• About 40 on unofficial list!

    lalalala 12/05/2012  9:14am

    How is it going over there? Is there a long list? Do you think it might close any time soon? I probably won't get out there for a few hours still, just trying to get a feel if its worth it or no. Thanks!

    erbncy 12/05/2012  10:20am

    I feel in a few hours it will be closes bc there are probably only 40 more ppl left to be called, but it never hurts to come over and see!

    Nattalyee 12/05/2012  10:47am

    Are they giving callbacks in the room?

    thirdfloor 12/05/2012  11:41am

    Want to add another bump here for what Bob Cline said about the Caucasian roles! Think it would be useful for any of us about to head down :)

    adina12 12/05/2012  11:48am

    From the Bitch section: On the breakdown it said that they were looking for 2 Causian females and said that they probably would cast locally for that. He said if you have another audition your missing bc of this call, you should go to it. Otherwise, it's a great opportunity to be seen by Mark Robin. He also told the Caucasian males he is looking for someone to play older. All this was said in the waiting room to everyone before they started.

    adina12 12/05/2012  12:13pm