• Goodspeed EPA @ Chelsea Studios 12/11/2012  7:02am

    It's early yet, but anyone got the skinny on this call?


    About 25 people in line at 7:30

    Tonear1 12/11/2012  7:38am

    Line has doubled in the last 15 minutes!

    Tonear1 12/11/2012  7:56am

    Are they seeing noneq?!

    AaronBurrSir 12/11/2012  8:10am

    Monitor is taking a list of non-eq- not sure if they're being seen, though.

    Tonear1 12/11/2012  8:22am

    Won't know till the call starts. It's pretty full, though. The monitor went ahead and let the non-eqs make their list so they can go get coffee if they want and hopefully free up some space in here.

    redredrose 12/11/2012  8:24am

    What's it like now? Is it still worth it to try to get down there and sign up?

    NYCRose 12/11/2012  8:50am

    Who will be in the room today?

    SingASong 12/11/2012  9:19am

    How are the equity sign ups going? I was gonna probably head there a little before lunch.

    countonme123 12/11/2012  9:39am

    Equity alternate list only.

    FairyPerdita 12/11/2012  9:44am

    It's a madhouse....SO many people.

    PaperMilk 12/11/2012  9:49am

    Willing to see EMCs and non-eqs time permitting.

    redredrose 12/11/2012  9:52am

    Only 7 on the alt. list.

    FairyPerdita 12/11/2012  9:55am

    For the record they are booking it through alternates. Already called through #8.

    FairyPerdita 12/11/2012  10:21am

    Who is in the room?

    SingASong 12/11/2012  10:26am

    Are they still breezing through?

    NJNY 12/11/2012  10:42am

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but what's an alternate list? If I'm equity and I go in around 2 will I still be seen??

    countonme123 12/11/2012  10:50am

    What does the EMC lost look like?

    GoodGolly 12/11/2012  10:56am

    Could someone update how many are on the alternate list and how many they've been through? Thanks!!

    Bigred 12/11/2012  10:59am

    Could someone please share how many are on the alternate and EMC lists as of now? Thanks! Break legs!

    alittlebrainsalittletalent 12/11/2012  11:04am

    I think there were 30 something on the EMC list. A friend is #1 and said she'd text when/if she was seen, and I haven't heard from her yet.

    redredrose 12/11/2012  11:18am

    Have they gotten to any non-eqs?

    greenlantern 12/11/2012  11:30am

    Non-eq just told to come back after lunch. They are moving quickly, but not fast enough for pre-lunch Non-eq. EMC told to stick around.

    Gothryn99 12/11/2012  11:42am

    Non eqs are released for lunch.

    redredrose 12/11/2012  11:43am

    Are there any Equity appointments for after lunch? Are there a lot of alternates? Thank you!

    ritamee 12/11/2012  12:11pm

    Updates on alternate list? How long and is it moving? And who is in the room?

    butwhy 12/11/2012  12:11pm

    Could someone please post if they start seeing EMC's & how many they get through before lunch! Thanks!

    SouthernSutton 12/11/2012  12:13pm

    Accomp John Fischer
    CD Paul Hardt
    Prod Donna Lynn Hilton

    SouthernSutton 12/11/2012  12:16pm

    please keep posting what # they are up to on the alt. list. thanks!!

    NYCRose 12/11/2012  12:43pm

    Yes please!

    SouthernSutton 12/11/2012  12:53pm

    And also how long the alternate list is!! Thanks!

    butwhy 12/11/2012  12:57pm

    but is the call still open? I am non eq and want to go now

    bobo 12/11/2012  1:14pm

    Were any EMCs seen before lunch?

    ShopGirl 12/11/2012  2:04pm

    Are they seeing Non-eqs today at all?

    Thtrchik 12/11/2012  2:23pm

    No EMCs called so far today. The alternate list is growing, but they are moving pretty quickly.

    GoTeam 12/11/2012  2:42pm

    Non-eq released for the day. :(

    Gothryn99 12/11/2012  2:43pm

    Any updates on EMC? Have any been called?

    dpa 12/11/2012  3:36pm

    what # are they up to on the alt list??

    NYCRose 12/11/2012  3:45pm

    They are up to 70-something on the alt list. they are moving.

    butwhy 12/11/2012  3:48pm