• Whatever36

    They asked my availability in the room but I've heard nothing since :(.

    olive 01/12/2017  10:07am

    Samsies! Asked if I was available but no word yet.

    canttakeitwithyou 01/12/2017  1:24pm

    I did. They sent out an email last night and held callbacks this afternoon. I think there are more happening tomorrow as well.

    trash 01/12/2017  5:24pm

    Well that stinks. I mean I was asked in the room to come back and never got an email.

    canttakeitwithyou 01/12/2017  11:15pm

    What are the auditions for tomorrow? Can anyone say?! I lost my calendar! :(

    Newyorkcitynow 01/12/2017  11:58pm