• Yes, does anyone know if Wojcik/Seay accepts unofficial lists?

    vaksurik 12/02/2012  5:33pm

    I can't find the non eq call listed anywhere. Does it start at 10am?

    Justwantahotdog 12/02/2012  5:41pm

    Here is the link: playbill.com

    It starts at 9 am. I'm planning to sign up at about 7am...? What do you guys think?

    ravenclaw 12/02/2012  6:15pm

    So it says guys sign in begins at 1:00. Will they actually happen or will all the crazies get there at 3:00 in the morning?

    thatguyatauditions 12/02/2012  6:22pm

    will **that actually happen ...

    thatguyatauditions 12/02/2012  6:23pm

    The sign up STARTS at 9 am. A monitor will not be there earlier. And Equity houses do not take unofficial lists. Trust me, I have worked as a monitor.
    So, you all better simmer down.

    thezpeain129 12/02/2012  6:55pm

    You're right, Equity auditions do not take unofficial lists. However, this casting agency does not cast strictly Equity shows, and as this is an open call, there is a good chance they will be okay with an unofficial list. It's always good to know ahead of time since in our little non-eq world it means the difference between arriving at 5-6 to write your name down and leave....or arriving at 7-8 to wait in the cold.

    Anyone have experience auditioning for this agency?

    vaksurik 12/02/2012  7:08pm

    I believe the last open call I was at for this casting team, they did not honor an unofficial list. I could be wrong, but I think it would be more enjoyable for everyone if people just showed up at a normal hour and waited in line... Makes for less confusion and frustration all around.

    BruuuceHead 12/02/2012  9:31pm

    I agree!

    thatguyatauditions 12/02/2012  9:33pm

    Does anyone know if there is an E.P.A. for this? I have looked and did not see anything.

    Polly 12/02/2012  10:51pm

    The Epa is the Dec 3rd and the 4th by appt only

    Justwantahotdog 12/02/2012  11:12pm

    I went to their open call last year for full monty and I'm almost positive they took the unofficial list...

    chorusboy 12/02/2012  11:13pm

    Men's official list starts at 1pm Womens a 9am.

    As a man I would prefer to not have to arrive until 12pm if possible.

    dRock27 12/03/2012  12:14am

    Amen Brother.

    thatguyatauditions 12/03/2012  12:30am

    13 girls on list, only 3 in line... Hope the ten of you are enjoying your sleep.

    BruuuceHead 12/03/2012  6:05am

    Howdy - any updates? How many ladies on the list? Thanks!

    cclpiglet 12/03/2012  7:48am

    Today is a day I'm glad in wrong! :) Unofficial list honored.

    BruuuceHead 12/03/2012  8:52am