• Death for 5 Voices @ Actor's Equity Center 11/12/2012  7:54am

    Anybody there this morning? How busy is this looking right now? Any info is greatly appreciated.


    Bump! Also curious!

    Songsstresss 11/12/2012  9:22am

    Wide open, lots of appts as of 9:30

    jada17 11/12/2012  9:30am

    Any noneq seen yet? Post when they do if possible!

    vaboy27 11/12/2012  10:13am

    slots available as of 10:30-11:00?

    updater 11/12/2012  10:50am

    Wide open. And nonunion has been seen already.

    FairyPerdita 11/12/2012  11:40am