• actornyc

    After my audition on Monday, they had asked me to come in on Tuesday to be filmed for the director. They said offers would be made within 4-5 days of Monday, so this weekend :-)

    Jordy723 12/05/2012  8:03pm

    Thank you! (First time anyone's replied to one of my posts...)

    actornyc 12/06/2012  10:34am

    Please post when offers are made!

    actornyc 12/06/2012  11:38am

    No problem! And yes, I definitely will if I hear anything. But it's best to check in Callback Corner for offers and what not :-)

    Jordy723 12/06/2012  3:47pm

    Annnnd it's Monday. I assume offers have been made. Can anyone confirm this?

    actornyc 12/10/2012  9:40am