• Kikki & Grandpa & Baby @ 11/09/2012  3:42pm

    Is anyone else a little weirded out by this audition?

    It pays $300/wk - It's off-Broadway - it's Non-Eq.

    However, the post is just all wrong. It gives no vocal types for any part. It says "all ethnicities and vocal types will be seen." So, does that mean that they haven't actually written the show yet?

    And it says "prepare a song along with the score" - um, what? What does that even mean?

    Did anyone go today?


    I was there today and it is a Japanese company trying to do a play in NYC. It is a work in progress and they really don't know what they want. The translation isn't really finished yet as well as the translation in the call was pretty bad.

    skydv2005 11/09/2012  8:29pm

    this does seem really sketchy to me, esp since they contradict themselves in the actual posting on Playbill-"Open auditions (no appointments) for Acting" and then later on they say to email so and so for an appointment, I say AVOID!

    bklyngirl 11/09/2012  10:56pm

    I'm going to hazard a guess and say it's the language barrier. They're Japanese and apparently new to the theatre world. I emailed asking whether they were holding auditions on all 3 days and they wrote back promptly saying that they were, and also stating the dates of the callbacks. I am planning to audition on Sunday; nothing to lose except a little time!

    GKH 11/09/2012  11:15pm

    What'd you sing? Was there an accompanist?

    Smactor 11/10/2012  1:11pm