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    bjc312 01/02/2017  6:44pm

    Offers out.

    insiderinfo 01/03/2017  1:48pm

    Hey insider are these offers or callbacks? Not sure what a work session would fall under lol

    callbacksgivemeanxiety 01/03/2017  1:57pm

    Hey - just saw that you have a work session on the 9th. That might just be for the Female ensemble... I do know that Principal offers are out and most (if not all) of the Male Ens.

    insiderinfo 01/03/2017  2:03pm

    good to know! thanks :)

    callbacksgivemeanxiety 01/03/2017  2:38pm

    Break legs "callbacks"!!

    insiderinfo 01/03/2017  3:44pm

    Did female dancer offers go out?

    LizDance7 01/03/2017  5:44pm

    Thanks insider!!

    callbacksgivemeanxiety 01/04/2017  9:27pm

    any decisions made in the room?

    callbacksgivemeanxiety 01/09/2017  5:09pm


    Any offers out from yesterdays invited call?

    Singsing422 01/10/2017  12:36pm


    callbacksgivemeanxiety 01/10/2017  3:04pm


    pleaseeee 01/11/2017  10:48am

    Bump again

    callbacksgivemeanxiety 01/11/2017  7:08pm