• Disney Cruise Line @ Pearl Studios 12/10/2012  7:23pm

    So I am a man and I would love to be considered for Ursula....do you think they'd be up for that? If so, should I go to the call that's for Ursula and others tomorrow at 10am (which is probably going to be crazy busy), or should I go to the character male one? I would be right for a few of the character male roles, but I'm really hellbent on Ursula being a man!!!! I emailed the address posted in the playbill audition notice, but got no answer. Thoughts?


    Hi! Just letting you know that they most likely need a woman for Ursula since that actress performs various other female tracks in the other shows on-board the ship. Hope that helps!

    ketchupismymeat 12/10/2012  8:16pm

    Thank you that absolutely does help!! I guess from the breakdown I didn't realize these are shows that are currently up and running on the ships...I thought that maybe they were new.

    bkbway 12/10/2012  8:49pm