• Les Mis - Chorus Call @ 11/25/2012  10:15pm

    They have men and women chorus calls starting at 10am on different days. Does anybody know if those are going to be all day or until 2pm?


    I'm not looking at the listing at the moment... But is it possible that they have singer or dancer calls (whichever you weren't planning on attending) that start in the afternoon?

    kb 11/26/2012  9:43am

    there are no dancer calls for Les Miz. I would assume since these will be large volume calls, they may do callbacks in the afternoon after they sing everyone.

    dopplegang 11/26/2012  9:53am

    Just saw for the ECC they want a POP SONG. Anyone know if that's for real? For Les Miz?!

    JJ 11/27/2012  11:08am

    i think they mean "pop" music theatre (ie. Weber, Schonberg, JRB, etc). But bad choice of words

    Prepare 16 Bars pop or contemporary theatre music song. Classical, Opera, jazz, and rock are not the proper styles. Bring sheet music in correct key; accompanist provided but may not transpose. Bring Book of Music. Bring picture and resume, stapled together.

    dopplegang 11/27/2012  11:24am

    Does anyone know if there is an E.P.A. for this? I saw the notices for E.C.C. and non-union call and submissions but not for an E.P.A.?

    forbiddenbroadway 11/29/2012  12:28am

    What's the likelihood that non-eqs will be seen?

    Krisbuzz5 11/29/2012  7:17am

    As always, won't know until the call starts, which today is 9:30am.

    BruuuceHead 11/29/2012  8:05am

    How's it looking for equity members who didn't sign up beforehand? Thank you!!

    Brady's Mom 11/29/2012  8:43am

    All Equity members MUST be seen, as long as they arrive before the call officially starts and they get a Chorus Call card. Anyone arriving after the call starts runs the risk of not being seen, as the auditioners can close the call any time after it starts.

    Harlequin 11/29/2012  11:35am

    Will someone please post if and when the monitor closes the call? Thanks!

    Smiley 11/29/2012  12:14pm

    I was very early on the list, so I'm not sure if they closed the call. When I left circa 10:30 a.m. they had handed out 147 cards. My friend who had a number around 70/80 texted me to say she doubted she'd be seen before noon. Hope that helps a little.

    FairyPerdita 11/29/2012  1:10pm

    I believe the call is closed. They are taking a lunch break from 1-2pm and were supposed to go up to number 80 before lunch and resume at 2pm. I'm not sure how far they actually got before lunch time.

    melloyello 11/29/2012  1:11pm

    Oh - they also asked a lot of people to sing two songs - so that might happen so be prepared - and that might be making the call run a little more slowly than usual. Both Scott and Gayle are in the room and are being super nice.

    FairyPerdita 11/29/2012  1:11pm

    Is this call closed?

    ireallyneedthisjob 11/29/2012  1:19pm

    Are they not seeing NON EQ/EMC??

    caitmtlvr 11/29/2012  1:39pm

    There is another thread for Les Mis and it said no non-eq today. Something about an open call on Monday though.

    Smiley 11/29/2012  2:15pm