• Thanks for posting this update!

    New2NewYork 11/29/2012  8:50am

    Any news on if they will see non-Eq?

    ticklemeplease 11/29/2012  9:17am

    So far they haven't said anything...non eq list is at 60...ill post when we hear!

    ameliabedeeeelia 11/29/2012  9:48am

    No non-eq

    BruuuceHead 11/29/2012  9:51am

    They are not seeing non eq today... They didn't say anything about emc but I'm assuming the call is full!

    ameliabedeeeelia 11/29/2012  9:52am

    Thanks so much for the updates on non-eq guys! Made things a lot easier for me :)

    New2NewYork 11/29/2012  10:31am

    EMC's are considered non-equity at Chorus Calls. EMC's only have a separate category at EPA's.

    Harlequin 11/29/2012  11:07am

    The monitor said something about an open call Monday, but I haven't seen a listing. Anybody been able to find that?

    BruuuceHead 11/29/2012  11:10am

    I keep hearing about an open call on Monday December 3, 2012 but can't seem to find the details online anywhere. When someone finds out can you post? Please and thanks!

    NathanA 11/29/2012  1:57pm

    Non-union call on Monday: www.playbill.com

    forbiddenbroadway 11/29/2012  4:29pm

    did the call close at 10 am or are they signing up more men who arrive after that time?

    nothingcameuproses 11/30/2012  10:14am

    Can anyone there tell me that last number they've called for the Equity guys?

    km87 11/30/2012  11:28am