• NAB- Royal Caribbean Audition Question 01/08/2017  9:02pm

    Anyone who's been to a recent Royal Caribbean call- what do they usually have you sing first? It says to prepare 3 of their songs and bring 2 of your own. Do they usually have you go in with your songs and ask for their songs after or in a callback?


    HA! Was just about to ask this myself.

    I haven't been in for them in a couple years but before that they never asked for their own stuff first that they now list in their site, so has audition protocol changed?

    I'm sitting here praying I don't have to sing any of that to start off, because all that was callback material my last audition for them and dear lawd in heaven...why must must they pick such insane material and treat it as a "one size fits all" situation?? My voice hated me for a couple days. #whitegirlssingingwhitney #helpme

    Showbizdreamer 01/08/2017  10:06pm

    Plus this is still an open call right after the start of audition season, so I can't see them having everyone who shows up singing all of this craziness...at least merely for time sake.

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    Yeah same, I'm really hoping we can just sing our own stuff first. It looks like agent appts are the same day as the open call, too, so they'll have even less time.

    Anyone know?

    Sassycat7 01/11/2017  5:43pm

    I do know RC has a lot of casting peeps so I THINK they'll have more than room going, one for agent appts and one for the open call. I would hope so anyway, that would incredibly silly not to.
    Sadly I can't go to this round anymore, but anyone with more info on how their auditions work as of recently would be great .

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