• ActorFest @ 18th Street 11/16/2012  7:28pm

    Hey Guys-

    wanted to gather some opinions. Several months ago, I signed up for two workshops at ActorFest. After I did that, I signed up for an acting class that has already started and meets at the same time as the workshops I signed up for. I LOVE this class, and I'd really rather go to that and eat the cost of the workshops UNLESS they are really worth it. Do the CD's even have a list of the actors taking them? If its an enormous, headache-y, badly run operation, I'd really rather go to the class. Let me know if you guys have any experience with actorfest.


    I also have a question...i have a free submission ticket...my friend and i are wondering if its even worth it to go. Is there any chance we will get to sign up for an audition and get seen? Thanks!

    Youareenough 11/16/2012  8:23pm

    It's tough to say. I went last year and it really helped teach me some ins and outs of the business that I didn't know about, and hear other people ask questions I didn't even think to ask. You get to hear directly from casting directors and agents what they look for, what they like, how to get their attention, and SPECIFIC things, not the general "just be yourself but also be marketable". I got to do one-on-one's with 3 CDs, and got called in for one audition. I also won a raffle where I got a ton of Lee Strasberg stuff!

    I would go again this year, as it's a great way to get your headshot directly to those CDs (and they give you direct feedback on your headshot/look/resume/experience), but I have a conflict tomorrow. I'm not beating myself up too much - I didn't get an agent or a manager out of it or anything last year. Go if you can, but if not, don't sweat it. There's always one next year, and there are other ways to get in front of those CDs. One on One NYC, for example.

    bowe123 11/16/2012  8:50pm

    More than anything else, actually, I'd say it's a great way to meet other actors. I met some fantastic people there last year who I'm still in touch with today.

    bowe123 11/16/2012  8:51pm