• A Chorus Line Fulton Theater @ Lancaster and NYC 12/12/2012  6:44pm

    After they've held local and New York auditions has anybody heard anything back about the Fulton Theaters production of A Chorus Line?


    Does not seem like it. Nor for dreamgirls yet

    singforyoursupper 12/14/2012  11:54am

    That's what I thought thank you for responding!

    samanthabrown114 12/14/2012  10:50pm

    offers went out today for A Chorus Line

    soonitsgonnarain 12/15/2012  12:02am

    Were offers sent out by phone or email?

    thirdfloor 12/15/2012  1:01am

    My friend got his offer via phone!

    Jordy723 12/15/2012  1:27am

    All the offers went out yesterday? Or are they still calling?

    mnbvc7 12/15/2012  12:56pm

    Whats the update? Have all the offers gone out?

    gbaby3190 12/23/2012  9:23pm


    samanthabrown114 12/27/2012  12:05am