• thejollyraja

    Yes..any word on how high the non-eq count is?

    caliact 11/28/2012  7:31am

    Any updates on equity appointments?

    orfeo27 11/28/2012  9:50am

    There are about 20-25 EMC and 33 non eq signed up...I'm guessing on EMC cuz I can't see the list. Im #7 on EMC and I was toward tbe front of the line. There are a lot of open equity appts.

    Nattalyee 11/28/2012  10:16am

    Who's in the room for this today?

    humana88 11/28/2012  10:45am

    ITR is Carrie Gardner & assistant. Lots of equity appointments open.

    causeimablonde 11/28/2012  11:14am

    have they started seeing noneq/what number are they on?

    winged 11/28/2012  11:41am

    up to 17 non eq at lunch break

    caliact 11/28/2012  1:09pm