• For your convenience, here is a link to that breakdown: casting.backstage.com

    12/17/2012  10:28am

    Plenty of equity appointments remaining. They will see EMC and nonequity, time permitting.

    GoTeam 12/17/2012  9:52am

    They said they are running on time and therefore may not be able to see many non eq, but there are only 12 on the list as of 10:30.

    Ondine 12/17/2012  10:34am

    Who is ITR today? Thanks!

    TrixAre4Kids101 12/17/2012  11:04am

    Could someone be kind enough to post when they start moving through EMCs? Trying to move and audition in the same day!


    sing_happy 12/17/2012  11:11am

    How many non equity now?

    bobo 12/17/2012  11:12am

    Seen 2 non eq. It is very quiet.

    Ondine 12/17/2012  11:55am

    Does anyone know if they were giving callbacks in the room?

    caitmtlvr 12/17/2012  12:41pm

    Hmmm, I didn't get a callback in the room, for what it's worth...I don't imagine any were given in the room, but that's just a guess. Hope that helps a bit. :)

    peaceandlove 12/17/2012  6:24pm

    ":-)" Did you get a callback, as in later in the evening? Or were you just generally speaking about "in the room" callbacks?

    Scarlett O\'Hara 12/17/2012  7:28pm

    No, I haven't heard anything yet, Scarlett O'Hara. Was just trying to say (in an unclear way, haha, sorry about that) that in general I wouldn't imagine callbacks were being given ITR (because I think generally that's pretty rare). Would love to know if anyone does hear anything about callbacks, though...

    peaceandlove 12/17/2012  8:34pm

    They had agent appointments for this on at least 2 days last week *prior* to the EPA . . . does anyone know why? Are they allowed to do that on their contract? Just wondering . . .

    answering while I'm cranky 12/18/2012  9:44am