• One Night @ Cherry Lane Theater 12/10/2012  8:53am

    Any info on how busy this call is today, appointments/alternate list, etc? Thanks.


    Are they seeing non-equity?

    Doggy 12/10/2012  9:45am

    They are seeing non eq time permitting. Morning slots are filling up, an emc was told she could probably be seen around 11 if not earlier.

    abenson 12/10/2012  10:01am

    First 3 EMC's were just called. Not sure how big the list is, non eq list up to 24

    abenson 12/10/2012  10:43am

    Any Equity appointments left?

    orfeo27 12/10/2012  11:39am

    Any info on the non-eq situation would also be greatly appreciated :)

    adina12 12/10/2012  12:13pm

    There are still appts after lunch. They are running behind. The monitor is not really trying to get anyone off the alternate list. seems par for the course with the new monitors....

    ShakesGal 12/10/2012  12:14pm

    hey guys is ther an emc list?? how for is it up too?? is ther still equity slots open after lunch.

    gabstar101 12/10/2012  1:11pm

    Non eq was dismissed until after lunch. When I left at 11:30 lots of slots were still open for the afternoon. Any updates would be appreciated.

    abenson 12/10/2012  1:24pm

    Any updates regarding this? How is it moving for non-eq? Thanks!

    QK 12/10/2012  3:03pm

    Was this the only day they're having auditions?

    bowe123 12/10/2012  3:09pm