• bump on cb's from dancer ECC

    loveandlive 01/09/2017  7:46am


    DanceAndSing 01/09/2017  11:04am


    Smirkenstocks 01/09/2017  12:18pm

    Went to the ECC yesterday, just got an appt for Wed, singing first then dancing.

    hppysunset 01/09/2017  12:23pm

    @hppysunset, male or female?

    Smirkenstocks 01/09/2017  12:39pm

    How was the dance call?

    litvi22 01/09/2017  5:40pm

    any callbacks from the singer ECC on Saturday?

    BlackJacket44 01/09/2017  6:08pm

    Does anyone remember who was in the room at the ecc singers?

    iworkherenow 01/09/2017  11:09pm

    In the room:

    Peter Van Dam, Casting Associate
    Meg Zervoulis, Music Director
    Austin Regan, Associate Director
    Sharon Kenney, Accompanist (Side note: Sharon is like my favorite audition accompanist. She's super sweet and always makes you sound better than you should. If anyone knows her, please let her know that her work is appreciated.)

    equitypoverty 01/10/2017  2:00am

    Any callbacks yet from today's callback?

    Dottie_dance 01/11/2017  7:17pm

    Bump for any info on cb's, etc

    hppysunset 01/12/2017  12:23pm


    willworkforEMC 01/12/2017  10:26pm