• All Aboard! @ 01/11/2017  8:54pm

    I received an email asking me to choose an audition slot time and they were supposed to email me back with a confirmation and location... did anyone else get an audition appointment request from them as well?? If so, did they email you back?


    Got the same e-mail with a time request, but nothing since then.

    jesus_the_cowardly_lion 01/11/2017  9:05pm

    same! signed up last night but heard nothing.

    galliegirl 01/11/2017  9:05pm

    ok LOL just got my email confirmation

    galliegirl 01/11/2017  9:18pm

    yup just got mine too! they like waiting until the last min! lol

    MissManhattan 01/11/2017  10:48pm

    Still waiting ! I signed up for the 4-5 today and haven't gotten an email with the location yet. 😑

    GihopeiGit 01/12/2017  2:40pm

    i'm a little nervous this seems messy

    galliegirl 01/12/2017  3:13pm

    Please let me know how this went.
    I received an appt., but it all seemed a bit odd to me so I declined.
    Would love to hear about the experience though. I hope it went well for all!

    Dynamite 01/12/2017  4:26pm

    it actually was fine. totallh normal! i was their last audition (i think). sang one song, got asked for a second, then dismissed. everyone was very nice. 4 people behind the table plus the pianist. got good, positive vibes. they were really all paying attention.

    galliegirl 01/12/2017  9:44pm

    That's great news!!!

    Dynamite 01/12/2017  10:40pm

    Actually it went great! Very organized when i got there. I think it was just the online company they used to appointments was slow. Callbacks are monday :)

    GihopeiGit 01/13/2017  10:42pm