• Sister Act Asian Tour @ other 01/11/2017  11:08pm

    Are appointments out for this? I know the deadline is the 13th, but figured I'd start a thread!


    I haven't heard yet!

    youngscrelter 01/11/2017  11:54pm

    Nothing yet. Did you submit via actors access or the random playbill email?

    joytothegurrrrl 01/12/2017  12:34am

    I submitted via the playbill posting, but haven't heard anything yet.

    broadway9999 01/12/2017  5:52am

    I did AA! Only because I just happen to see it before the playbill one!

    Amanda4061 01/12/2017  9:00am

    I submitted through Actors Access & also sent a hard copy in the mail. Anyone hear anything yet?

    YouKnowYouKindaLoveAndrewLloydWebber--Don'tHate 01/13/2017  11:55am

    I submitted on Playbill, but haven't heard anything

    hellohello26 01/13/2017  12:35pm

    did you submit a video audition as well ? Or just headshot resume?

    winkandwiggle 01/13/2017  4:18pm

    Anyone heard, from Actors Access or email submission? I submitted a short video clip via email, haven't heard anything yet...

    Those who submitted via email, was it just that automatically generated 'anon...@playbill.com' address? Or was there another address on the posting that I missed?

    loverlee 01/15/2017  8:42am

    i sent an email using the playbill generated email. it was 00000159-8428-d56a-af59-a52feb2b0000@anon.playbill.com

    is this the same email that came up for others that used playbill to submit?

    Kinky&Wicked 01/15/2017  9:56am

    The deadline to submit was the 13th... so I assume they're coming out this week!

    Amanda4061 01/15/2017  6:35pm


    YouKnowYouKindaLoveAndrewLloydWebber--Don'tHate 01/16/2017  12:48pm

    raise ur bump

    user1234 01/17/2017  12:02am


    Kinky&Wicked 01/17/2017  11:07am


    ladieswhobrunch20 01/17/2017  3:02pm

    Sister Bump

    saymeow 01/17/2017  5:01pm

    Received an email today via manager about an appointment for Eddie.

    BigelowWalkerJr 01/17/2017  7:26pm

    Yes appt for Mary Patrick- I know of an appt for Mother Superior as well

    Lionsandtigersandbroadway OHMY 01/17/2017  8:02pm

    All agent/manager appointments? Or any from playbill/Actors Access submissions?

    loverlee 01/17/2017  9:52pm


    Amanda4061 01/18/2017  11:24am

    I was in the original non union tour, and was given an official offer yesterday through an agent. But I will be going in for an audition for one of the leads to see if I'll bump up.

    beltingthroughpracticerooms 01/18/2017  1:06pm

    Thanks for the info, all. Just to clarify, did anyone receive an appointment through self submissions via ActorsAccess/email??

    loverlee 01/19/2017  10:36am

    I received an appointment from my agent this morning.

    halfrican 01/19/2017  10:46am

    Did anyone have appointments today? If so, did they tell any of you to come back next week?

    HeardThankYou5 01/21/2017  8:37pm

    Did anyone have appointments today? If so, did they tell any of you to come back next week?

    HeardThankYou5 01/21/2017  11:56pm

    Call backs out?

    IdinaMenzel 01/22/2017  8:28pm

    Anyone know who the accomp was in the room yesterday?

    aroadtofollow 01/22/2017  8:36pm

    Bump about callbacks

    HeardThankYou5 01/22/2017  9:50pm