• Great Lakes - EPA @ Pearl Studios 12/01/2012  4:03pm

    Hi guys! Any idea what time Pearl (519) opens in the morning, specifically on Sunday? Going to the EPA tomorrow and don't want to stand out in the cold too long ;).


    Pearl should be opening at 8pm. Only 4 currently on line.

    SingASong 12/02/2012  7:35am

    How's this call looking for EMCs?

    caitmtlvr 12/02/2012  9:00am

    EMC's are for sure being seen. Still waiting to find out about non eq.

    Lola huds 12/02/2012  9:29am

    Thanks for the updates! How many EMCs are on the list and do you think maybe they'll get seen before lunch? I have to work this afternoon.

    caitmtlvr 12/02/2012  10:09am

    Are non-eqs being seen? Do we know yet?

    get_it 12/02/2012  10:46am

    EMC's get in almost right away if they say they only want to sing a song. It's looking good for non eq but they haven't said anything yet. Non eq list is at about 35. Not sure about the EMC list.

    Lola huds 12/02/2012  11:09am

    how are Equity appts looking?

    harlequin 12/02/2012  11:46am

    Non eq told to come back when lunch is done at 3. Have they made any announcements/started to see non eq?

    Cedar 12/02/2012  3:11pm

    who's ITR?

    lookin4updatez 12/02/2012  3:13pm

    Any appointments left?

    starM 12/02/2012  3:27pm

    They are done with the alternate list and are starting on the non eq list.

    Lola huds 12/02/2012  3:47pm