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  • giraffe9035
  • hey brooks

    OnlyAMixer69 08/27/2016  2:19am
  • @ 08/26/2016  7:57pm

    Aladdin dancer Appt. anyone hear about callbacks?

  • Bump!

    Tadimurner 08/26/2016  9:03am

    Up to 27 on EMC List

    TitanLuNYC 08/26/2016  9:03am

    Non eq was at 33 at 8:50

    FasterThanSound 08/26/2016  9:32am

    Any word on either non-eq or EMC are sent home til after lunch or anything like that?

    broadwaybee241 08/26/2016  9:46am


    mm5252 08/26/2016  10:04am

    Non-Eq check back at 2, no guarantees.

    RebeccaMarquardt 08/26/2016  10:12am

    Still equity appts?

    Actoractoractor 08/26/2016  10:15am

    4 EMC seen

    JessicaJones 08/26/2016  10:19am

    No EMCs have been seen, yet. Only Equity alternates.

    matt123 08/26/2016  10:29am

    Have any equity alternates been seen yet?

    aeyoder 08/26/2016  10:34am

    10 Equity alternates, so far.

    matt123 08/26/2016  10:50am

    10 seen, I mean.

    matt123 08/26/2016  10:51am

    Any appointments left? What are the alternate list numbers looking like and who's ITR? Thanks.

    Harlequin 08/26/2016  11:11am

    13/48 Alternates called. Tracy, CA in room, Seth, Accompanist.
    No more appointments.

    matt123 08/26/2016  11:26am

    EMCs go to lunch.

    matt123 08/26/2016  11:27am

    i'm about to get off work. if i'm non-eq, do i have a shot at being seen?

    alexp89 08/26/2016  12:02pm

    At this point, I'd say no. I'm not sure EMC will even get seen. They still have half the alternates to get through.

    broadwaybee241 08/26/2016  12:15pm

    bump on last alt number called? thanks!

    AvatarActor 08/26/2016  12:57pm

    Are they accepting drop offs?

    QuietRevolution 08/26/2016  1:00pm

    Any official word about whether they'll see non-eq today?

    alexp89 08/26/2016  2:01pm

    Bump on last alt called please

    newintown 08/26/2016  2:08pm

    Anyone know last alternate??

    broadwaybee241 08/26/2016  2:22pm

    30-something out of 80

    sosayethi 08/26/2016  2:33pm

    Alt #?

    JBuck 08/26/2016  3:18pm

    We're in the beginning of the fifties now.

    sosayethi 08/26/2016  3:54pm

    Did they ever even finished the alternate list?

    JessicaJones 08/26/2016  5:33pm
  • Heathers Appointments for WPPAC @ Nola Studios 08/22/2016  6:04pm

    Have people received appointments for this?

    I submitted and got an auto-reply email saying there was a high volume of submissions and to send links for screening, so I did. Just wondering if they got back to anyone yet!



    Justagirl 08/22/2016  6:15pm

    They got back to me this morning asking for videos, but haven't heard since then.

    CcNY55 08/22/2016  6:22pm

    I got an appointment.

    altosrule 08/22/2016  6:54pm

    Just got one! Looks like they're gradually making their way through the submissions

    PinoNoirRoseanneBarr 08/22/2016  10:00pm

    I got a confirmation for an appointment and then the next day I got the email about submitting websites/videos/headshots/resumes because of high volume.

    hkmac728 08/22/2016  11:06pm

    There are over 500 submissions (and more each hour). Doing our best to get to as many as we can as quickly as we can, hang in there. If we can/want to see you for an appointment we will be in touch asap. Sorry for the delay!

    H 08/22/2016  11:15pm

    I received an appointment Late last night.

    KmZ123 08/23/2016  1:20pm

    got an appointment for NYC this morning!

    shannenmichael 08/23/2016  1:37pm

    I have an appointment for the added day on Septemeber 1st at 2:45 and was wondering if anyone had one on the 6th and would be willing to trade! Let me know!

    s1992 08/24/2016  11:01am

    I received an appointment on Thursday and did not receive an email asking for videos

    B6bitch 08/24/2016  11:22am

    I got an appointment for the 6th in NYC

    JoycelynB 08/24/2016  2:50pm

    Got an appt. for 9/1 in the afternoon, but was wondering if anyone going earlier in the day would be willing to trade??

    Justagirl 08/24/2016  5:34pm

    I would @Justagirl!

    foryourglory 08/24/2016  5:36pm

    wait. sorry - mine is for the 6th

    foryourglory 08/24/2016  5:36pm

    @foryourglory would you be willing to trade appointments? I'd go on the 6th if you'd rather go on the 1st!

    Justagirl 08/24/2016  5:38pm

    Does anyone now if this is considered a MainStage production?

    KmZ123 08/25/2016  10:25am

    @Justagirl - I wish I could do the 1st! I'm sorry!

    foryourglory 08/26/2016  9:38am

    @JocelynB would you be willing to trade appointments for 2:45 on the 1st?
    Let me know!

    s1992 08/26/2016  11:00am

    @kmz123 its billed as a special event on their website. unsure what the difference is to a mainstage for this company but there are other shows listed as mainstage.

    galliegirl 08/26/2016  12:21pm

    Can anyone post how many alternates get seen before lunch? Pleass and thank you

    newintown 08/26/2016  12:34pm
  • And for guys??

    neguy 08/26/2016  6:44am

    Female list was started at about 6:35, there were two names on the male list at that point!

    stumbleswithwolves 08/26/2016  6:54am

    are both men and women at 10? Not really clear from the breakdown

    Fizzy14 08/26/2016  7:04am

    On backstage, it says female singers 10 am, male singers 2 pm!

    amblingshambler 08/26/2016  7:33am

    18 ladies and about 5 guys on the non eq list as of 742!

    gabyelle 08/26/2016  7:39am

    Thanks! So I'm new to this ecc stuff. When I sign up for the male unofficial list, do I need to stick around? Or can I leave and come back at around 1 when the call is at 2? Any help is much appreciated!!

    neguy 08/26/2016  8:25am

    You can totally leave and come back closer to 2! How close is up to you because you never know how many equity will actually show up so if you're on the top of the non-eq list definitely be there at least when the call starts. Hope that gives you a better idea!

    keira 08/26/2016  8:49am

    And just for an update at about 8:00 the women were at 27 and the men at 7. But that was almost an hour ago.

    keira 08/26/2016  8:50am

    Anyone have an update on how many are on the female list?

    chosenmelody 08/26/2016  8:51am

    Awesome, thank you so much for the help, keira!!

    neguy 08/26/2016  8:52am

    Non eq men at 12 at 9am

    FasterThanSound 08/26/2016  9:04am

    Female noneq was at 44 at 9am

    welp 08/26/2016  9:06am

    Can someone let us know when the list is transferred or any updates about seeing noneq? Thanks!!

    keira 08/26/2016  9:24am

    Any update on if they are seeing non eq?

    Gigi88 08/26/2016  10:00am

    Bump on seeing non eq

    keira 08/26/2016  10:01am

    Bump on seeing non eq

    keira 08/26/2016  10:05am

    Oops sorry didn't mean to post twice

    keira 08/26/2016  10:05am

    Wait so there are or they aren't seeing Non-eq ladies ?

    Kikidavis 08/26/2016  10:09am

    Neither... I was bumping your comment. Asking if they had decided yet. Sorry for the confusion.

    keira 08/26/2016  10:14am


    noscreenname 08/26/2016  10:18am


    noscreenname 08/26/2016  10:18am

    Updates please!

    keira 08/26/2016  10:22am

    Yes to non-eq ladies. 16 bars. Looks like she's transferring the list now.

    muffmasterflash 08/26/2016  10:25am

    Is the list closed or will they accept late sign ups?

    Hay5678Lye 08/26/2016  10:34am

    Is the list closed or will they accept late sign ups?

    Hay5678Lye 08/26/2016  10:34am

    Could someone please post Who is ITR?

    Crushed_it 08/26/2016  10:41am

    Bump for EMC ladies??

    gretchenweiners 08/26/2016  10:51am

    Jeff Tanski, MD
    Jenise Crawford, CD
    Sharon Kenny, accompanist

    rbalko 08/26/2016  11:13am

    Starting non eq ladies now! I don't think there were any EMC?

    keira 08/26/2016  11:33am

    EMC are lumped in with non eq at ECCs! They've called through 16 non eq women

    welp 08/26/2016  11:48am

    Had to work, are they still accepting sign in non eq?

    Hay5678Lye 08/26/2016  11:59am
  • 6 EMC as of 8:55AM

    ss459 08/24/2016  8:53am

    thank you! Does it say when they are taking lunch?

    Mimelphie 08/24/2016  9:15am

    Is the Equity list full?

    JBuck 08/24/2016  9:48am

    Non eq update please

    AuditionSeason2016Sux 08/24/2016  10:00am

    Is it wide open??

    AuditionSeason2016Sux 08/24/2016  10:12am

    Are non eq gonna be seen? Thanks.

    sinfonia2001 08/24/2016  10:19am

    Any updates on Non-Eq? Thanks!

    Akonasad 08/24/2016  10:26am

    First ten called off of Non-Eq list and brought upstairs to the "Non-Eq Lounge." Of those ten, first three have been lined up.

    vittoriacorombona 08/24/2016  10:27am

    What time are they breaking for lunch?

    Mimelphie 08/24/2016  10:29am

    They're giving everyone sides, right?

    sinfonia2001 08/24/2016  10:33am

    Who is in the room?

    JBuck 08/24/2016  1:09pm

    Same people from the online posting. The head casting lady plus her assistants. (I forgot but just go online)

    AuditionSeason2016Sux 08/24/2016  1:19pm

    Is it too late for Non Eq to come now? Thanks

    Akonasad 08/24/2016  1:58pm

    ITR (in the morning):
    Alaine Alldaffer, casting director
    Kate Houben, casting assistant
    Summer Broyhill, reader

    vittoriacorombona 08/24/2016  2:25pm

    Any updates on who is itr/equity appointments for afternoon??

    tinydancer1234 08/24/2016  3:09pm

    In the room this afternoon was Katie Horben, Emma Miller, and Julia Greer (reader). I walked right in and got seen immediately.

    goldenrings08 08/24/2016  3:21pm

    Thank you!!

    tinydancer1234 08/24/2016  3:39pm

    What is non equity at? Can non Equity still sign up?

    vandbicicleta 08/24/2016  4:07pm

    Any callbacks in the room?

    deaniebaby8812 08/24/2016  4:32pm


    Akonasad 08/26/2016  11:37am
  • My audition was yesterday and I got an email last night for a callback.

    Shortyshortshort 08/25/2016  2:49pm

    I got mine around 5:30 last night.

    Icanseeyou 08/25/2016  3:32pm

    Anyone else who had an appointment today get called back for tomorrow?

    Supercaliswagalisticsexyhelladopeness 08/25/2016  9:02pm

    yes - had an appt. yesterday and received a callback email late afternoon!

    ElemenoPea 08/26/2016  10:05am
  • Bump!

    funnyhoney 08/26/2016  9:00am

    I was #17 on the EMC list at about 9:05

    Madrigal 08/26/2016  9:09am

    Any idea of if they are closing the non eq list ?

    Hay5678Lye 08/26/2016  9:17am

    They are not seeing non-eq today. Drop-offs are being accepted.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 08/26/2016  9:30am

    By non-eq they are also not seeing EMC -.-

    broadwaybee241 08/26/2016  9:33am

    Really? They're not seeing EMC?

    foryourglory 08/26/2016  9:37am

    And there's no reason other than not wanting to I don't think... Maybe something we don't know.
    But this call is pretty open so it's frustrating.

    broadwaybee241 08/26/2016  9:40am
  • Non equity list made and left at front desk!

    papapaya 08/25/2016  6:23am

    3 on female list as of 6:36am

    musICantEven 08/25/2016  6:33am

    12 ladies

    musicalwarrior 08/25/2016  7:09am

    Have I lost my mind?? Are the guys or girls first? I wrote down 2 for the girls...did I completely mess that up?

    Showbizdreamer 08/25/2016  7:22am

    CORRECTION: ECC not epa

    musICantEven 08/25/2016  7:24am

    Girls are first. List had already been made

    papapaya 08/25/2016  7:26am

    Girls non eq list up to 26. Men's non eq list up to 9

    Laurorlando 08/25/2016  7:48am

    Girls non eq list up to 26. Men's non eq list up to 9

    Laurorlando 08/25/2016  7:49am

    Girls NON EQU is @ 35 @ 8:07
    Guys still @ 9

    Thatstarbucksgirl 08/25/2016  8:04am

    It's at Pearl 519 right?

    PingyZ 08/25/2016  8:04am

    In holding room now

    musICantEven 08/25/2016  8:05am

    Yes 519

    musICantEven 08/25/2016  8:05am

    It's at Pearl 519 right?

    PingyZ 08/25/2016  8:07am

    Thanks! AH! Sorry for the double post- silly phone lol

    PingyZ 08/25/2016  8:11am

    Bump for updates

    KayleeElia 08/25/2016  8:50am

    Any news on non-eq men list?

    KickToJesus5678 08/25/2016  9:20am

    Equity being called now. No non eq or emc news

    musICantEven 08/25/2016  9:44am

    Who's ITR? Thanks!

    belt4daze 08/25/2016  9:49am

    Musicanteeven, just a reminder that at an ECC that EMC "doesn't exist" at these. We're lumped with non-eq as if we aren't EMC.

    Showbizdreamer 08/25/2016  9:52am

    i heard that non equity just taking drop offs and not being seen

    muffin 08/25/2016  10:07am

    Who's in the room?

    Ineedthisjob32 08/25/2016  10:14am

    can anyone confirm about non-eqs being seen or just doing drop-offs?

    ElemenoPea 08/25/2016  10:17am

    Confirmation on whether non-eq are being seen or just dropping off would be appreciated! Thank you!


    MissKayShuler 08/25/2016  10:19am

    Definitely not seeing non-eq women but they are accepting drop offs

    Fenderbender 08/25/2016  10:21am

    What number have they called through?

    PingyZ 08/25/2016  10:27am

    Thanks, FenderBender!

    MissKayShuler 08/25/2016  10:28am

    Any info on who's in the room?

    Ineedthisjob32 08/25/2016  10:31am

    Anything on noneq men?

    kitchencounter 08/25/2016  10:50am

    Rachel Hoffman CD and Brian Usifer MD

    PingyZ 08/25/2016  10:51am

    Any info on who's in the room?

    Ineedthisjob32 08/25/2016  10:58am

    Any info on who's in the room?

    Ineedthisjob32 08/25/2016  10:58am

    Sorry not sure why my question posted so many times:-(

    Ineedthisjob32 08/25/2016  10:59am

    The kid I am babysitting just looked up at me and said, "Maybe one day *I* can be in Frozen and cut the ice!" (At the moment, his favorite song is "Frozen Heart"). He's so excited to know that someone can be IN Frozen! Just thought I'd share a nice story and a reminder that, in the eyes of many, what we do (or try to do) is magical and amazing. Happy auditioning!

    MissKayShuler 08/25/2016  11:04am

    ^^^the fact that that's his favorite song from it makes me so damn I'm not kidding :):):)

    Showbizdreamer 08/25/2016  11:10am

    Have they closed the call to equity women?

    sosayethi 08/25/2016  11:27am

    I'm about to leave work. Can someone please ask the monitor and find out if they're seeing noneq guys. Thanks!!

    Blerg 08/25/2016  11:53am

    Any updates on whether non-eq men will be seen? Thanks!

    E-Bone.Capone 08/25/2016  12:26pm

    Not seeing nonequity men, taking dropoffs

    oleanderwarrior 08/25/2016  2:00pm

    Not seeing non-eq men, but taking drop-offs

    bwaylvsong 08/25/2016  2:00pm

    Anyone know if they closed the men's equity call?

    Himherhimher 08/25/2016  2:26pm