• Waitress @ Ripley Grier 520 04/18/2017  10:21am

    Are all callbacks out after the dance call last Wednesday? Thx!!


    I have a CB tomorrow. I attended the movement call last Wed, I got the CB the day after.

    Gagainsider 04/18/2017  10:41am

    bump for offers or more callbacks after this weeks CBs with everyone in the room. Does anyone know what the timeline will be like for norma / ensemble

    coolcool 04/20/2017  10:07am

    Going back in Friday.

    Gagainsider 04/20/2017  11:01am


    noscreenname 04/20/2017  11:13am

    When did you find out Gaga?

    Justcheckingin 04/20/2017  11:23am

    Right after my CB on Wednesday. They asked to see the show that night. I'm in to cover the 2 leads.

    Gagainsider 04/20/2017  12:05pm

    Is this for the tour?

    mupster1 04/20/2017  5:22pm

    Yes for the tour

    Gagainsider 04/20/2017  6:41pm

    Anyone else going back in?

    Justcheckingin 04/20/2017  8:37pm


    mupster1 04/21/2017  12:22pm

    I was there today. Post when offers go out

    grizabella 04/21/2017  2:35pm

    What tracks were seen again today?

    Justcheckingin 04/21/2017  3:48pm

    Principals and covers. I was there at 11 am today. Back at 5 pm to read in pairs

    grizabella 04/21/2017  4:12pm

    I was there for the female swing. Today was the last and final day of call backs. Post when offer go out. Great job everyone

    Gagainsider 04/21/2017  6:52pm

    What principal roles were there tonight?

    TylerLee 04/21/2017  9:11pm

    What specific guy covers were there today?

    UpHere 04/21/2017  9:13pm


    UpHere 04/22/2017  4:44pm

    Unofficial offer from Casting to my agent via email last night :D

    grizabella 04/22/2017  5:28pm