• SnowflakePath

    Also how's Equity looking busy?

    Cailin 11/13/2012  12:06pm


    tvolgenau 11/13/2012  12:35pm

    Was anyone else excited when they saw this audition that the play was about a popular teenage boy who finds out he's a leprechaun and then he loses his luck and he has to fight the evil leprechaun to get it back? Aka the Disney movie "The Luck of the Irish"...

    I know I can't be the only one...

    Oh: I'm a dork :)

    bowe123 11/13/2012  12:49pm

    Bump...seriously need to know!! My lunch break might need to be compromised.

    SnowflakePath 11/13/2012  1:10pm

    C'mon my people!! Update!

    SnowflakePath 11/13/2012  2:19pm

    Come Lady! They are seeing non eq and no one is here, as of yet! Hurry in case, they close early!

    Bust a leg!

    Lyons 11/13/2012  2:51pm

    Thanks Lyons! Got right in and out!
    Best of luck!

    SnowflakePath 11/13/2012  6:35pm

    It was my absolute pleasure. I know how frustrating it is if no one replies. Then if there's a joke...Arrrgh! "This is my passion here... my career!" Glad I could help :)

    Lyons 11/13/2012  6:47pm