• NAB - Harden-Curtis Associates 02/12/2014  10:00am

    Anybody care to share their thoughts/feelings/experience with Harden-Curtis? Especially concerning (but not limited to) freelancing?


    I freelanced with them several years ago and while I loved the people in the office , I got very, very few auditions, admittedly I am a very specific type and am not a musical theatre actor, but they are a very good agency and have some great clients.

    LaVidaLoca 02/12/2014  10:11am

    Did you find that as a freelancer you were only paid attention to after signed clients were taken care of?

    yolo 02/12/2014  12:33pm

    When I met Nancy Curtis, I found her to be one of the coldest, least pleasant people I have ever dealt with in the industry. Take that for what you will.

    Urethra Franklin 02/12/2014  12:35pm

    I have no idea if I was only taken care of after signed clients , all I know was that I freelanced with them for about a year and got maybe 3 auditions, so I went elsewhere. Yes, Nancy Curtis can be cold but I found I didn't have many dealings with her at all.

    LaVidaLoca 02/12/2014  3:26pm

    Any other experiences with this office?

    DressedinyourPyjamas 07/16/2015  4:56pm

    i have friends with them and they get great appointments.

    notaproblem 07/18/2015  10:49am

    I have many friends who are signed/freelancing clients of theirs. If you're signed with them you will probably get great appointments and they will work hard for you. If you're freelancing it's a bit dicier. A few of my friends freelanced and were never sent out and the relationship just kind of dissipated into nothingness. One friend though "freelanced" and continued to pursue work on his own and developed relationships with playwrights and casting directors. Eventually after a few years of "freelancing" but getting his own work, they signed him. Now he works pretty much nonstop. :)

    elizabeth86 07/18/2015  12:05pm

    I wanna bring this back. Anyone know if they like to freelance potential new clients still and how that is? Any updated info on them really would be great :)

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    wontsingbeforenoon 07/12/2018  2:02am

    They are great and so professional. I get plenty of appointments through them but just know if you are looking for a buddy buddy/friend/agent relationship this likely isnt the office for you. I've had a few friends freelance with them as well, and they seem to like it. It seems like they usually get signed for reals when they book something bigger.

    taptaptappinonthata$$ 07/15/2018  2:49pm