• I am trying something new where I provide the link back to the call information. Let me know what you think.


    12/13/2012  2:41pm

    It's dead.

    Gypsy5758 12/12/2012  10:15am

    Still dead? Can you post if they will be seeing non eq?

    LegsMcGee 12/13/2012  9:13am

    I just received this tweet from @SurvivalJobs

    "@AuditionUpdate Jersey Boys - willing to see non-Eq women, time permitting (it's sooo quiet.)"

    AuditionUpdate 12/13/2012  2:40pm

    are they still seeing males??

    TheatreJock 12/13/2012  3:05pm

    So did they end up seeing all non eq today??

    GKH 12/13/2012  7:57pm