• Alhambra @ Pearl Studios 12/04/2012  10:14am

    Any word on this audition? Busy? Empty? Appointments available? Any 411 appreciated! Thanks!


    I'm pretty sure these auditions are not until tomorrow.

    EPAs Weds Thurs and ECC on Friday.

    your2ndcousin 12/04/2012  10:23am

    Yes!! Sorry for the post early! LOL Guess I'm anxious to audition. ;)

    Actingismylife 12/04/2012  10:25am

    Anyone there yet? Crowded?

    JoyfulGirl 12/05/2012  8:25am

    Twenty or so non-Eq, maybe twenty Equity and EMC? The line's a little disorganized right now.

    MKActor: Thank you for your early enthusiasm. The AEA website is down and I had no idea where the audition was this morning. Had you not posted yesterday, I would have been durdling around midtown, frantically trying to figure out where I was supposed to be.

    thejollyraja 12/05/2012  8:43am

    You're welcome, JollyRaja. If you (or anyone) happen to see if it looks busy/appointments available after lunch, I'd appreciate any 411 anyone can provide!

    Actingismylife 12/05/2012  9:35am


    Actingismylife 12/05/2012  9:39am

    Yes, an update on appointments would be appreciated.

    Harlequin 12/05/2012  10:09am

    Any word on this one? Appointments left before lunch or after? Alts/EMC/NonEq? Any info appreciated!

    Actingismylife 12/05/2012  10:28am

    Please post if you know who's in the room or if they posted a more specific breakdown for the plays Thanks

    tapwizard 12/05/2012  10:47am

    any info on non eq?

    Actorshelpingactors 12/05/2012  11:15am

    how full are the appointments for after lunch?

    perkypants 12/05/2012  12:39pm

    Last I checked there were upwards of 10 on EMC list only 2 had gone and upwards of 20 on non eq only 2 had gone. There were 2 alternates and several openings in the afternoon for eq

    DRock27 12/05/2012  1:26pm

    anyone know what time the call ends today? Please update with non-eq status if possible after lunch break!

    perkypants 12/05/2012  1:42pm

    call ends at 6 I think. looks like appointments still available for 3:50 on...

    harlequin 12/05/2012  2:35pm

    how many non-eqs got seen today?

    tryintomakeit 12/05/2012  5:03pm

    What time did non-eqs show up to get on the list?

    Actorinprogress 12/05/2012  6:24pm

    Anyone going today? what time?

    Actorinprogress 12/06/2012  7:22am

    Any word on today folks?

    Drivingmecrazy 12/06/2012  2:39pm