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    I know they have more appts today

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    Bump please!

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    Does anyone have an idea of when calls might go out for callbacks or offers? I know these shows aren't for awhile but curious if anyone had an idea of timing. :)

    SinginChef3 04/21/2017  2:43pm

    Yes, any information would be great!

    Carpar1 04/22/2017  8:06am

    bump? any info on callbacks or when they'd even be?

    iwanttoknow 04/22/2017  12:11pm

    Curious if they had callbacks or if this theater casts without them?

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    Bump. Only had initial appt for principal role. No idea if there are additional callbacks.

    SinginChef3 04/24/2017  9:07am

    I was under the impression that this was it. Maybe video requests if they need more? Hopefully we hear a little something soon.

    DorothyMichaels 04/24/2017  2:23pm

    Bump for offers

    italiano80 04/25/2017  11:37am

    They are accepting video submission until May 1st.

    Swagg_23 04/25/2017  11:47am

    Since today is their deadline I figured we could bring this thread back to life.

    DorothyMichaels 05/01/2017  3:03pm

    Bump on offers, specifically any Little Shop updates? :)

    SinginChef3 05/02/2017  8:34am

    Yeah been womdering as well. Any Sky's hear for Mamma Mia?

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    bump for offers

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    Bump on any updates?

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    I know they're having show specific callbacks coming up in Phoenix.

    Sjh11 05/04/2017  12:14pm

    ^do you know when those will be?

    italiano80 05/04/2017  2:14pm

    Ugh. Bump.

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    Still nada?

    DorothyMichaels 05/09/2017  12:15pm

    Sorry for the delayed resume Italiano80!

    I know local callbacks have gone out for Hedwig and that they are on Monday the 15th. They said they would let them know by the end of June. I assume once they hold Hedwig callabcks they'll move onto the next show and so on and so on.

    Sjh11 05/09/2017  2:32pm

    ^thanks for the info! I'm hopeful out of town offers might go out earlier than that, at least for the summer shows.

    italiano80 05/09/2017  7:47pm

    bump on Mamma Mia offers?

    italiano80 05/14/2017  6:07pm

    Bump on any news?

    Carpar1 05/23/2017  2:35pm

    I know of a friend who has a skype interview with the director for Sky - he said the dorector was very candid with the fact he had quite a few options (bith nyc and local) so idk how much help that is?

    bewp 05/23/2017  6:52pm