• Beyond The Music ECC @ Pearl Studios 12/05/2012  12:35am

    Can people post whether they're seeing non-equity once the team arrives and announces? Thanks!


    how many people are there now? thanks!

    luli12 12/05/2012  8:19am


    Bohemian_Er 12/05/2012  9:09am

    There are about 35 ppl signed up.

    Nattalyee 12/05/2012  9:33am

    For non eq

    Nattalyee 12/05/2012  9:34am

    Are they seeing noneq?

    Auditionssuck 12/05/2012  10:18am

    Time permitting

    Nattalyee 12/05/2012  10:48am

    No Eq will not be seen today

    TokyoBrown 12/05/2012  11:06am

    @TokyoBrown...does that mean non-eq will or won't
    Be seen?

    Paul 12/05/2012  11:53am

    Whoops just re-read that. Thanks!

    Paul 12/05/2012  12:02pm