• WTF Non-Eq Company @ 04/12/2017  8:15pm

    Are offers out for the Williamstown non-eq company? Specifically the fellowship and community works projects?


    Not entirely sure whether offers have been made yet, but Fellowship callbacks are happening tomorrow and Friday so I doubt the company has been completely assembled.

    beyoncetrolls 04/12/2017  10:13pm

    Not entirely sure whether offers have been made yet, but Fellowship callbacks are happening tomorrow and Friday so I doubt the company has been completely assembled.

    beyoncetrolls 04/12/2017  10:13pm

    ^what Beyonce said.

    itsalmostseven 04/13/2017  6:56pm

    Bump now that callbacks are almost done

    Actorinprogress 04/14/2017  11:34am


    kissology818 04/14/2017  8:37pm

    Was anyone told in the room when we can expect to hear something?
    I was silly and didn't think to ask...

    Actorinprogress 04/15/2017  9:20am

    Bump for fellowship offers!

    sunshinegirl7 04/15/2017  10:38am


    itsalmostseven 04/15/2017  11:17am

    I'm guessing we won't here until after the holiday weekend.

    jackyd10010 04/15/2017  3:56pm

    Bump for fellowship offers!

    sunshinegirl7 04/15/2017  4:44pm


    kissology818 04/17/2017  10:00am

    I know 2 Juilliard students have accepted a fellowship position and a community outreach position

    Catsandbroadway 04/17/2017  10:29am

    Damn. I'm guessing offers are out.

    kissology818 04/17/2017  10:33am

    :/ I'll ask around to see what I can figure out. It makes sense that offers would be out by now though.

    itsalmostseven 04/17/2017  11:12am

    In my grad program, one guy has gotten an official offer and another guy and girl have gotten unofficial offers. This happened last week. But I do know they are really backed up this year and very well could still be making decisions.

    YouNeverKnow 04/17/2017  12:47pm

    Congrats to your homies! Let us know if you hear anything else.

    itsalmostseven 04/17/2017  2:00pm


    kissology818 04/17/2017  8:03pm


    jackyd10010 04/18/2017  11:23am


    EJB 04/18/2017  11:39am

    I'll also say that a number of people were called back for Nikos and Fellowship/Free Theater opportunities. I imagine there will still be some juggling/negotiating the casting demands of multiple teams which might delay some people's offers. Also seconding the fact that they have been v backed up this year.

    beyoncetrolls 04/18/2017  12:25pm


    itsalmostseven 04/18/2017  1:35pm

    Does anyone happen to know with Williamstown- do they let you know either way? Or will we only be contacted if we get in?

    Actorinprogress 04/18/2017  4:51pm

    Just if you get in. It looks like their grad school offers are out. DK what that means for those who aren't in school.

    itsalmostseven 04/18/2017  4:53pm


    jackyd10010 04/18/2017  6:56pm


    kissology818 04/19/2017  1:15pm


    kissology818 04/19/2017  6:06pm

    are all offers out for fellowship/community outreach?

    Justbecause 04/19/2017  10:07pm

    I think so?

    jackyd10010 04/20/2017  11:04am

    Pretty sure they're out

    kissology818 04/20/2017  3:04pm

    a friend (girl) got an offer yesterday.

    thirdwave 04/20/2017  10:57pm

    I got an offer for Outreach.

    007 04/21/2017  12:34am

    Congratulations 007! When did they make the offer to you?

    MMcK92 04/21/2017  9:02am


    007 04/21/2017  10:07am

    They could still be rolling out though.

    007 04/21/2017  10:17am

    Thanks so much for the info! You're going to have an amazing time this summer!

    MMcK92 04/21/2017  10:26am

    NP. And who knows? Maybe I'll see ya there.

    007 04/21/2017  10:50am

    Thnx for the heads up and congrats!

    itsalmostseven 04/21/2017  11:56am

    @007 do you know if all offers have been sent out?

    tuesdayswithmorrie 04/21/2017  2:43pm

    For people who got an offer, I'm curious about a few things:
    1. Is this your first time auditioning? Did you do the apprenticeship first?
    2. Are you a strong singer or have other musical powers?
    3. Are you in undergrad or a few years out?

    Thank you! Trying to gain some insight into the whole process

    flowersandsuch 04/21/2017  4:13pm

    I've been called back 2 years. I really have no idea how they cast. What I can say is that politics play a role in everything. They're not bad people tho. A friend of mine is going back.

    Justbecause 04/21/2017  4:50pm

    Are all fellowship offers out?

    007 04/21/2017  11:44pm