• Olney - ECC (Carnival! and Once Upon a Mattress) @ Pearl Studios 11/28/2012  10:25pm

    Hi everyone,

    When there is split call like there will be for the Olney ECC tomorrow, i.e. Male Dancers at 10 am and Male Singers at 2:30 pm, when would the Male Singers go to sign-up? Would they sign up in the morning at the same time as the Dancers or will the Singer sign-up begin after lunch?

    Thank you!


    no ECC sign ups are posted at Actors Equity a week before the audition and are taken down 24 hours before the scheduled audition. If you want to sign up on the day you will have to line up like you would at an EPA and you will be seen after the "official" list from the previous week.

    hteb 11/29/2012  1:18am

    Correction: The list comes down at 5 PM the day before the call. Any Equity performers who do not sign up on the list can still be see as long as they show up at the call before the time the call officially starts. Non-equity are seen at the discretion of the auditioners.

    Harlequin 11/29/2012  11:13am

    Hey guys! Do you know about non-eq at the ECCs? Did they see non-eq today at the boys call? I'm trying to get seen tmrw at the girls call and was just curious what it was like today. Thanks for any info you have! :)

    LegsMcGee 11/29/2012  11:19pm

    ^ Same!

    Bento Tinderbox 11/30/2012  12:20am