An Important Message to You All



Dear friends and users of Audition Update,

It is time for me to say goodbye. Please go to this post on the Bitching Post for a very important announcement.



  • Some slots available in the morning, wide open in the afternoon.

    thejollyraja 06/20/2016  9:33am

    Any update on non-eq list?

    Don't Worry Your Ozness! 06/20/2016  10:22am

    Any updates on the alternate and EMC lists would be greatly appreciated, you audition warriors of the AM.

    VorpalDormouse 06/20/2016  10:44am

    They haven't cracked the EMC list and they're running about 20 minutes behind schedule.

    kranya 06/20/2016  10:53am

    Non-eq were dismissed until after lunch.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 06/20/2016  11:04am

    Thanks. Anyone know what number the non-eq list is at?

    Don't Worry Your Ozness! 06/20/2016  11:23am

    Still about 20 minutes behind and I don't know that they have called more than a couple Alts all morning...

    Canadianactor 06/20/2016  11:29am

    EMCs dismissed until after lunch.

    VorpalDormouse 06/20/2016  12:15pm

    Will someone give an update on appts, alternates and emc right when they come back from lunch?

    13dex13park 06/20/2016  1:37pm

    Any update on non-eq?

    yaytheatre 06/20/2016  2:08pm

    Before lunch, there were very late appointments left (~4:10 pm), EMC hadn't been touched, and I'm fairly sure alternates were barely called either. I don't know the number off the top of my head.

    VorpalDormouse 06/20/2016  2:46pm

    Not seeing non-eqs, but accepting drop-offs

    bwaylvsong 06/20/2016  3:44pm


    NeverWantedToPost 06/20/2016  4:32pm

    EMC dismissed.

    VorpalDormouse 06/20/2016  4:47pm

    anybody hear of any callbacks/offers on this?

    tonysoprano 06/25/2016  12:05pm
  • Alabama Shakespeare Apprenticeship @ 06/19/2016  9:49am

    Maybe I'm just being antsy, but it's been almost a week after submitting for an audition (which would start July 5th)...just wondering if anyone has a been able to confirm a slot yet?



    13dex13park 06/19/2016  11:27pm


    ‡‡‡ 06/20/2016  11:52pm


    stephspect 06/21/2016  4:38pm

    I'm guessing y'all are in the same boat? Applied but no response?

    gingerberry 06/21/2016  4:40pm

    No response here yet

    MTC 06/21/2016  10:51pm

    I just got a Cmail today (less than an hour ago) offering me an appointment, so I'm guess they're trickling out now. :)

    OtterSW31 06/22/2016  5:01pm

    Have an appointment July 7th (from cmail)

    Mimelphie 06/22/2016  8:03pm

    anyone else hear? Any other way than cmail?

    stephspect 06/23/2016  1:58pm

    I also have an appointment on 7/7/16

    gchf 06/23/2016  6:00pm


    GrimFerret 06/23/2016  8:26pm


    GrimFerret 06/25/2016  10:52am
  • DEAR EVAN HANSEN Appointments @ other 06/21/2016  5:24pm

    Any word on appointments? Breakdown went out last week - interested in the understudy positions that seem open. cheers!


    I'm going to the EPA on the 30th....interested in the U/S 1 Mom roles...good luck! ;0)

    beltress101 06/21/2016  8:13pm


    Selaban 06/25/2016  12:15am
  • Little shop of horrors @ Actor's Equity Center 06/24/2016  7:35am

    Girl it's as quiet as my job offers down here. Everyone come and reaffirm why I woke up at 6 for this


    Is there a "like" button for that comment? Lol

    haveAseat 06/24/2016  8:17am

    do you think they’ll keep running auditions till 5:30?

    Singstar50 06/24/2016  8:27am

    How is it looking over there now?

    Ska123 06/24/2016  9:45am

    Hey guys can anyone update me on any important information the monitor announced reg non eq?
    Thank you! :)

    ZaraDreams 06/24/2016  10:21am

    Bump on non e eq and EMC

    thewizardandi 06/24/2016  10:46am

    Non eq has not been called yet. There's about 30 names on the list. There are about 15 emc's but not sure about their status yet.

    znt92 06/24/2016  10:53am

    Bump EMC

    thewizardandi 06/24/2016  11:08am

    Just released non eq for lunch. Come back at 2

    znt92 06/24/2016  11:13am

    Thank you for the update. BUMP for EMC please

    thewizardandi 06/24/2016  11:21am

    as an equity member does it seem likely I would get seen if I showed up after lunch?

    beltingfruitfly 06/24/2016  11:33am


    thewizardandi 06/24/2016  12:03pm

    Who's ITR please? Thanks!

    lm212 06/24/2016  12:26pm

    When I left at noon, the afternoon was wide open, as well as the alternate list.

    Tonear1 06/24/2016  12:44pm

    Afternoon is wide open. ITR is Harriet Bass, Bill Fennelly (Director) and Kent Zimmerman (Chor.)

    pizzaking 06/24/2016  12:48pm

    Got callback in the room for Tuesday. Anyone else?

    16or32 06/24/2016  2:08pm

    After lunch we are at a stand still.

    No appts til almost 4 - 8 people on the alt lists, 25+ emc havent been seen. People keep walking in. And no one is getting put in mini groups.

    Might be tougher to get in now.

    Ета странно 06/24/2016  2:17pm

    Yes, also got a callback ITR for Wednesday

    navynote 06/24/2016  2:28pm

    For non eq's, monitor said that it'll be another hour until they might call a few names.

    znt92 06/24/2016  2:36pm

    Any more emc get called ?

    hellooooo 06/24/2016  2:47pm

    No emcs been called since the morning still. I'm in the 20's and with the amount of people walking in, its not looking good for even emc

    Ета странно 06/24/2016  2:51pm

    Who were y'all called back for, if you don't mind me asking?

    heygirhey90 06/24/2016  3:13pm

    Any Audrey callbacks itr?

    heygirhey90 06/24/2016  3:16pm

    Non-eqs dismissed; accepting drop-offs

    bwaylvsong 06/24/2016  4:24pm

    Any updates for non-eq list? Coming in now

    Kikidavis 06/24/2016  4:43pm

    ^"non-eqs dismissed" means that non-eqs will not be seen

    bwaylvsong 06/24/2016  4:49pm

    Did anyone get an Audrey callback itr?

    heygirhey90 06/24/2016  4:55pm
  • Hamilton Chicago and Tours @ 06/22/2016  11:31pm

    Have any principal offers gone out for the Chicago production and tour? I have only heard about some ensemble offers that have gone out.



    TonyBound 06/23/2016  7:37pm
  • Bardacious


    Jazzy3939 06/23/2016  9:07am

    There are 36 on non eq list

    Yay1234 06/23/2016  9:12am

    What about the EMC list?

    Coocoo 06/23/2016  9:21am

    Any updates on EMC or appointments? Thanks all!

    dramalover 06/23/2016  9:35am

    How are appointments looking?

    talkalotpickalittlemore 06/23/2016  9:36am


    NeverWantedToPost 06/23/2016  9:54am

    appointments are full in the morning.

    22 EMC on list

    actors guardian angel 06/23/2016  10:06am

    Any non-eq seen?

    Eweb0427 06/23/2016  10:18am

    No emc seen yet. 3 alternates that haven't been seen either

    13dex13park 06/23/2016  10:31am

    Emc's AFTER 1-5 dismissed until 2pm

    Monica24601 06/23/2016  11:02am

    What do afternoon appts/alt list look like?

    Glokeroo 06/23/2016  11:10am

    What time do u think non eq will start

    rmk0156 06/23/2016  11:13am

    Bump for appt/alt situation after lunch?

    Glokeroo 06/23/2016  12:11pm

    Was told come back after 2

    rmk0156 06/23/2016  12:38pm

    Bump for after lunch appts or what the alt list is like? I have a break in work from now until 3 (so helpful :/ ) so I'm trying to figure out if it makes sense to stop by

    Glokeroo 06/23/2016  1:02pm

    I believe there were 30ish alternates on the list before lunch, only one had been called, all appts full

    ilovebroadway123 06/23/2016  1:09pm

    Can someone please give an update when they start seeing EMCs?

    jules1 06/23/2016  1:46pm

    Let me know when emcs are let go

    Sedge Renleck 06/23/2016  1:53pm

    Update: not seeing non eq. Accepting drop offs.

    Yay1234 06/23/2016  2:01pm

    How many have they called on the equity alternate list?

    thirstygirls 06/23/2016  2:10pm

    Any EMCs seen yet?

    jules1 06/23/2016  2:59pm

    Any news on emc?

    Sedge Renleck 06/23/2016  4:22pm

    No non eq

    rmk0156 06/23/2016  4:42pm

    No non eq

    rmk0156 06/23/2016  4:42pm
  • Unofficial jet girl list has started and I believe shark boy as well

    Erincaseyd 06/22/2016  10:15am

    Update on numbers for girls ?

    Bumpy 06/22/2016  11:05am

    Isn't shark boy call tomorrow?

    sm2011 06/22/2016  12:21pm

    ^shark boy is the only group going tomorrow. Jet boys/girls and shark ladies are today!

    JessicaJones 06/22/2016  1:27pm

    Also, wondering if there was a type out for either jet boys or girls like at the call a few months ago??

    JessicaJones 06/22/2016  1:28pm

    No type out today... Jet girls did a jazz and ballet combo and sang

    ddreamer14 06/22/2016  5:05pm

    Is this for the same World Tour that they held auditions for a couple months back?

    America 06/23/2016  4:31pm
  • Saturday Night Fever @ Nola Studios 06/23/2016  11:04am

    Please update if you hear about non eq being seen at any of their four calls today!


    For Westchester Broadway Theatre oopz

    lululemming 06/23/2016  11:05am

    They're seeing non eq. It's also super dead. Like 12 people are here.

    littleeagle 06/23/2016  11:22am


    TripleDelight 06/23/2016  11:28am

    Is there a list for no eq women started?

    Ngtydfg11 06/23/2016  2:33pm

    Anyone have any idea if there will be more callbacks after today?

    TreatYourself 06/23/2016  2:59pm
  • Non equ is at 8

    MissCantrice 06/22/2016  9:06am

    How does the EMC list look? Also, does the day look, so far?

    JPSuperstar 06/22/2016  9:13am

    Bump? Is this wide open?

    aprince4whatever 06/22/2016  9:34am

    The later slots are pretty open last I checked, I'm not there at the moment.

    Showbizdreamer 06/22/2016  9:35am

    Tons of appointments open through out the day

    singinpretty 06/22/2016  9:53am

    how's this looking still?

    HamiltonGrange 06/22/2016  11:00am

    Hi friends, I'm stuck at a callback (happy problems!).

    Has the monitor mentioned anything regarding EMC/non-equity? I'm signed up on the EMC list, but it looks like I'm not going to be able to get to this call until after lunch... Has he said anything about closing the non-eq list? Would appreciate any updates, thanks!

    EthnicallyAmbiguous9 06/22/2016  11:11am

    He JUST called the first few EMC's

    Showbizdreamer 06/22/2016  11:18am

    Dan is the monitor today btw. I've noticed from my experience he doesn't actually announce if EMC/non-eq will be seen or not, he just starts calling them. Am I crazy??

    Showbizdreamer 06/22/2016  11:20am

    ^He doesn't announce because he always tries to get us in

    bwaylvsong 06/22/2016  11:39am

    Anyone know what number EMC they're on and how many there are?

    IWBOB 06/22/2016  12:23pm

    Non Eq were released until after lunch.

    pretty open in the afternoon

    actors guardian angel 06/22/2016  12:27pm

    Any post-lunch non-eq updates?

    ElemenoPea 06/22/2016  2:22pm

    Sorry for the double post- but is there any update on the non-eq front?

    ElemenoPea 06/22/2016  4:17pm

    I forgot to take a picture of Who Was In The Room :( Anyone happen to and want to share? Love you. Mean it. No strings. 06/22/2016  8:18pm
  • Rock of ages Norwegian /norwegian ships @ Ripley Grier 520 06/22/2016  7:28pm

    Has anybody heard anything from Norwegian ? Concerning rock of ages and they're most recent open dance call ?