• Grease- walnut st theater @ Ripley Grier 520 12/12/2012  8:34am

    Non equity girls up to 19 and boys are at 8....monitor not arrived yet


    Any announcements about non-eq getting seen or not seen?

    ShopGirl 12/12/2012  9:33am

    They just finished Equity Men, took Non-Eq Men to line up and are now calling Equity Women.

    PeachyKeen22 12/12/2012  10:38am

    how many eq women are there?

    YouShouldTryItInHeels 12/12/2012  11:34am

    Anyone know the status for non eq women? Thanks!

    dmaggs 12/12/2012  11:36am

    there is like 65 girls on non equity list there are still at equity up to 50. They said they will type non equity.

    bobo 12/12/2012  12:04pm

    Is there an unofficial non eq women dancers list yet?

    lovernotafighter 12/12/2012  12:50pm

    Please, is the list still open for noneq dancer girls? Thank you!

    sing_happy 12/12/2012  3:07pm

    Boys 1-30 just went in. Busy call. No info for non yet.

    NJNY 12/12/2012  3:59pm