• Spider-Man EPA @ Telsey @ 12/11/2012  7:51am

    Can someone post if they are seeing EMCs today and how full the appointments are? Thank you!



    Bohemian_Er 12/11/2012  8:08am

    How long is the line? I'm assuming since they're having both this call and the Kinky Boots call today, they're no expecting either call to be crazy. However, who knows!

    Brady's Mom 12/11/2012  8:08am

    How many people are there right now for Spidey?

    Bohemian_Er 12/11/2012  8:09am

    Very light, 30 people here, tops. Come on over!

    thejollyraja 12/11/2012  8:35am

    Anyone know if they are seeing Non-Eq today? THANKS! :)

    dmaggs 12/11/2012  9:03am

    I'm running a little late this morning. How's it looking for equity appointments? Thank you!!

    Brady's Mom 12/11/2012  9:15am

    Who will be in the room today?

    SingASong 12/11/2012  9:18am

    Lots of appointments available!

    Brady's Mom 12/11/2012  9:38am

    It seems everyone in new york is at the goodspeed call

    Paul 12/11/2012  9:52am

    Who's in the room?

    humana88 12/11/2012  10:09am

    Rachel Hoffman and a couple of interns are in the room!

    nikki113 12/11/2012  11:02am

    Are they still seeing people for this? Specifically non-eq?

    singorsleep 12/11/2012  11:41am

    Do you think we can still walk in? Are they seing NON EQ?

    bobo 12/11/2012  12:03pm

    Are there any Equity appointments for after lunch? Are there a lot of alternates? Thank you!

    ritamee 12/11/2012  12:36pm

    Please someone tell us!! I want to try to come by

    bobo 12/11/2012  12:41pm

    I was just there. They'll most likely get to non-eq because there weren't that many people there. A girl walked in who was EMC and had to wait maybe 10min. They said to come back after lunch (230). I don't know how far they'll get on the list though.. It was about 50 when I left.

    singorsleep 12/11/2012  12:52pm

    Is the call still open? I am going now

    bobo 12/11/2012  1:19pm

    lunch started at 1:30 and they had seen all emc AND maybe a few non eq up until then, but the non eq list was up to 60

    BFAinServing 12/11/2012  2:00pm

    yeah thanks I went but they told me it is closed and they were at number 10 on non eq..

    bobo 12/11/2012  3:49pm

    Non-Eq list is full & closed.

    ravenclaw 12/11/2012  4:27pm