' George Seurat 10/04/2015  11:42pm

    Only reason I say that is because though unpaid (yes, ridiculously so) at the very least, we are still in NYC and those involved are theatrically intelligent and how to stage a show dynamically...I hope anyway.
    Last comm theatre show I did,(before I moved) though a dream show/role, was your typical middle america comm theatre, undynamic, had to do a lot of my own justification for things that made no sense whatsoever (though this really got me thinking outside the box and helped me get more confidence in my straight acting skills) because of staging that didn't work, etc. in sure we all know how that goes.

    Showbizdreamer 10/05/2015  9:11am

    ^unfortunately, just because we are in NYC doesn't mean there aren't crap productions. It doesn't take talent to move to New York, just ability to move here. Same goes with producers and the actors. Doesn't take ability, just a performance space. There are many theaters (Manhattan Rep, for instance) that don't guarantee quality work whatsoever. I agree with NYCActor - unpaid is unpaid, and non-professionals will audition/participate whether it's in Nebraska or NY (which I think is fine! Community theater is a great outlet for the arts even here in the city!)

    Astoriaboy 10/05/2015  12:17pm

    ^^you both are right in many ways which is why I love this. I'm trying to stay away from unpaid things as much as I possibly can especially after my I paid thing almost two years ago, but I do have exceptions especially since it's NYC. Oh and I know NYC is no guarantee of quality but I also figure you're at least more likely to get quality here...maybe I'm still wrong but anyway,

    Showbizdreamer 10/05/2015  12:33pm

    Wasn't done dang it...offff
    There's VERY few exceptions I have to my unpaid rule. I feel I normally wouldn't do JnH under many other other circumstances, so it's one of those few exceptions. It's plausible I could do it on a paid level, not quite probable. I don't know if that made any sense.

    Showbizdreamer 10/05/2015  12:36pm

    FINALLY got an appt time for the 10th just now

    qwertybelty25 10/06/2015  11:55am

    i also just got an appointment time, maybe because i said i was open to any time

    DyingToBeDaae 10/06/2015  12:19pm

    I was in the last production several years ago. It wasn't that professional; SM constantly on computer/very young, newbie producers who cast themselves in the leads, leads VERY under pitch. The only way I'd do this again was if it were AEA sanctioned as then I'd have someone to complaine to, but even then. I wouldn't touch this if I were you and it's Off-Off Bway. I can't believe they are calling it Off, the producers have been around long enough to know better.

    stellarose 12/14/2015  1:06pm

    I can definitely say this place was a joke and totally rigged as well.

    afinelifeindeed 07/24/2016  11:25am
  • Beauty and the Beast/Hello Dolly ECC @ Actor's Equity Center 07/19/2016  7:30am

    Are any other non-union trying to get seen at the dance call today @ 11:30? I can't make it to the open call tomorrow.


    How is the non-eq list looking for men?

    Friedegg 07/19/2016  8:05am

    Can someone please update on non-eq list for men/women?

    QuietRevolution 07/19/2016  8:14am

    Any list or anything for the female singer call at 2?

    mathematical 07/19/2016  8:38am

    16 on female singers and 4 on female dancers as of 9:15

    TzeitelKamzoil 07/19/2016  9:17am

    all non eq male singers are being seen

    actors guardian angel 07/19/2016  9:19am

    is this for the Beauty and the Beast/Annie Get Your Gun* call?

    if so...what's the female singer non-eq list up to?

    ElemenoPea 07/19/2016  9:59am

    It was in the 28-30 range around 10:45!

    mathematical 07/19/2016  11:17am

    Any updates for non eq female singers?

    hellooooo 07/19/2016  1:43pm

    Who was ITR?

    NapTime 07/19/2016  2:37pm

    Are they still looking for Belle? Are non-equity ok? Are there anymore auditions next week? Thanks!

    afinelifeindeed 07/24/2016  11:23am