• Breakfast at Tiffany's-Understudies @ Actor's Equity Center 11/29/2012  12:42am

    Was hoping to go to this today...but was wondering how the other EPA's for this show have been? Has anyone gone? Has it been crazy busy? Any non-eqs seen?


    How's the sign up looking? Is there a line?

    dancingyogi 11/29/2012  8:23am

    If anyone could post how long the non eq list is and if they are even seeing non eq...that would be great, thanks!

    actgirl228 11/29/2012  8:35am

    Non-Eq list was of 20 at 8:10am when I last checked.

    QK 11/29/2012  10:22am

    are they seeing non eq?

    xoxoxo 11/29/2012  10:26am