• Gagainsider

    How can you self-submit? I thought the auditions were November 30th?

    musicaltheatre89 11/12/2012  3:35pm

    The agent breakdown said that appts were not going out right away.

    RoadMap 11/12/2012  4:45pm

    all the info to send your headshot and resume is on Playbill.com

    Gagainsider 11/12/2012  6:52pm

    I went on playbill and there's nowhere it says to submit headshots and resumes. Do you have a link I just can't seem to find? Thanks!

    countonme123 11/13/2012  10:13am

    From the AEA website, if you are:

    Attn: Les Miserables / AEA submission
    Wojcik / Seay Casting
    247 W 38th St 10th Fl.
    New York NY 10018

    Artistic Director: Allen D. Cornell
    Director: Allen D Cornell
    Musical Staging: DJ Salisbury
    Musical Director: Ken Clifton
    Casting: Wojcik | Seay Casting

    Thia 11/13/2012  11:04am

    It's right there


    Gagainsider 11/13/2012  11:41am